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post here to give thanks to those who have passed and those still alive who have served our country
A big thanks to all those who have fought for our country and God please keep our soldiers safe.
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thanks to all of you that have fought for our country and playing a part in keeping us safe. Also just wanted to have special thanks to my grandfather smile
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ok ill do that cuz my 2 cousin r in the military
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Thank you all service men and woman. biggrin
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Thanks! #thankavet
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Thank you to all those who serve and served this country. (Hopefully, someday everyone will be united...)
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I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything you've done.
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My hubby still works in the service altough he is not stationed anywhere. I am glad for the things and others have done. Funny thing is that we're asian. xD But of course we were both born in the US. A friend of mine I knew was also in the service years ago. But he recently passed away. But not from working in the service. He's never forgotten.
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after finishing my two years of high school and 4 years of college i plan on joining the air force as a pilot
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******** YEA
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Thanks you Vets that have served our country.
and a big thanks to my Bf who is an active Marine
May god bless all our military men and woman.
Thanks to the soldiers for giving their lives for our freedom and thanks to the people that help the soldiers win war. Without the soldiers, the people producing weapons, and people to take care of our country we wouldn't have the wonderful freedom we had today. You don't have to die in order to serve, but putting your life on the line is sad but wonderful. Those are brave people.
my soldier is at home right now thank god he is safe and not hurt at all smile

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