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<center>The Yakuza </center><center>
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Waruko drawing done by: Koneko Studios
Leader: Quin Dunham
2nd in Command: Waruko Shinobu
3rd in Command: Angsty Shem</center>
<center>Yakuza Objective
The Yakuza is an organization of Go-Gaia.com that follows a two-prong objective:</center>
OOC the Yakuza believes in helping Go-Gaia become one of the most enjoyable places on the World Wide Web. To do so each Yakuza member is encouraged to be as courteous possible in their day to dealings with their fellow Go-Gaia members while also taking part in the site in some fashion that would aid in its growth and prosperity.

IC the Yakuza tries to hold true to the above philosophy by adding to the colorful and unique tapestry that is Go-Gaia forum RP. IC the Yakuza is the home to many misfits of society who have banded together based on similar ideology mutual protection. That ideology being the concepts of honor and loyalty are highly regarded above almost all others, while also possessing a sharp sense for business and the profits they hold. They are neither good nor evil preferring to stay neutral in all things until their way of life is threatened. For RP description of Yakuza HQ go to 3rd post.

If you wish to join the Yakuza simply do the following;</center>
1. PM Quin Dunham with your wish to be a Yakuza member. Make sure you are not a member of more then TWO other guilds (Which one must NOT BE The Illuminati). !WARNING! A high number of grammatical errors due to laziness will get your application automatically rejected. Example: ?i? instead of ?I?, ?cant? instead of ?can?t?, and ?u? instead of ?you?. Lastly, all Yakuza applicants must have a minimum post total of a hundred.

2. Having received you official request of membership I will then hand said request to our Examiners. The Examiner?s job is to give a written and RP test to the examinee. The 1st test is to help establish that the would-be member has read over the first 3 posts of the Yakuza thread. The 2nd test is an sample RP sent by the examinee along with the answers to the first test back their Examiner. This RP can be based on their area of expertise be it, combat, business, social, or technology. Also, the RP sample can be as long or as short as they want it. Current Examiners are as follows. (Desna, Quin Dunham, San_Draco, and Mario.)

3. After the tests have been graded the results will then be passed on to me where I will review the examinee?s results and make my final call. In this final stage all one must do is sit back and wait patiently for my judgment. Remember Examiners, you can test more then one person and are encouraged to do so to keep the Waiting List as short as possible.

Once someone has become a member I will then add him or her to the roster in the 2nd post after they have chosen a handle. Example: Mine is ?The Oyabun.? NOTE: If at anytime the other guild or guilds you are a member of becomes an enemy of the Yakuza you will be expelled from the Yakuza. This is to prevent you from having to pick sides and it also prevents the possibility of the Yakuza being spied on IC. If you have any other questions then please, PM me.

<center>Waiting List

<center>Guidelines for the Tests
!Examiners please read!</center>
Test 1: Make a ten to fifteen question quiz that covers basic overall knowledge of the Yakuza. All the material you test them on should be found in the first three posts of the thread, nowhere else.

Example Question: What floor would you go to for a martial combat training? Answer: 5 ?The Dojo?

Test 2: Upon completion of the 1st test the applicant schedules a time with you where both parties can have a small RP together. The applicant then decides the nature of the RP, be it combat, business, technology, or anything else they can think of. After the RP is finished the results of the 1st test and a link to the 2nd test are sent to me for final approval.

<center> Ranking
Ranking of Yakuza members is based on four categories. </center>
Oyabun/Tennin ? The highest rank attainable in the Yakuza, the position of leader. This rank is gained only through succession by whomever the pervious Oyabun finds see fit to take over.

Elite/Nichinin - Literally the elite of the Yakuza. These few are the chosen by the Oyabun recognition of their service and dedication to the Yakuza. They have full rights as members and are currently the only group allowed to visit the Oyabun without cause on the Roof level of Yakuza HQ. Duties given to Nichinin vary member to member. Example being: Examiner, Advisor to the Oyabun, n00b Flamer, and Security Manager.

Officer/Getsunin ? This is the first command class of the Yakuza. Living on the 4th floor in slightly better accommodations then the Getsunin the watch over the Seinin and help in their education and growth in the ways of the Yakuza. Also when need arises for it they are sent out as squad leaders for Seinin or in a group peers to under take some of the more high-risk missions of the Yakuza. If a Nichinin accompanies such a group he is requested to remain in an advisory position unless the situation becomes more then the Getsunin can handle. To become a Getsunin a Seinin must put forth an official request for advancement along with a summary of why they fill they deserve the promotion. The Nichinin and the Oyabun shall then review this proposal before a reply is given. A Getsunin has access to all levels except the Roof unless it is an emergency.

