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Next Friday, my 3 friends and I are gonna call in sick for school. We're all going to Pine Grove in PA. <3 For our prom weekend!

Our prom is actually on June 1, but the place was BOOKED for that week, and the week after. sad So we're doing on Memorial Day weekend. smile

Next Friday, we have our colorguard/chorus performance for the veterans, early in the morning. Missing it to go to Pine Grove! Yeehaw!

So what are you doing?

TL;DR: Missing school and our Memorial Day guard/chorus service to go on a vacation.
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as usual
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spend all day at the vietnam memorial

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hang out around the trendy parts of the city with my girl

play some Frisbee, have a picnic, see some bands play, walk around interesting areas

just chill
gonna go cliff jumping
thats too far in the future idfk
blazin probs
Go visit at my family cemetery.
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The same thing I do everyday, try to take over the world. emotion_dowant
Wild Mochi fled!
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i don't get memorial day. i get victoria day instead.
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We don't have Memorial Day here. But Victoria Day weekend is coming up (despite that Victoria Day itself isn't until a few days later), and my sister and I are going to the movies.
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More than likely working, but I'll be able to BBQ at work.
I live in PA 3nodding

also, im probably not going to do s**t.
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marching in the memorial day parade and next day BEACHHHHHH!! biggrin
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Going to my Grandma's house for bbq. and saving my project due Tuesday for Monday night
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Not working for once heart

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