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Which is your fave WC3 Race

Human 0.14451795234119 14.5% [ 2250 ]
Orc 0.14477487314535 14.5% [ 2254 ]
Undead 0.21523540368681 21.5% [ 3351 ]
Night Elf 0.49547177082664 49.5% [ 7714 ]
Total Votes:[ 15569 ]
This poll closed on February 19, 2003.
No longer accepting new votes.
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Night Elf!!!!!!! 4ever
anyone see the new panderean brewmaster neutral hero? cool shiz mon
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BWHAHAHahahahahAHHAH!! they actually used the panda designs! go Panderians!

I signed up for the Beta~!! Can't wait~!! *freaks out*

I haven't been playing much WC3 lately though, console is taking up all my time. I need to finish the 1-player scenario. Still on Undead. x_x;;
I have onwed Warcraft 3 since it came out and my favorite race is Orc because the Tauren are just too cool. Sure they don't attack air, but they are so powerful it doesn't matter, if you have an allie tell them to go antiair and take the bases out your self. I have won a 2 on 1 (allie was terrible and got rushed and died) with only using the Tauren Chieften, 6 Tauren, 2 Raiders, 4 head hunters, 1 witchdoctor, and 1 shamen. I don't know if they just stunk real bad or what but it worked for me.
Undead all the way!

*eat brains*
Yeah well i really don't care but i usually use the random thingy... but if i had to pick one it would be night elves becuase there quick cheap and good and if you know how to combine differant kind of units... idea
yeah its obvious night elves rock...
I haven't played WarCraft III for a while, but I use Night Elves. They're awesome! From the first look of WC3 before i even came out, the NE just looked kool... exactly why i started with them.

Oh, and Matsura, are you referring to those NE players who just mass hunt and archers? 'Cuz in that case, yea... NE is in a way kinda cheap. I was never a fan of mass hunts, i play with a different style. But NE does take a lot of skill... it just depends on what you go for.
I have the game... I've had it since it came out... I really should play it once, huh?
I think either Orc or NightElf are the best!

Orc for sure there good strength and Night Elf for there good mining abilities xp
I like the undead.
Night elves are quite an interesting race indeed.

Though admittedly, after playing the single-player campaign, I didn't much enjoyment out of the multiplayer.
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i started out with humans but im slowly starting to use orcs and elves....they are odpe
I think the WC3 is fun.. but I can't finish the game because the night elfs are realy hard to beat.... sad

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