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<centeR>The GAIA Times Newspaper
December 23, 2004, final issue, final volume</center>

To the Readers of The GAIA Times Newspaper & Others,

As you may or may not know, this is The GAIA Times Last issue. I have decided to shut it down since there hasn't been any "good" news to report. The information has transformed itself from good old useful information to tabloids. If you know me, I am not a person who likes to publish fake & uninteresting news. GAIA Online is a Community based forum and that is how I based The GAIA Times Newspaper creation on; Community!

Many people asked me not to shut it down. Why not pass it to someone? The reason why I didn't pass The GAIA Times newpaper to someone else is because I don't want its name to go down...create your own newspaper with your own name, don't use mines. I rather close it down than pass it to someone else...don't want any future incidents to make The GAIA Times name go bad. ^^ Too much hard work is put into this Newspaper.

Another reason to why I'm shutting it down is my Moderator duties. Being a Moderator was great and all...but it leaves me no time at all to work on The GAIA Times. I no longer have time to go out and gather information like I use to. Also, there are so many stickies out there in forum land that The GAIA Times would just be another repeat thread. These are my reasons, please respect them.

Gaia Times Year Round Review - Interview w/Ling
But first @_@ Admin Interviews!
I've sent out a few...and as you all know they are VERY busy people. Only two replied back sweatdrop

Hello Arwen,

Wow, has it really been over a year already? sweatdrop Pardon the cliche, but time sure does fly...

- What Shocked you most? The amount of users of Gaia Online or other things?

The most shocking thing for me is watching the development of GAIA Online go so well. Oftentimes among the development team, the question "Can we really pull this off?" comes up and every time so far we've been able to do what we envisioned to do, though not without hitches, but nothing is ever perfect the first time around. Halloween this year on GAIA started out as this crazy idea that got passed around the table by everyone and for a while we didn't think it'd actually work, but it did, and it was an amazing experience for us. smile

- You have a silent following of fans and stalkers. Does this shock or fighten you at all?

Sometimes it does, but most of the time I don't really mind it. I think I am too busy to notice that sort of thing... sweatdrop (Sorry, not meant in a bad way!!) I guess I am more flattered than anything and it makes me feel like I'm doing the right things. ^^

- People send in a lot of Donations to help Gaia stay alive. I'm wondering about the AniHQ address. Is it the actual location of Gaia HQs or its just a PO Box located in a post office?

No. The "PMB" portion of the mailing address stands for "Private Mail Box" (unaffiliated with USPS). It is located in a third party mail box center.

- Hmmm...what started your love for drawing?

Cartoons. sweatdrop I think it was Disney animated films.

- In your Journal entry titled "Going Postal", is that going to be turned into an exhibit or just something that's being discussed?

We are in the process of putting that section together. We've obtained permission from the artists' whose works we intend to use. smile

- Any advice for the people of Gaia Online?

Probably just for users to give us some patience and understanding when things don't go smoothly. smile Oftentimes we are very aware of our mistakes and we get so caught up in trying to correct our mistakes as fast as possible that we do not spare a moment to address what we are doing to the public immediately. We apologize and understand that yes, this can be frustrating to some users, but if we know exactly what we must do to correct errors, we generally prefer to fix first and explain second.

- How much gold do you currently have? =D

I have 223 gold, really. crying

Gaia Times Year Round Review - Interview w/L0cke

Hello L0cke,

Thank you for taking the time for this interview from the Gaia Times Reporter. =3 As you already know its another year for Gaia Online and its when The Gaia Times does its Yearly Review/Reflection. Now, roughly 1 year and 10 months of age. Gaia Online has went through a lot of changes and additions, you and the people who made Gaia Online what it is today didn't expect this huge boom in user interest.

Sorry about the huge delay in my reply, i have been swamped with development work and working on users cases, ect.

- What Shocked you most? The amount of users of Gaia Online or other things?

Hm, i think one thing that has really amazed me since the start of Gaia is how users have really built the community in their own way. Things like mini shops, the roleplaying community, fan art communities and the many other services and groups that users have evolved. I think that in that way, Gaia is a really special place to everyone because its not just this game that some people made and everyone has to deal with it, but its moreso something that each user can develop on their own and create their own part of the community. I like to think that however much they are willing to put into Gaia, thats as much as they can get out of it.

