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I just wanted to start this after some inspiration:

Name: Michiru (last name unknown)
Age: Those who live in Hell does not have age
Height: Very very tall
Weight: The weight of the body
Ethinic Group: The Divine Beings
Location: In the Flames of Hell
Interests: To lurk in and out of anywhere that allows....especially the secret Hideout!
Allies: Any Allies of The Fist is my Friends
Enemies: Those which are...my...(censored for privacy)
Comments: I am....an a--a--in and s-y (all censored)(bad connection)

Ps. Incase some outside people flame me or something, I might as well add that it was Takobaka who gave me this idea for creating this biggrin
o yea...
if there are any more suggestions on what other info could be put on or questions to ask bout other ava's JUST POST HERE!!!!!!!!!!!
Name :: Unknown/Confidential
Nickname :: Priest
Age :: 24
Height :: 6"1'
Weight :: 200.74 lbs.
Ethinic Group :: Half Japanese Half elf
Location :: Where ever my extraordinarily gorgeous looks are needed.
Interests :: Stealing panties, running amuck. Long walks on the beach and the sand between my toes.
Allies :: I don't need allies.
Enemies :: Now accepting applications!
Comments :: Now accepting applications for marriage.
Body Type :: Ripped beyond belief. Looks like a God, perfectly chiseled body, a piece of art. He was built like a atomic bomb-Perfect.
Personal Skills :: Master of Muay Thai, achieved Red and Black tassles, so aside from having the traits of a God, he is also has the right to be a professional boxer and teach Muay Thai style boxing.

Anything else of importance will be posted.
Name: Zekie
Nickname: Zekie
Age: Ageless
Height: 5'5"
Weight: unknown
Ethnic: Korean
Location: Anywhere
Interest: Bringing power with money and corruption leading other guilds to their own demise, taking propoerty by force, and leading an organized crime known as "Yakuza"
Allies: NONE
Enemies: Anyone that goes against the Yakuza.
Comments: Be aware in what you do, cause the Yakuza is rising in order to destroy the Guilds that you hold.
Body Type: well built
Personal Skills: Money scamming, smuggling, hacking, Lead Crime extrodinaire. Ability to draw chicks. Kingpin of corruption.
Name: Ardis Ricafort
Nickname: ez2jar
Age: 20 Earth Years
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140 lbs
Ethnic: Utophion
Location: Utophion
Interest: Monay, Twin Scythe, anyone from Rephonait
Allies: Order of Teos
Enemies: Delta Rhodes
Comments: non voluntas mea sed tua fiat --- SJE
Body Type: mesomorphic
Personal Skills: mana link, puzzle solving, weapon mastery, Nihongo ga sukoshi wakarimasu
Body type: Translucent mesomorphic
POWERS: 100% accuracy gun power, power of the ruler of Hell. Nothing special.
Name :: David
Nickname :: Potato/Daisuke
Age :: 7
Height :: 5"5'
Weight :: 110 lbs.
Ethinic Group :: Chinese
Location :: New York
Interests :: many...
Allies :: Fist + Fist supporters
Enemies :: They know who they are
Body Type :: All tone, no mass.
Personal Skills :: B-boy in progress, years of trumpeting (I would make the army proud), web stuffs.
*sigh* lol fine

Name: Xander Delias Gabriel of Triton
Nickname :: Spukee
Age :: 20
Height :: 5'8"
Weight :: 165 lbs
Ethinic Group :: Italian
Location :: Barton Town
Interests :: Cooking
Allies :: Boxer Short Rebellion, Fist, Soldiers of Love
Enemies :: demons!
Body Type :: Just shy of a six-pack thanks to all that charbroiled goodness
Personal Skills :: mastery of knives and shortswords, angelic strength/speed
Name: Mina
Nickname: same
Height: eh..5'5''
Weight: 117 or somethin
Ethnic Group: uh...human..ish?
Element: fire
Location: Here apparently biggrin
Interests: art, electronics, magic, fighting, fire, many things
Allies: The FIST
Enemies: none
Comments: no.
Body Type: perfect curves
Personal skills: mastered in combat skills, martial arts of several forms as well as with weapons, magery and esper skills as well as pyrokinetics and fire spells

