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Name: Bloodlust
Age: 250
Ethnicity: Vampire
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 225
Interests: Partying, avoiding hunters and dancing.
Skills: Disappearing and reappearing from the shadows, telepathy, jumping, flying (more of a glide than flying), strength, and other vampire stuff. I also have an innate talent for magic, a sorceror if you will. The talent was suppressed as a child, but after being bitten I've learned about my power and I now use it to defend myself from people who hate my kind.
Allies: I have none...yet
Enemies: Those that fear and hate my kind, and people with egos.
Player's notes: I am a vampire, but that does not mean that I am a pure evil creature. I feed only when I have to, unlike some of my brethern I don't enjoy it or have a psycho desire for it. I only want to live my life in peace.
Name . Heion Morino
Nickname . Chibi
Age . 25
Height . 5 feet
Ethinic Group . Japanese
Location . Lives in a run-down shack in the forest just outside Barton Town.
Allies . Anyone who isn't her enemy
Enemies . None, as of yet.
Body Type . petite and slender
Personal Skills . is a reasonable fighter, her specialty being lying in swords. She's also good with a bow and arrow, spear, staff, ninja stars, or just about any other non-modern weapon. Because she is essentially the displaced ruler of a small country she also knows quite a lot about history and politics. On a slightly less important note, she's a good gardener and keeps a small vegetable garden near her shack.
Comments . I'll write a history for her, too, when my brain isn't quite so dead. Perhaps I'll even get a real name....
Name: Eiji
AKA: Burning Soul
Age: 21
Height: 5'9"
Race: Human

Skills: *unknown*

Allies: Red Dragon Syndicate
Enemies: None (except 'munchkins' - you know who you are!)

Other: Shortly after arriving in Barton Town, Eiji threw his lot in with the Red Dragon Syndicate. Eiji is loyal to his guild and is careful not to endanger potential future alliances - however much certain individuals or groups might irritate him.

Eiji is a quiet young man, although he is not afraid to speak his mind when angered or annoyed. He has revealed nothing of his past to anyone in Barton Town - not even his fellow Syndicate members.
Name: Shemuél Dominguez
Nickname: "Angsty" Shem
Age: 22 years
Ethnicity: Mexican
Height: 6'2" (186 cm)
Weight: 245 lbs (110 Kilos)
Interests: Drinking, smoking, fighting, letting people know exactly where the Hell their places are
Skills: Skilled marksman, known to carry 9mm pistol and 12g shotgun
Abilities: Strong telekinetic abilities
Allies: the Yakuza Organization, The "my p***s" Guild, Osama bin Laden
Enemies: People with egos, wiseasses, cocky little pricks, people who think that they're s**t and aren't, bigmouths, and anyone who bitches at me about "community propriety". Generally responds to Zombie Tony Blair with gunshots, mockery, and long slews of profanity.
Well~ My avatar doesn't exactly look like me completely, but she's really meant to represent me. So, her stats are mine, as well, ^^;.

Name // Skyler
Nickname // Sukireru, Suki, Sky
Age // Eh...I'm still a highschool student, ^^;...
Height // 5' 8.5''
Weight // 121 lbs.
Blood type // A-
Ethinic Group // American~ Sadly enough. - -;;
Location // The middle of nowhere!! ;_; Seriously, it's at least a half-hour drive to anywhere interesting from here~
Interests // Drawing, reading, writing(ish), listening to music~ And spending time with my Adam-kun~! heart
Allies // Umm...allies? o_O;, Well, I'll be an ally with anyone, if they want me to be~!
Enemies // None! ^o^;;, Or so I hope...
Body Type // Um, well~ I am certainly not that muscular, and I don't think I'm too thin...^^, But that's just me.
Personal Skills // Ranting, getting depressed, speed-reading, having a weak immune system, x_X...
Comments // Sukireru is really a nice person, once you get to know her! She's known to not open up too easily, but once you're her friend, she'll be loyal to you (unless you do something to lose her trust, ;_;...). But she has MAJOR self-confidence problems, which lead to depression and other issues, =/. And she rants. A lot. Her journal is good evidence of this, ^^;.
Name .Mahiiru
Nickname . Mahii
Age .about 15
Height . 5 feet 8 inches
Ethinic Group . 1/2 draegon, 1/2 daemon(humanoid)
Location . usually in Barton Town. Wherever she roams
Interests . drawing people and dragons. Also things that aren't boring,
Allies . Tagmonkeys and everyone, really,
Enemies . None as of yet.
Body Type . tall and stocky
Personal Skills . Mad shuriken skillz. I shandy with a Biscuit missile launcher as well. She has healing powers and can fly only because it's fun. Other.
Comments .rain is rejuvenating. She loves being out in the rain. and getting wet.
elucidia's stats are basically the same as me IRL, not to mention i look almost exactly the same as my av (red hair (same length), blue eyes (same look), white skin (yes, that white))., so...

