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Which is your fave WC3 Race

Human 0.14451795234119 14.5% [ 2250 ]
Orc 0.14477487314535 14.5% [ 2254 ]
Undead 0.21523540368681 21.5% [ 3351 ]
Night Elf 0.49547177082664 49.5% [ 7714 ]
Total Votes:[ 15569 ]
This poll closed on February 19, 2003.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Had this game a week and a half before it was released [heh]. But I bought a legal version after I finished it so that I could play online. After getting my legal cd key I must say that I was kinda dissapointed. No matter who I played with there was this "I'm superior to you" feeling going around just because I was a n00b. Kinda sucked. I tried setting up a clan and it never got off of the ground.....wanted a place where crappy people could get together and hone their lack of skills. I'm just not a strategy person, I'm an FPSer.

But yea, I keep thinking of ideas for starting a clan again...but then my other web site duties start to call me.
night elves, hands down.

pretty weak when they first start building (slow build time, slower resource gathering) but they have the best combination of units. once fully upgraded, run around with a group of archers, griffonriders, and druids of the claw and you are pretty much unstopable.

i did hear the latest patch nerfed (everquest term for fux up) starfall, which i never really used anyway.

few other good strats is a demon hunter (with demon metamorph) with 11 druids of the claw and a group of chimeras... it's nasty. and the always popular wisp bombing with ap convoys...
All races are equal.

Mod should add "random" to the poll.
Mountain Giant is now my favorite unit.
Whack those Spirit towers, WHACK THEM HARD!
Night Elves r the best...... orcs lose against em because most of their units r ranged units... huntresses have lots of healths and hit multipule enemies
curse you and your beta infoz turnip razz
i like the orcs and humans.i like orcs better tho
i like the elves
Cause he is strong as hell

i always use druids of the talon. nobody expects that XD
Humans all the way for me
i haven't played the game but it looks good.
NIGHT ELVES!!!!!!!!! ^_^
My friends think girls generally play as the night elves for some reason.........haha razz

Anyone who wants to play is welcome to msg me!! biggrin
I love this game biggrin . I suck at it though, majorly. But its still fun. I use Night Elves (overused, i just know how they work). Humans are weird for me, so yeah >_>
Beta tester here, W00t! W00t! yes, i'm a Gaia newbie. The frozen throne is so freaken awsome. I have a post about it, you can post questions and comments there. There are some insane changes. All i have to say is i feal sorry for Night Elf right about now, but hey, it's still beta. So who know's. I'm mainly a Random player, but so far, 7 of the top 20 are human. oh, and another thing, what ever worked in classic, don't try it in Frozen Throne smile

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