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Black Veil Brides! ******** Yeah
i like screamo
i love screamo hehehehehe
Favorite Song = Elizabeth (the live version) by Kamelot, Favorite band = Kamelot, Favorite Genre is Symphonic Power Metal/Progressive Metal. Another amazing band is Symphony X and my favorite song by them would probably have to be The Divine Wings of Tragedy. Picking a favorite musician is way to hard for me considering I myself am a musician and have had many influences over the years, but if we are talking strictly bands I would have to say Roy Khan the singer from Kamelot. Anyone reading this should definitely check out Kamelot and Symphony X, I promise you won't be disappointed. Both bands are extremely talented and I hold them in the highest regards. biggrin
Dude I love Cannibal Corpse... They┬┤re just waay too good. xp
Between The Buried And Me
I dont have one
Between deathcore or djent
Favorite musican: Tommy Roger Jr.
Super Green X all the way heart



Illusion Breaks
What's your favorite band?
Favorite song?
Favorite sub-genre of metal?
Favorite musician (guitarist, bassist, drummer, etc)?

Share it here! 3nodding Post about the music you love and listen to.

have u herd of.....raining blood
Favorite band: Dream Theater
Favorite Song: A Change of Seasons by Dream Theater
Favorite Metal sub-genre razz rog metal
Favorite musician:mike portnoy
Band:Escape The Fate or Devil Wears Prada
Song:Ashley or HTML Rulez DOOD
Necrophagist, Russian Circles, and probably Sleepy time gorilla museum.
well, at the moment anyways.

Don't really have much of a particular genre preference.
If i like it, I'll listen.
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Band: Maybe Trivium or Killswitch Engage.
Genre: industrial metal, thrash metal or metalcore
Song: Killswitch Engage's One Last Sunset
Musician: Matt Heafy
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I like any type of Rock, including metal.
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band:asking alexandria and attack attack
genre:anything relevant to post hard core.
song:hey there mr.brooks by asking alexandria
musicians:andy sixx, oliver sykes, danny worsnop
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Black Veil Brides! ******** Yeah

I agree(:

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