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ok,I have to be honest and say that this is an assignment for my english class sweatdrop but to be fair, using your answers would not be plagiarism because we were told to look for other people's perspective, and then form our own. so in more detail here is my question:

what is the american dream to you?
why do you think your ancestors decided to move from their country of origin to america?
if you are not currently in america, is their anything that draws you there?

to anyone who answers this, thanks. te quiero mucho heart
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The American dream is an illusion, they went there to look for betterment, clearly some didn't get it and no, nothing draws me there, except for a few visiting trips to watch a game or concert.
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My idea of the American Dream is where you can own a home, car, and have a family. You have a job that you love and have family and friends that are near and dear to you and are positive friends, not the ones who try and drag you down.

as for why my ancestors immigrated here... My great grandparents on both sides wanted a better life for my grandparents then they had. they knew they could really thrive in America and thats why they came here. its all about wanting the best for your children, and their children and so on.

That is what my vision of "The American Dream" and the reasons my great grandparents immigrated here to the good ol' USA.
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I think the american dream would be having a nice house, living with a wonderful wife and children, and having a well paying job.

This is from a man's perspective, of course.

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