- Ahahahahahahaha...ha..ha...ha...in Last years Gaia Times. You never got back to my interview requests...may I ask why?

I can't even begin to describe the amount of work that all the developers are up against.. we set very very ambitious work schedules for ourselves because the community is always growing, and there are so many people who are depending on us to finish work on certain features, or fix certain bugs, or just deal with their individual case. Because of keeping that sort of work schedule it can become amazingly difficult to keep up with things like your own social life or fun things like interviews X3

- I find you scary...and I don't know why...

probably this. http://damaged.anime.net/archive/bobby.jpg

- Since there are new users here with the Gaia Community, could you let them know what you do here on Gaia Online?

I am one of the artists here at Gaia. My jobs include designing towns and other maps, creating the backgrounds for illustrations, event art and regular item updates. I usually make all the cool/punk/goth type items because my personal art kinda leans that way. Aside from all that painting and drawing, I also work on development for most of the events, games and new features around the site with the rest of the team as we conceptualize how a new feature or event will play out. I guess they have use for my oddball ideas now and then :] Lastly, i work a lot with our moderator team and users around the site as a Admin. This involves clarifying a lot of rules, dealing with individual user cases, tons of account research and just lurking around Gaia to see how different areas are working. Its amazing how complex this site has become >O<

- Your most recent entires are on Poser page 3...I like your coloring T__T how do you color like that!?

Hmm I put up page 4 and 5 now too X3 I use painter to color poser, using mostly the watercolor tool at like medium to low opacity. I like building up the colors for more of a painterly feel. Poser was just this old comic that i wanted to do because I have been skating for so long :] I'll be returning to work on Bend after poser page 6.

- AH! Your website! DAMAGEd! Why does it have that upside down feeling of content navigation?

It seemed to me that most people wanted to make websites that were easy to navigate and user friendly, ect. So I decided why not make a site that is very uncomfortable and hard to navigate? One of my first ideas was to invert the whole site to kind of enforce that concept. I just like to find new ways to do things instead of doing something the way everyone else does @w@;

- Any advice for the people of Gaia Online?

I would like to say that I think Gaia has so many wonderful things coming up over the next few months :] We are all pushing towards beta as fast as we can and some of the features that are planned out just blow my mind.. Gaia will become more and more unique as a website and a game and as your virtual hangout for you and your friends ^^; My last word of advice is for you all to please, please do your best to get along and follow the rules of the site. It really sucks when I am working on the back end of the site and I have to ban someones account for something and I'm just looking at all the posts they have made.. all the items and gold they have saved up.. thats someones whole life right there. All their dreams and achievements.. just everything toasted because of some lame glitch they wouldnt report, or a duping bug, or they just had to break some stupid rule somewhere. It really sucks to have to be one of the people to close that down. I remember a while back when I was banned from RO for a long time, I just felt sick to my stomach. I never want to make anyone feel that way. Please do your best to be a good Gaian <:]

- How much gold do you currently have? =D

As of this interview I have 1396. Stupid fishing... I'm never going back to Durem I swear.

- What's your current favorite Item?

My str8jacket. I'm gonna make one to cosplay as my avatar to AX :]

Thank you for your time L0cke...please don't hurt me @____@

Thank you for the questions, it was fun :] *hides knife behind his back*


I would like to Thank the following people for supporting & inspiring The GAIA Times from its creation on March 06, 2003 to December 23, 2005. ( I know I will forget someone )

Angsty Shem
St. Claire
Ekimmu or Brahms
Lizzy Camizzy
maru takahashi
Neo Gabi
Chibigreen Tejinashi
V. Knight
Kia Ryou
Golden Kitsune
Kichigai M.
Human Catuar
Nu Blaze
Jamie Davenport
Wizard Random Sempai
Quin Dunham
Mr. Kind-of-Wonderful
Void Dragoon
SSJ Girl
V Star
Sky Render
Kura X
Page Boy
Lluvia Maya
The "Original" GAIAN Army
The "Original" Yakuza
The "Original" Elven Guild

ugh XD I can't remember everyone!! I Thank everyone that left a mark in me XD Thank you for supporting and inspiring the things I write in the GAIA Times! Thank you to everyone that has submitted articles, advertisements, and Community events. I thank you!