Grunt/Seinin ? The lowest class of Yakuza member attained after membership approval. These members are forbidden to enter Level 2B and 6 as well as the Roof area no matter what the reason. The duties include protection of Yakuza HQ and any odd jobs ordered upon them by higher-ranking members. If a Seinin is ordered on a mission that contains a dangerous element he is always escorted by a Getsunin or higher.

<center>Establishments of Yakuza members
(If any Yakuza members build a business venture, let me know. BTW this is not to be made into a hit list for n00b gangster wannbes.)
The GAIA Times - (Arwen) Run by a master journalist this one woman newspaper is highly informative be sure to check it out.
The Kyouken Tavern - (Quin Dunham) This bar/restaurant has a no-nonsense stance on Gaian terrorist.
WHITES ONLY GUILD - (Angsty Shem) Said to be one of Angsty Shem's greatest argumentative works on Gaia.
Drunken Sailor - (Mario) Home of the "Tequila Pique Suprise" and good ale!
Hava Java - (Miyuki) Cheaper then Starbucks and twice as good, get your morning cup here.
Puri-kura Station - (Haradaya) By far one of the most original shops in the Gaian Exchange.

Friends and Foes

- Red Dragon Syndicate
- Boxershorts Dynasty
- The "My p***s" Guild

Non-Aggression Pact

- None </center>
****News and Updates****
Updated recruiting methods to 1.2v

Waruko becomes Oyabun again. Why? Who knows...
<center>The Roster</center>
Quin Dunham: The Oyabun

Shem Dominguez: The Advisor
Yandee16:The Gentleman
Mario: The Chainsaw Monk
San Draco: The Patient Blade
Waruko: The Oni-Onna
Misao: Waruko's Little Angel/Mistress
Miyuki: The Muse
Neo Gabi: The Adept
Wolfie: The b***h
Desna: The Specialist
Hinata: The Bookkeeper
Arwen: The Journalist

Manji: Blade Specialist
Alpha: The Denpu Kobun
Hijo: The Charon
Dark Hex: The Bard

san-tokie: The Pantsu Thief
Ivanova: The Psycho
Jack The Lad: The Informant
Mr. Ninja: The Shinobi
Remy: THe Bounty Hunter
Ares: The Manipulator
Ushida: The Whirlwind
Azuma: The Card Burner
Holiday: The Incubus
Hawkeyes: The Kid
Mortality: The Ninja
Niele: The Evil Sorceress
Epoch: The Elven Nightmare
Sillar: The Master Bowman
Hyoko_Otohime: The Gun Slinger
Nemo_daison: The Rain's Echo
Mathew Marquies: The Black Spiral Werewolf
Chivalrous Zen: The Genocidal Rage
Larinia: The Philosopher
Finnigan: The Wraith
*_Jay_*: The Assassin
dragonknight: The DraSuno
Haradaya: The Shadow Fox
Crimson-Knight: The Sniper
Nida: The Engineer
Melikochan: The Otaku
Ketsuekino Mihito: The Red-Letter Meanie
Tobias Nightbringer: The Silencer
Ceru: The Diplomat
Kelwyn Develion: The Silver Wind
Shin Kitaro: The Inquisitor
Derrin Xex: The Professional
Hikyuu: The Sin
Minn: Femme Fatale
Rei Takagi: The Spy (51)
<center>RP Description of Yakuza HQ</center>
Yakuza HQ is a ten story tall office building in the middle of the commerce area of Barton currently with two sub levels. (Note: If anyone has the skill they are welcome to attempt actually create blueprints of the building. If they happen to be approved I will place links in this post.)

2B "The Dungeon" - The second Basement of Yakuza HQ is a dark and foreboding place that is restricted from Seinin. It's only access point is a guarded stairwell leading to 1B. It is here that the Yakuza do some of the more "unpleasant" duties of their job. This floor contains holding cells and interrogation rooms.

1B "The Gym" - Other then hosting the only access point into 2B the first basement is the lowest level reachable by the main elevator or stairwell. The floor contains any and all fitness equipment known to man. Some of the more exciting being an Olympic sized swimming pool and puyo-puyo bags. (Puyo-puyo bags are punching bags made of a strong gel that are unbreakable by physical means. These bags are meant for use by some of the stronger Yakuza members like Waruko.)

