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Welcome to the Metal Forum

This forum is, oddly enough, a place to make threads dealing with true Metal bands. It is also permissible to make threads dealing specifically with classic rock transition bands that marked the divergence from classic rock to metal. The bands that metal owes its roots to. This is not, however, a forum for all classic rock. Such threads should still be made in the main forum, which is for pop/rock.

In order to make this forum the best possible place for musical discussion, there are a few rules and guidelines we ask you to adhear to.

Do's and Do Not's

Do not flame, harass, or abuse users in this forum, no matter what.

Do not make spam threads or post spam anywhere in the music forum.

Do Not make non-metal threads or repeat threads here.

Do check the Metal Forum Link Directory.

Do use the report system to report any problem threads, postings, or other Terms of Service violations.

Flaming, Abuse, and Harassment

Not too much to say here other than don't do these things.


Read the stickies you ******** c**t.

Would you ******** die already.

Goddamnit u ******** moron, u don't know what the ******** ur talking about .

If someone makes a thread that is a repeat or misplaced, you DO NOT have the right to flame or abuse them.

Posting in these threads is a bad idea. You don't want them here. So then why post in them?! All that does is bump them up to the top of the page, exactly the opposite of what you want to do. Often it will put the thread maker on the defensive and make them flame back, creating a flame war.

Ignore threads that are misplaced or repeated and instead use the report system to bring them to moderator attention. This way they will fall down quickly and not interfere with the other threads until a moderator is able to move them to the correct forum.

The same rules go for if someone flames you first. Report them, do not reply. If you reply, even if you are provoked, you are just as much in violation of the TOS than they are.
Making a New Thread

Before you make a new thread in this forum, there are a few things you should do.

1) Think carefully about the band you want to make a thread for. Do they actually belong in this forum?

This forum is for metal and the bands that founded metal. This does not include things such as nu-metal, industrial acts that are not industrial metal, pop music, indie music, rock music, etc. There is a main forum and subforums for all of these, please use them instead.

2) Has this thread been made before?

Chances are good that if a band is very classic or very popular, they will already have at least one or two threads devoted to them. So then first check the Metal Forum Link Directory to see if the band you want to discuss is listed there. If they are, and you do not have some very specific, new topic to discuss about them, please use that thread rather than making a new one.

If they are not, that still does not mean that no thread exists on them already. Please then look through the first 4-5 pages of the forum to see if someone has already made a thread like yours.

If your topic is both suited for this forum and is not a repeat of a pre-existing thread, then you're great. Go ahead and make your thread!

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