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Which is your fave WC3 Race

Human 0.14451795234119 14.5% [ 2250 ]
Orc 0.14477487314535 14.5% [ 2254 ]
Undead 0.21523540368681 21.5% [ 3351 ]
Night Elf 0.49547177082664 49.5% [ 7714 ]
Total Votes:[ 15569 ]
This poll closed on February 19, 2003.
No longer accepting new votes.
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I personally like the Night Elves, only cause they got that hero with those daggers. He's really cool smile . Second best would be humans just because I like the rest of their classes and those cool elementals.
Night Elves for me although ive still not beaten the last level on their campaign, its sooo damn hard for me sad
Last campaign is EZ
Just turtle like mad, Build a wall og AP's behind a wall of moon wells, More AP's more moon wells n a horde of ballistas behind them + having Chimeras on hand is always handy
In defense of the orcs, it was Boromir who did the slicing and dicing. In the novel, he wasn't so much a whirling dervish of death as a pincushion at the end, but he was still one bad mutha, as it were.

Besides, if I were an Orc, facing down that guy would be just... baffling. I think he'd cut me in two while I stared dumbly at his myriad wounds and wondered why he wasn't dead from bloodloss yet.
Well, I suppose that's a good point.

But still, those orcs musta been French or something. Geez.
if quick and cheap def is in need, i definetely go for orcs. you can make 3 layers of towers to defend your base in no time, especially in stormguarde. smile

the good thing here is the cheap and quick flyers too. if the opponent suddenly decides to bring out ballistas and stuff, by that time you would bring out wyverns and stuff. top that up with a good ground force and you're on the go.

so far this only worked on the ai... haven't played multi that much...

i guess it can be done for other races too, but orcs are just CHEAP. =)

Prob with Orc air is its sheer weakness
Sure if yoour opponent wheels out ballistas n catapaults u got an edge but Wyverns are weak as s**t vs other Air and even Archers.

The Poison spear is useful though but Wyverns aint worth the gold when there are better units available
yeah but in numbers they can thrive. it's just like in starcraft where you throw a bunch of hydralisks, only this time they can fly. lol

maybe it's because i have 3-4 mines under my control whenever i play...

Orcs and Humans still do it for me. When i can get better at the functions then maybe undead. ya cant stop those pesky skeletons!
I like the Undead most. I'm not looking at who's the strongest, or best, but I simply judge by style. And the undead have such cool units, heroes and buildings ^_^ I just love the Dreadlord with his Sleep ability =D And you've gotta love Abominations! They're the Ogres (from WC2) in Warcraft III!
It may sound silly, but when I'm going for a Mercenary Camp - based army, I like to play Orcs, because Ogres and Forest Trolls used to roll with Orcs back in War2 redface
night elfs are my fav. but the only thing with them is they take to long to build.
oh well, does anyone still remember warcraft number I?
it was so old, but by that time, was one of the best game for the PC.
i still remember when i used humans only, cause i was a kid, didn't like the ugly looking creatures.
warcraft 3 seems somewhat interesting, but is the same as starcraft, after playing for some months, you get bored of it, well, not for some people.
I like orc...I have only played the demo tho.
i'm horrible... i like building APs in the enemy's bases >_>;

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