L "Lobby" - The lobby's main features are its access to the outside world and the rest of the Yakuza building through use of its three elevators and dual stairwells. Though it can be argued that the marble floor is a source of Yakuza pride and joy due to its use for sliding. That aside the two main elevators and stairwells go to all floors with the exception of the Roof and 2B. However, the central private elevator is the only one that goes to the roof. Other aesthetic features include a fountain and various piece of artwork. Security armed with ultra-god-mod-killer bullets are present at all times here.

2-4 "The Barracks" - Also dubbed the Barracks the 2-4 floors are where all NPC and beginner to intermediate Yakuza members are allowed to stay. Each room is meant for one occupant and hosts plenty of living space along with private bathroom. The 4th floor is reserved to all those of Getsunin ranking while Seinin stay on floors two through three.

(NOTE: It will not be stated in the following, but the next five floors, 5-9, all have six spaces large enough to contain small offices and bedrooms for Nichinin members. This makes a total of thirty offices available. First come first serve for those I deem worthy of having this space. Just send me a PM and I shall write your name in () at the end of the floor description to mark you live there.)

5 "The Dojo" - The 5th floor is meant for training in almost all forms of martial combat. From martial arts dojo to a sound warded shooting range this floor has it all to satisfy any warrior's, young or old, desire for a place to train themselves and their skills. The Dojo is also home to one of the Yakuza's two armories. Armories are locked by key card to those not of Getsunin or higher rank. A Seinin however can gain access with the permission of anyone of higher rank.(Mario)

6 "The Vault" - A high security level floor with two functions: 1) The level holds a central vault which keeps all of the Yakuza's resources not stored in local banks or stock exchanges as well as anything else deemed valuable. Like The Dungeon only Getsunin or higher members of the Yakuza are granted access to this level. 2) The floor contains the main security room for the Yakuza where all security activities and controls rest, including the main network servers. (Wolfie)

7 "The Kitchen" - In the center of the 7th floor is the Yakuza cafeteria and kitchen. All food served in Yakuza HQ is done so here. The kitchen itself would make a master chef cry tears of joy due to the high quality of cooking equipment and food stored inside. Being a decent chef herself Waruko demanded nothing but the best. The 7th floor is also home to the second of the Yakuza's two armories. (Hinata)

8 "The Library" - Name a book it&#8217;s here. Much of the Yakuza's wealth of knowledge is placed here. From magical tomes to history books you can find everything you need for any research project you take up almost. Be warned the back SE corner does contain a supply of hentai related material along with tentacle monster summoning spells. (Hijo, Miyuki, Neo Gabi, Desna, Misao)

9 "The Office" - The main business hub of the Yakuza is here on the 9th floor. All business minded Yakuza living in the Barracks have a small office here. Along with the many tiny office spaces the floor holds the main Yakuza meeting room and two smaller ones. The main room is where all guests wishing to meet with the Oyabun are escorted once granted an audience. (Quin Dunham, Yandee16, San Draco)

10 "Shem's Place" - The top floor is the location of Shem's pimp pad and the Yakuza war room. Though it is rarely in use the war room takes up 1/4 the 10th floor while Shem has the rest. Be warned, any members of the Yakuza entering Shem's Place without his or the Oyabun's permission during times of peace will be expected to cut off all their fingers. Ladies that makes 10 for you. Guys it's 11.

R "The Roof" - Only reachable by the central elevator, the very top of the Yakuza building is a place of much beauty as the landscape is that of a Japanese garden, koi pond and bridge included. In the very center of the roof area stand a two-story building of with slight resemblance to Japanese architecture. This is the home of the Oyabun herself for it makes the roof top a dangerous place to be for the uninvited. Those that are allowed free access to the roof, by way of keycard, are all Yakuza personal of Nichinin rank. Getsunin are allowed but only under extreme cases. Lastly, upon its completion Waruko made sure to reinforce the roof area with almost ever known ward spell a master wizard could cast.

<Center>Security Measures</center>
All sections:
*All sections have reinforced walls, floors and ceilings.
*All sections have high-efficiency all filters to prevent gas attacks, smoke inhalation, carbon monoxide/dioxide poisoning, etc.
*All sections have high-efficiency fire extinguishing equipment and are considered to be flame retardant.

