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Thankyou heart
thaanks (:
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My dearest brother,
My friend Mac
My mother, and my grandfathers.
My uncle Jason and my dear little beth!
Thank you, and bless you with all my love
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To my grandfathers who both served this country (one in the airforce durring Vietnam, the other was stationed in Hawaii as part of the army.)
To the daughter of my neigbors currently stationed in Hawaii with her husband (she is a vet.)
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Hello all!

Just wanted to take a moment to thank all the Gaians in the service. We actually have quite a few members of our community who are currently serving in the military, both at home and overseas. I wish you all the very best, and thank you for your service. Be well, and stay safe.

Happy Memorial Day!
Happy Memorial Day from CA, My grandpa from both sides of the family fought in The Army. I will always remember that they helped for my freedom
Tony Pulido: VIETNAM
Frank Guerra: KOREA
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Thank you to all the the soldiers out there. heart
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I agree, a big thank you to all the service men and women for all they have done for us heart
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Here my shoutout:
Thank you so much for surveing our country! - to my Bf Anthony -Active Marine

Other thanks go to:
Family - Rufus - Deciesed - Air force -
(thanks for youre long service and storys that you brought home. may U R.I.P)
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This is a post for both of my Grandfathers. My Mother's dad served in the Air Force as a mechanic in WWII, my Father's dad was stationed in Korea. Both are deceased, but beloved. heart

Also I just want to say a big thank you to any veterans who might be on the site. Thank you for your service!
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For my mother and father, who were both in the Air Force but are now dead, my thanks.
For my older brother and sister, who joined the Air Force on their time but now are civilian, also my thanks.

And from me, as I also served in the Air Force when I was younger, you are welcome.
Please remember that even those who serve away from the battle grounds or in peacetime, work
to keep the military forces strong and our country protected. God bless our service members where-ever they may be.
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Again, thank you to all who have and still are serving!

My dad automatically went into the Army once he was 18, but he was a little too young for Korea, and a little too old to get sent to Vietnam. He was a Sergeant, and drove everybody and everything everywhere (including up the wall), as well as acting as a drill sarge. After he was done with the Army, he served in the National guard for some years, too.

Thanks to you to, dad! heart cheese_whine
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poor people they fought for stupid wars
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I do this throughout the year, not just on that day smile
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