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Really? o.O;;
*laughs* Perhaps then frowning is a good thing and smiling is a bad thing for you then! xD Like frowning means good and laughing means bad!
that is true for me. for me to smile is for me to have pain....not that i allready have anuff pain and sarow.....
So... hrm... when your frowning your in a good mood neh? ^^
*stares at his face closely* So I guess that means your in a smashing good mood at the moment!
stare *turns head so that she can see his cold heartless stare* i am never in a good mood......i rather not have such fealings..... stare
Hm *just nods* Doesn't make sence to me, but *shrugs* Whatever floats the boat I suppose ^-^
*tugs on a bandage* You can't always keep your sheilds up. Because it'll keep the people who are trying to be your friends, out. 3nodding

((ooc: I'm gonna close the thread, it's been a long day ^-^ I'm gonna go find an admin to lock this and place it in the memorable threads))
they will allways be up. this is the true me.
(OOC:should i stop posting here then? and when you do so could you send me a link to the mem. threds?)
*walks in, looks around and walks out again*
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I thought the ball was still going...
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*yawns and walks out of my room, looking distinctly ruffled* its SUPPOSED to be going on until 2, although I have no idea if any officials will be around for then.
*walks in* good morning everyone

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