Name :: Fighter
Nickname :: Gerber
Age :: 8
Height :: 5"7'
Weight :: 118 lbs.
Ethinic Group :: Korean
Location :: Chicago
Interests :: Martial arts
Guild:: The Fist
Allies :: Fist supporters
Enemies :: Enemies of The Fist
Body Type :: Thin yet Muscular
Personal Skills :: Knows almost all styles of martial arts. Is well trained in japanese/phillipino weapons
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Vicious Glitch

9,400 Points
  • Treasure Hunter 100
  • Cart Raider 100
  • Peoplewatcher 100
Name: Kichigai Mauro
Age: 800-900 (Considered very very young in her race)
Height: 5 feet tall...short person.
weight: I don't have to tell you my weight. Hmph! razz
Ethinic group: Kichigais (pure chaos beings)
Location: Here...there...anywhere.
Interests: Stealing, causing trouble, Shiny objects.
Allies: OBAY THE FIST!!!!!
Enemies: Now who wanna hate moi? biggrin
Body Type: Skinny and short like ED.
Personal Skills: It's a s-e-c-r-e-t.
This is a pretty good idea to get a start on making up mu character profile... ^^

Name: Misao Amano (ripped off from Magical Project S!)
Age: 12 (character), 20 (real-life)
Height: 4'5"
Weight: 60 lbs.
Ethinic Group: Japanese
Location: Somewhere in Barton Town? ^^;
Interests: Love, peace, harmony, music, anime, and all other things that bring people together ^_^
Allies: Soldiers of Love, Boxer Shorts Rebellion, The Fist
Enemies: Any enemy of peace is an enemy of mine
Comments: To quote the great philosopher Vash the Stampede: "This world is made of love and peace!'
Name: siryn sylvrclaw
Age: 20
Height: 6'
Weight: never ask a lady her weight ^_~
Ethnic Group: kitty girl
Body Type: lean and lithe
Location: Barton Town
Allies: Those who pet me
Enemies: Those who stereotype me
Interests: Yarn, shiney objects, playing fair, playing rough if fairness doesn't work, comraderie, art and entertaining
Comments: “I’ll have none of your lip” “What’ll you do?” “Rip ‘em off” “I’d like to see you try” “. . . Don’t tempt her”

"Great Powers above us, if Magrath is dead, then I'm the Queen of the cats!" - a wizard abroad by Diane Duane
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Name :: Saturninus (properly!)
Nickname :: Saturnine, Sat, Crazy Sat
Age :: 20 years, as men reckon time.
Height :: 5' 10''
Weight :: 160 lbs.
Ethinic Group :: Chzeckylsloviakian (yes, I know that country doesn't exist any more - shut up!)
Location :: Sleeping in a field, watching the clouds
Interests :: Writing, sad movies, funny books, Fighting with Siryn, talking like Tom Waits, and most importantly, polishing my monocle!
Allies :: The Boxershorts rebellion! Huzzah! And it's noble comrades in arms, The Soldiers of Love (less so "in arms" wink and The Fist!
Enemies :: The Pants Patriarchy
Body Type :: Svelt. Aww yeah.
Personal Skills :: Screaming, complaining, drinking. Anything Hemingway can do, I can do better (except get published)
Comments :: "I am the master of allegory! I control it like I control a thing that is very easily controlled by me!"
Name ~ Angel in Runes
Nickname ~ Air, Angel
Age ~ 18
Height ~ 5' 8"
Weight ~ I'm a girl. bleeh. Kudos to you if you can get me on a scale.
Ethinic Group ~ Very very very white. ^^;; Almost russian
Location ~ Either at the Rebel HQ or out showing love to the Rebels and our allies THE FIST
Interests ~ Being a rebel--possibly leading the bra devision-- the boys of the rebellion(because they're so cute!), being a healer, and cooking and cleaning for my rebel friends. ^_^
Allies ~ Viva la rebellion! We are those that wear boxershorts. ^_^ We're allied with THE FIST (only the best group of fighters there is with an AWESOME overseas devision) and The Soilders of Love, our peace loving friends.
Enemies ~ The Pants Patriarchy
Body Type ~ Very womanly. ~.^
Personal Skills ~ Random noises, dispensing fashionable and flame retardant bags o' wards, making pie, and being "the girl" for the rebels. Fear my randomness. Rawwwr.
Comments ~ Gyaa..kyeeh! ^_^ Okay I kid. Long live the Rebels!

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