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Which is your fave WC3 Race

Human 0.14451795234119 14.5% [ 2250 ]
Orc 0.14477487314535 14.5% [ 2254 ]
Undead 0.21523540368681 21.5% [ 3351 ]
Night Elf 0.49547177082664 49.5% [ 7714 ]
Total Votes:[ 15569 ]
This poll closed on February 19, 2003.
No longer accepting new votes.
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It's good to be a beta tester. XD The Night Elves own j00.
Undead ghouls are the best!!! they can beat you up with one arm and carry wood with the other. ^_^ Deadless
Mine would be the Humans or Elfs!
I'm tied between Undead and Night Elves. I really like the Night Elves, but I kindda suck with them sad I'm pretty good with Undead though 3nodding
Warforge is up! thankyou warforge!
undead are the best still cryptlord is so cool
wardden too!
I Love the Night elves heart . I think they are the easiest to use thought because they have a simpler progression. That and they just plain rock blaugh . And I think look the coolist out of all of them 3nodding
Undead are the best! I don't remember why, but I know they are! Plus, undead things are cool.
UNDEAD are the best. Because they have big mummy spiders. scream
night elves, babay! can't wait for frozen throne.. signed up for betas... did anyone else sign up?

I did, but I wasn't excepted =( As for race, I like Undead, then Night Elf. biggrin Their new heros look so kick a**.
Mei Yun
Night Elf and Orcs =D
RPG!!! Vampire Hunters, Aeon, DOTA. =P

Yeah!!! those are the BEST maps! =D Specially Dota ^_^ and oh, what's your screen names? and what server, I usually play on east (even though I live in west coast o.o) and I play on my friends account cause I'm bored, it's a little embarassing what it is XD so if you want to know pm me. :p
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I like the undead 'cause the frost wyrms are the greatest, one time I made nearly a whole army of them and they spread a frosty desruction where ever they went XD And those Infernals are pretty cool too
i don't know about you guys, but the peons are way too overpowered.
i mean...they are there at the beginning of the game, they can attack stuff easily, and be built en masse, and only cost 1 food. good god, blizzard needs to nerf them so badly!!
Orcs are da best. biggrin

ALWAYS! orc is just... WOW.
I'm a Warcraft III player, and although I'm the best with the Undead, the Night Elves are my fav. race. biggrin I especially like the hunters and the bears, just cool units biggrin The heroes are the best animated too.
anybody play the beta yet?? its NE all over again in frozen throne biggrin

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