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*dances with crono and turns up the volume of the music* meh.. and 1.. 2.. 3... 4 and 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. follow my counting, Crono, and 1..2..3..4 *continues on with this for awhile*
*blush blush* Whoops! Broke my own rule! X.X;;

Should I kick myself out? xD lol
*Stumbles along* Yeah, I've never been one for dancing. Then again, I rarely would have a partner for it anyway. *Starts to get a bit more fluid as his legs and feet begin to develop muscle memory of the dance steps* Ok...gettin' easier.
woo!! go Keino!!!

*dances more with Crono* And.. 1..2..3..4..
Bunny Rabbit
*blush blush* Whoops! Broke my own rule! X.X;;

Should I kick myself out? xD lol

Nah...I know I appreciate your company. My finger may not like you, but don't worry about one trivial extremity.

*Continues to improve his dancing*
lol gettin' better crono!! *cheers* still need the counting? 1..2..3..4...
I think I can manage without the counting now. Let's just go to the music. After all, that's the whole point of dancing.

*Positions himself to a more stable position and dances* This is nice. Err....



You look nice tonight.
*flys back to see how its going* ........
*peers at Zero as he flies in* Oh! It's you again! ^-^ Welcome back!
hmm....*looks down* oh.....hey.....
awww ty Crono!! *smiles* ok then.. no more counting.. *dances some more with him* :p
*sees that he realy does not belong. goes to sit on the roof*
Crap! A quicker song came on.

*Tries to adjust to the beat* Damn, I suck at this.

*Moves his feet around randomly it seems, but develops his coordination into the beat, slowly easing into a pattern* sweatdrop
*follows Zero to the roof, not sure why, but does anyways*
*dances with her best guy friend dude thing* hmm... brother-kun!!! biggrin biggrin

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