<b>location:</b> pacific coast, northwest temperate climate (probly my fav. place)
<b>age:</b> 19
<b>likes:</b> rain, shiny happy people, doing homework on time, videogame soundtracks, blueberries, yoshitaka amano
<b>dislikes:</b>bright sun (usually), sticky hot humidity, american pop-music
<b>abilities:</b>can find anything in the world to distract me from doing what i'm supposed to do (i need to be writing a speech right now).
<b>other:</b> weird sometimes. sometimes can't stop talking. tends to act like the opposite sex, but not homosexual. wants a better organizational structure to gaia.
Name: Frank Paul
Nickname: The Godly Cheese Mage
Height: 5' 10"
Weight: 120
Occupation: Mercinary
Ethnic Group: 1/2 elf
Element: Water
Location: Barton Town
Interests: Traveling/Battle/Playing DDR/Magic/Being Naked
Allies: My trusted Chocobo Crunch
Enemies: ...
Comments: With his trusted Chocobo Crunch by his side, Frank travels from place to place in search of money, glory, and love. It wasn't until just recently that he arrived in the town of Barton. Nice and caring Frank tries to help people in need... for a price that is, and his zweilhander never seems to be far from his side.
Body Type: Quite thin, and has small definition in the stomach
Personal skills:
-Incredibly capable with his sword (a diamond zweilhander)
-Moderatly capable in the magical arts of water/defence/time minipulation
Name: Camila T.
Nickname: camila-croft, Orange Girl
Height: short person
Weight: nobody wants to know...
Occupation: Student
Ethnic Group: vampire/demon/cute girl
Element: BLOOD
Location: Somewhere in Transilvania ^_^
Interests: Drawing/Vampires/Computer/Music/ Boys whee
Allies: Many...
Enemies: nope.
Body Type: huum...the sweetest one
Personal skills: Ahahaha...one day you'll know!!! Probably when you die, ahahahaha!!! Just kidding.... xp
Comments: I love drawing blood things, but also "happy" things...well...wanna chat?? biggrin
Ms. Green is a vampire?
Well, Zombie...really wanted to be one, ahahahaha!!! It's just that I like them...but....who knows what I really am twisted ???
Name: Dragon Knight
Nickname: JMAN
Age: 21
Height: 6"1'
Weight: 230 LBs of butt whipping power
Ethinic Group: human
Location: *looks around* I think in a city...but don't qoute me on it.
Interests: Video games, and admiring the guy who set Chivarly back a thosand years with just a polariod.
Allies: wait I have allies?
Enemies: A few me thinks just need to find them first.
Body Type: Nice and muscely perfect for whacking things with heavyer things.
Personal skills: Making himself look like a moron at the wrong times
Name :: Haruka -no last name
Nickname :: Ruki
Age :: 15
Height :: 5' 7"
Weight :: 125 lbs
Ethinic Group :: Irish
Location :: Reading a book, up in a tree.
Interests :: Writing, reading, memorizing Adam Sandler, Jeff Foxworthy, book, movie, and t.v. lines. Surfing the net, eating, acting strange, scaring people, and converting people to Giverism.
Allies :: All those in favor of food, the 'Almighty Food Giver' Milo, and of course, food itself.
Enemies :: Non-giverists.
Body Type :: Normal? Not skinny, not fat. Tall, but not too tall.
Personal Skills :: Annoying people, annoying Nihon go Sensei, and memorizing lines.
Comments :: Piquu! Huzah! And a good hearty Phwee! -Phwaks with broom-
Name: Holly
Nickname: Hol, Hol-ball, Holly berry
Age: 18
Ethnicity: Human!!!
Height: 5'2" - just call me lil miss hobbit! X3
Weight: 150
Interests: Anime, manga, games, html, drawing, photoshop, food, being with friends
Skills: being lazy, crazy, and just plain weird!
Allies: Anyone who's willing to be one, really
Enemies: I have none and don't plan on making any
Player's notes: Jeeez, my avatar looks exactly like me! o_O I could lose a few pounds though, HAA!
Name: Raitoningu [who loves Engrish? I do!]
Nickname: Rai
Age: 17
Ethnicity: Human.
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 147
Interests: Manga! Drawing, exploring, being evil, victory dancing.
Skills: Swordsman, spacing, misleading, being weird.
Allies: What? and reveal my sources? nevah!
Enemies: none that I know of. 0.o
Comments: "..."

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