All Windows:
*All windows in the building have been replaced with shatter-resistant, "bullet-proof" Safety glass. The glass has a flexible plastic safety coating that prevents it from fragmenting and gives it "bounce". Many lighter objects (bricks, grenades, bodies, etc.) will simply bounce off if they are thrown hard enough to break the glass.
*The windows are wire anchored into reinforced frames.
*All open able windows have high-strength, high-flexibility kevlar/ plastic screens in place.
*All windows on the ground floor and in and of the main sections have reinforced blast shutters that can be closed and sealed by security or the Yakuza leadership in response to threats.

Sensor Packages:
*All outside entrances (Main Lobby, Receiving/Parking, Rooftop), all three elevators, both stairwells, the security office, penthouse, the vault and all floors are equipped with high-tech sensor packages. The sensor packages are directly connected to the god-mod-secured internal network.
*The "standard" sensor package includes video surveillance (live and 10 second delay), thermo graphic imaging, IR imaging, UV imaging, audio recording, and motion sensors.
*The outside entrances, elevators, stairwells, security office, penthouse and vault also have pressure sensors, metal detectors, "bomb sniffers", vibration sensors, biometric scanning and optional x-ray imaging.
*ALL doors and windows have simple open/closed indicators that are visible and logged in the security office.

Main Entrances:
*All outside doors are armored and reinforced. They are built directly into the walls.
*The entrances are protected by double sets of blast doors designed to withstand explosions, tanks shells, HEAP, plasma, Darth Vader and small starships. Security and Yakuza leadership in response to attacks can seal the blast doors.

*All elevators are accessed via Yakuza keycard with emergency access via voice and biometric scans.
*All elevators and elevator entrances feature full blast doors (see Main Entrances) seal able by security and Yakuza leadership.
*All elevator floors and walls are reinforced and protected by armored panels (see Lobby).
*Security and Yakuza leadership can lock all elevators down.
*All elevators have manual failsafe devices that lock and prevent them from dropping if the lifts are damaged.

*All stairwells are accessed via Yakuza keycard with emergency access via voice and biometric scans.
*All stairwell entrances feature full blast doors (see Main Entrances) sealed by security and Yakuza leadership.
*All stairwell floors, walls and the stairs themselves are reinforced and protected by armored panels (see Lobby).
*Security and Yakuza leadership can lock all stairwells down.

Lobby (L or 1F):
*The ceiling, floor, walls and support structure of the main floor lobby have been strengthened and reinforced.
*Interchangeable armored panels have been added to provide additional protection. The panels are darkly polished and painted or etched with tasteful scenes.
*Any explosions occurring in the lobby area will be redirected outward and will have little to no telling effect on the building's structural integrity or on any of the other floors.
*The main desk and a separate security station are staffed with highly trained security personnel armed with automatic weapons, SWAT gear and using the latest Ultra-God-Mod-Killer(tm) bullets (ins Deutschland gemacht).
*The "Ultra-Slick" floor surface can be a challenge all on its own. ^_^

Security Room and Vault:
*The Security Room and Vault are accessed via Yakuza keycard with emergency access via voice and biometric scans. They are high security clearance only areas.
*The Security Room and Vault entrances feature full blast doors (see Main Entrances) seal able by security and Yakuza leadership.
*The floors, walls and ceilings are reinforced and protected by armored panels (see Lobby).

*High level magical wards are in place preventing any none Yakuza personal from enter the Roof via aerial entrance.*

*All Yakuza members are formidable in their own areas of expertise.
*Yakuza members should be considered the most fearsome defense the building has.
((Thanks to Neo Gabi for writing up the Security Systems.))
we aint no undergoind little guys like them other guild. we have corporations, smuggled goods,. >:B the good stuff.
excellent sounds like my kind of people. I am most defenitely rolling with you. YAKUZA PRIDE!!! twisted
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SCORE... KEN has joined the YAKUZA
There's only room for one evil empire. And thats the....


So either get down or lay down.

*Raises Wallace and Grommet*

I haven't the patience for competion. Still gotta rivalry with the damn Rebels

THe Yakuza bows down to NO ONE.. >:B
I wanna join !!!
i aint no wank pot you MAN, hey and there can be too woman pimps, known as Pimpetts..............., how I join?
imma have to bust out my pen and start working on the Yakuza Sig.. > biggrin
hahahahahaha... i made the Fists against me... i have achieved my evil plot.
dude we gonna kick ur a**
hahahahahaha,,, as I said.. I told you I was evil.

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