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Well, at first I thought Angels Fall First was there worst album. But then I listened to it more,a nd It is now my favorite. Next comes Wishmaster, so many amazing songs on it. Then I like Ocean Born, and then it's a tossup between Century Child and Once. Century Child was my first album, and i loved it til i heard ther other albums. Once has mroe of a powermetalish feel to it, and its not realy as nightwish.
Century Child...cause of Forever Yours...that song is just plain amazing
I voted for Wishmaster, but I love them all! Finnish metal forever! \m/
I like Once.Planet Hell and Dark chest of wonders are my favourite songs.Im trying to find notes for Siren,that i can try to play it with my violin.Kuolema tekee taiteilijan is also beatiful...
Nightwish rule my heart completely. I haven't listened to Once enough to decide whether it's better than Oceanborn but I find it better than anything else they've released, everything about it is just soaring, epic, the pure essence of Nightwish.

The only song I'm not too fond of is Wishmaster, I'm not sure why I just dont like the stop-start chorus, wicked guitar solo though.

Anybody coming to see them at the Astoria on the 16th? If you see a guy at the front with shoulder-length hair ending in curls/half-ringlets and dressed like a surfer (and lots of silver jewellery) feel free to come up to me and say hello. I'll be the guy singing along to every word and giving the metal horns at every oppurtunity.....
Wishmaster!!!!!!! Best power metal album of all time!!!
I prefure The Over the Hills and Far Away EP is it? Because Over the Hills and Far away is my favourite song.

But Wishmaster RULES!!
The best album... that's a hard one... I really really love all of them blaugh but I guess Oceanborn and Century Child are a little higher than the rest blaugh and well, I love Once as well but to me it seems all the previous albums were very emotional and Once is not so much, though there are some great songs in it too like GHOST LOVE SCORE!!!!

... about Tuomas singing... true, he doesn't have any talent at that but his singing is soooo cute 3nodding Hail Tuomas!!
heart heart heart heart Nightwish heart heart heart heart

heart heart heart heart heart Tuomas heart heart heart heart heart
sweatdrop *Feels bad for only hearing a couple of songs, but the thread had been very usful to decide which one she will buy next week*
sweatdrop *Feels bad for only hearing a couple of songs, but the thread had been very usful to decide which one she will buy next week*

trust me, whichever you purchase will satisfy you wink they are all great blaugh
If you're new to Nightwish, I'd say start with Century Child, it's by far the most accessible of their CDs.
Nightwish has gotten only 3 votes so far crying crying
yeah nightwish!!!
i love that band!
(wanderlust and the kinsayer are too of the best song in nightwish! heart
Yay!!!! A new official thread!! whee
nice outfit girl

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