Welcome to Gaia! ::

::She walks in smiling:: Sorry I'm late (hacker problems)
*grins at Crono* ya know... i'm kinda hungry.. *takes a half-step closer to him*
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Heya there Kuro! :smiles at her warmly:
Now, now...what would your date say about this, Dracor?

*shrugs* dinner is dinner? *takes half step closer*
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Lady Dracor, save some for me! :wide, fangy grin:
::She waves at shival:: Hey! I think Kaze's gonna be here in a few minutes but I'm not sure sweatdrop
*looks to Lady Dracor* Now now, I'm sure the refreshments will be up shortly, no bitting unless ask to please
i got other problems *glares at everyone who been deleting his posts* i cant affors a bowtie or a tie, and i was invited so ya'll can go bite me (not literally)
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One moment, Talon dear. *Darts off the stage and skids infront of Lady Dracor, a growl deep in her throat.* Touch any mortal here, and get your a** handed to you. Good? Good.
Bunny Rabbit
Welcome to the Vampire Guild's Ball

The Ball Starts:
12:00 (June 21st) Pacific
1:00 (June 21st) Mountain
2:00 (June 21st) Central
3:00 (June 21st) Eastern

It will End::
2:00 (June 22ed) Pacific
3:00 (June 22ed) Mountain
4:00 (June 22ed) Central
5:00 (June 22ed) Eastern


If you are on the list, please do not wear anything un-formal for the time being. If you aren't on the list, please do NOT post in here, if you insist on posting in here and are not on the list-- me or Kochikens will have to show you out.

The rules are as follow:
~. No biting others.
~. No fighting.
~. Nothing over pg 13 in the way of sexual interaction, blood and gore is fine.
~. Nothing un-formal allowed to be worn.
~. No stakes, garlic, sunlight, holy water or crosses permitted.

Welcome! And have fun!

You see? It says "No biting others." So there!
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*grabs a few clams with my tail and proceeds to eat them* what a flop.....
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<smiles, lets Shival step forwards>
Kochi... i'm just scaring him... i do this almost everyday to Crono. *hands Kochi a fresh kitten* he knows i'd never do anything to him.
Seems I was too late. Oh, well. *Gets another cup of punch*

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