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First Name: Mokushi
Last Name: Aizawa
Nickname: Mokuku, Shiku, Moshi
Age: Ageless
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120
Ethnic: Japanese
Location: Wherever you see me..
Interest: An assassin from the group, " Koneko ninja ", joined to avenge the death of her father, and her brother, and also to protect the town from rapists, and such.. (Sappy cliche story, yes yes..shut up)
Allies: Tats
Enemies: Anyone I kill..
Weapon: Kami Katana
Comments: He who has no weaknesses, has no strengths as well..Hn.
Neither devil, nor death, I'm just a murderer...
Body Type: Very feminine built
Blood Type: O
Personal Skills: Killing, theft....Did I mention killing..?
Theme song: Hellsing-The World Without Logos
Well, I'll just link to it, since I use it in multiple places.

Name: Sin
Nickname: Tats (Short for Tatsukuro(Was given this name by a crazy japanese man that lived not far from the laboratory he came from)
Age: 26
Height: 6' 0''
Weight: 127 lbs.
Ethnic: None
Location: Earth, North American Continent (Near New Jersey) 2137 (Post-Apocalyptic)
Bio: Clone created in the 22nd century. Was an unifinished experiment that was released after the apocalyptic war (2097-2121)
Allies: Mokushi
Enemies: Unknown name (Tall man in black)
Weapon: Weapon similar to the Masamune (45'' long blade, 10'' long handle; similar shape to katana)
Comments: "..."
Body Type: Very slim, tall figure. (Picture Ivan Isaacs from Priest, or Alucard from Hellsing)
Blood Type: AB+
Personal Skills: Advanced strength and eyesight; Advanced pain tolerence; Superhuman agility; Supersonic speed (Able to reach near mach 2 if sprinting in a straight line); Psychokenetic abilities (Geneticly inhanced)
Theme song: Powder by Yoko Kanno
Name: Geoff
Nickname razz iro Kun
Age: 18
Height: 5'10
weight: 130
Ethinic group: Person blaugh
Location: My G/F lap and arms redface
Interests: Anime, My G/F, PS2
Enemies: No one
Body Type: Average I would say not fat or skinny, not muscle bond or weak
Personal Skills: Being Random  
Name: Syril Silver
Nickname: Syril
Age: 24
Height: 5'3"
Marital Status: Single
She is a Sylvanesti elf raised in slavery to the Drow elves. She escaped them and now they hunt her. She is shy and soft spoken. She wears a silver ring which gives her the power to heal others. She also has some magical powers though they are weak. She has a scar aound her neck caused by the removal of the magical slave collar the Drow had put on her. She carries an elven sword and a adamantine dagger. Her most powerful spells are fire and ice. She gained her wings accidentally when she lost control of a flight spell that was to powerful for her. She has either silver butterfly or black bat wings or none at all depending on her mood.
Nickname:The Fallen Angel/Light Bringer/Morning Star
Height:6 ft
Weight:167 lbs
Ethnic:Fallen Angel
Allience biggrin ark
Status:Enemy Of The Throne
Location:The Cocytus, Final Layer Of Hell
Weapon:OniKono(Flaming Sword Of The Fallen Ones)
Skills:Adept Fire Mage/Adept Swordsman/Adept Martial Artist
Hobbies:Spending Time In His Private Harem/Drawing Manga/Killing
Bio:Cast down from hell, Lucifer spent what seemed forever in the infernal abyss, saving all his rage, he is now on Earth, catching up on the living he mssed out on.
First Name: Wind
Nickname: Shadow
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125
Ethnic: Filipino/American
Location: Mostly chilling at a nearby mall or somethin
Interest: An upbeat high school kid with a strong but silent type attitude and has a psychotic power whenever he gets aggravated which he transfers to his fists and legs, a skilled hand-to-hand combat fighter.
Allies: Katt Tastrohpie
Enemies: Whoever is firing in my direction
Weapon: Fists, whatever is around can be used as a offensive or defensive weapon
Comments: A merely cheerful person, just don't get him mad
Body Type: Medium Built
Blood Type: AB
Personal Skills: Kung-fu, Ninjitsu, some form of secret energy gathering technique, ability to do the infamous "hadoken" somehow biggrin
Theme song: FLCL - Ride on Shooting Star
First Name: Emily
Nickname: Mun Mun
Age: 13
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: I'd rather not tell... stare
Ethnic: Chinese
Location: in my warm bed
Interests: Mangas, anime, ps2... especially Soul Calibur II
Name:Cathlos Sion
Weight:167 lbs
Location biggrin amm, Seilos
Weapon:Silver Staff
Skills:Staff Master/Judo Student/Comedian/Thief
Hobbies:Spending time in a local comedy club. Drawing Manga. Finding the killer of my father.
Enemies:Anyone that gets in my way./Anyone that dosn't laugh at my jokes.
Personality:Funny, Vengefull, Loyal, Perverted sweatdrop , and Strange.
Body Type:Slightly Built, scarred up male.
Theme Song:Trigun - A Fools Paradise
Name:Stalphose(full name Stalphose Airada)
Weight:130 lbs
Ethnic:Half-demon Half-dark-elf
Allience:True nuetral
Location:Everywhere I go
Weapon biggrin ragon-scale blade
Skills:Magical Spells,Blade abilities,Summoning,and Morphing.
Hobbies:Training to get stronger.
Enemies:Only those that wish to be my enemies.
Personality:Vengeful, and mysterious.
Body Type:Has a scar on his face that won't recover.
Backround biggrin oesn't know much of his past.Journies everywhere, and makes his own quests to go on.
NAME: Jenwan
AGE: 17 (real age unknown)
RACE: part human and angel
WEAPON: Katana of lost continents
POWERS: time travel and minor control over the elements
Quote-My purpose is to rid the world of evil..........Thats all I know.
Enemies: All that oppose God and the forces of good
BACKGROUND: Was cast out of Heaven for falling in love with a demon resulting in a supposed sneak attack on heaven causing the million year war between angels demons and earth dwellers.
Interests: Animals, martial arts,women(though he decides not to show it),and swords.

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