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Hello, the Gaian retreat is now officially closed. DO NOT post here, nor PM me. Thank you.
-Jamie Davenport
*runs in and collapses on the floor* home sweet home, every last rock and spork! *hugs invisible spork*
*sits by herself waiting for her many cave freinds to show up, sings* I'm all alone..there's no one here beside me...my troubles have all gone..there's no one here to deride me....but you gotta have freinds...
*squats on the floor and takes a nice sized poop, smilez, pullz up his pantz, leaves* xp
*gives drigo a weird look and then decides to ignore the fact he was ever here* stare
*edges in slowly*
wow, you really moved the whole darn cave biggrin
*runs in and jumps in hot tub*
jan! *squeal* finally someone showed up! *tackle*
ACK! *gets pinned*
hi Jamie biggrin those mean ppl form the kitchen were just jelous cause all the ppl who knew how to have actual fun came to the cave
*nod* actually that pretty much sums it up.
your lucky u got out of the flame guild banners when u did. 12 more joined up today xp
been staring at photoshop too long, must relax
wow and to think when I gave it up it was going at 2 a day 0.o poor jan!
oh well *gets out acoustic guitar and starts playing "desperate"*
*grabs a peach from the pile arthane brought her for breakfast this morning and starts munching* I didn't know you played.
biggrin *sings* what the hell is wrong with me? im in a band, ladies cant you see? please dont judge me by that thought that im draube, but the fact that i havent had a date scince '95... **
*listens cheerfully* isn't it difficult to play while your in the hot tub?

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