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Which is your fave WC3 Race

Human 0.14451795234119 14.5% [ 2250 ]
Orc 0.14477487314535 14.5% [ 2254 ]
Undead 0.21523540368681 21.5% [ 3351 ]
Night Elf 0.49547177082664 49.5% [ 7714 ]
Total Votes:[ 15569 ]
This poll closed on February 19, 2003.
No longer accepting new votes.
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I really like the nightelves! They are pretty original and take some skill to use unlike some races *cough.. undead ... cough*

Night Elf takes skill?!?! Ok, in beta yes, but if your talking about war3 regular u are mad. The undead can do nearly nothing vs. hunt dryad mass, we gotta stock up on healing scrolls and triple hero nuke that DH and kill ya b4 u get lvl6 dh, or else we dead. Yes, the night elf in original take skill, just build two units, and leave em be and they win...
My favorite race is humans, but my fav hero is the Demonhunter, Evasion rules biggrin
Night elves are soo cool!! xd smile blaugh stressed scream domokun
I like using human. They are easy to use and the cheapest. I need to start a new acount soon, as my old one has expired!
night elf is my favorite race because i have always liked elvs since zelda they are just so cool with their pointy ears. biggrin
The night elf is cool cuz hes got pionty ears.
Night Elves are my all time face

then come the Orcs, they`re just funny

The Undead are okayish

and the human are plain boring, Looking the stats most will agree with me on that stare
The only thing why I love the Humans is because of their Hero killer Mountain King. xd
and the healers lines are soooo cool

abotu consulkting the clerics before using healing magic for it may cause bad things, teehee
I like all the races, but I chose Orcs just cause of the Blademaster man! My favourite hero, gotta love the critical strike! And he's agility based, even better!

Worse heroes are Intelligence based, I think smile

Also Orcs are the only race that has a Agi, Int adn Str based Hero
scream it's all about the Night Elves. stressed
but I have to admit that the new high elf spellbreakers and blood mages look hardcore.

sweatdrop They should still make actual characters out of Samwise's pandarean character sketches(re: april fools day '01) though ( 3nodding especially that lone wolf and cub one 3nodding ), if only to accompany the brewmaster.

stare or just to appease me......ne!
stink this topic
They have a Pander Brewmaster as a neutral hero smile

And it wasn't an April Fools Joke either biggrin It came out before April smile
Undead - Becuse its a race most difficult for invade the center blaugh
THAT GAME SUCKS. lets talk about Sonic Adventure 2 Battle smile

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