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Here's to my Dad, who is... the only living service person I know.

I'd also like to honor my "Uncle" Ronny. He wasn't actually my uncle, but we 'adopted' him. He was one of the few adults we were allowed to call by their first names as kids, so I think that's why he became our "Uncle." Craziest, best Irish man I ever knew. Taught me "In Heaven There is no Beer" and how to burp. Along with other 'wholesome' things a kid should know. cool

I should find out where his grave is and put a wreath on it.
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Thank you, Dad.
I would like to give a shout out to my mother and my father who both were in the service. Even though my mother didn't serve as long as my father, she still had a role to play.

I would also like to thank everyone whom I work next to day in and day out. We may just land air crafts on the ship, but we land air crafts that have been fighting in the war. So we also play a major role. I will also like to thank everyone whom I did work next to but are now out of the navy. If it wasn't for you all, I wouldn't know what to do. =)
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YAY OSPREY! I used to live in Ridley Park, PA, practically across the street from the Boeing plant where the Osprey was developed in the eighties. One day I heard a hellifyin' racket, looked outside and darned if the Osprey wasn't flying right past my bedroom window! May not sound like much to you, ED, but in those days the Osprey was a rarely-seen bird, Itellyawhut.

Actually, this bird is rarely seen in the Navy as well. We were testing it for the first time in my last underway to see if we could replace it with another aircraft. So when I first saw it, trust me, I was upset I was the one on watch working a camera. The only camera I wanted to work on was my cellphone. Luckly I was skilled enough to work both cameras.
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i want to thank my grandfather...he was in the navy. And my cousin just going in.
i love you guys<3
R.I.P grandpa...i will always remeber you and u still remain in my heart
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I'm an Air Force brat so I know lots of people in the armed services. I thank them all for doing what they do. I especially thank my dad who had to suffer through all the years of people hating the military. He couldn't even wear his uniform when flying on a passenger airplane. Nowadays, you see it all the time. A special thanks also goes out to my bestie's husband, who has been deployed to Afghanistan twice and made it back safely twice. heart
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I want to thank my grandpa who used to serve in the Navy.
A more wonderful man I have never known and am so glad to still have him around.
I want to thank two close family friends, Justin and Ryan.
Justin is in the Army and has been stationed overseas at least twice, if not more.
He lost one of this close friends.
And Ryan who is stationed in Hawaii but has been to Afghanistan and made it back.
A huge thank you to one of my best friends, Alex, who recently joined the Air Force.
I couldn't be more proud of him.
And finally, to my nephew, who also recently joined our military.
I am so thankful for all that they have done and continue to do.
I love you all.
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thankyou you vets!!!!
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My husband who still actually works there and my passed friend. (He didn't die from the service. It was something else.) I love them both. And also those who served. heart
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To all my Family members, both past & present who have served their country.And, to so many friends over the years that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Prayers for all of you on the wings of Angels.
It is kind of sad that many Americans do not understand what the people who died in wars sacrificed so that we could be where we are today.
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Hate the war, love the soldiers. <3
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Thank you!

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