Good-Bye GAIA Times Newspaper

Name: aaron (Dark_Fox_Dragoon_Dante)
Date Joined: 18/11/03
Comments: wow i never expected this.its sad to se the gaia times going away(oh no now i wont beable to find out about stuff going on T-T) well i guess everything has to move on at one point or another.i just wish it didnt happen so soon since i only started reading about 3 months ago...have fun and live long...peace out smile


Name: Wiseone06
Date Joined: May 14, 2004
Comments: First I would like to thank Arwen and all the dedicated staff of the GAIA Times. I really enjoyed reading their work and commentaries. I have always looked to the GAIA Times whenever a problem arose or a new feature came out that I had no clue about. The Times has always been giving out accurate and up to date information an the events in Gaia. I remember during Haloween, eeryone was spreading rumors about the vials but the Times reported only the facts and dispelled the rumors. Again thank you. You will be missed.


Name: Bright_Eyes
Date Joined: June 23, 2003
Comments: I will greatly miss the Gaia Times. It was such a nice and informative project and I'm glad it was around for so long. I don't think Gaia will be the same without it. Good luck to Arwen, whatever she decides to do with her Gaian time after the end.


Name: The_Wizard
Date Joined: 13 Mar 2003
Comments: I am sadden to hear, or in this case, read, of your decision to terminate The GAIA Times Newspaper. I have, since I joined and befriended you Arwen, enjoyed being kept up-to-date with various events, shop openings, new guild listings, and other relevant information about gaia that made my time on gaia much more enjoyable had I only wandered aimlessly around the site, with no knowledge of any special event taking place.

Without the Gaia Times, I would most likely be completely lost as to any new events taking place around the site but for the official ones on the Announcements forum. This decision, I assume, will some-what free up your time on gaia, with your various Moderator duties and so forth. I wish you well and good luck on your finals, Arwen, and I would also like to wish to you and to everyone here on Gaia, Happy Holidays.


Name: Quilliam Fyre
Date Joined: 15 Jul 2003
Comments: Ever since I joined, I have read and enjoyed the GAIA Times. The information it provided was very useful, and I enjoyed the articles and updates. I've found great threads through the advertisements, and I even put in a few adverts myself. I'm very sorry to hear that the Times is ending, but I hope the best for all the users involved, especially Arwen. Thank you for this wonderful service.


Name: Komet Ryong
Joined: 22 Oct 2004
Comments: I can't believe it's never coming back! I always loved reading interviews, leaving and birthdays. Gaia Times always helped me keep up with the changes and the site problems. I'm really going to miss you! crying


Name: Water Omen
Date Joined: June, 23 2004
Comments:When i first saw this forum. I began to read it from page to page. I even checked it for things that had happened while I was away. I certainly enjoyed while it was here. I'm really going to miss it.


Name: Lilithia
Date Joined: 24 Sep 2003
Comments: The Gaia Times is a landmark of Gaia that has been around since I could remember. As a horrible headless newbie, I went to it for information & advice, when a lot of things on Gaia weren't established as much, nor helpful - The Gaia Times was my guiding light, & my salvation.

I was too shy - I never submitted anything, as I had nothing informative to say, but with the closing of The Gaia Times, I felt it would be good to leave my best wishes here.

The Gaia Times helped me find Free Fairy Wings, a place I now call my home on Gaia, I have made many friends there, & even some everlasting friendships. I also won wings. This would not be possible without my first step - The Gaia Times. heart

Now being on Gaia for over a year, it's sad to see this paper go, but I have made many friends on Gaia, & now in exchange, have become well established in this little world of ours here at Gaia. I've even made friends with Arwen too, so it's not so bad. 4laugh

I wish every single worker of The Gaia Times, every single person who contributed, who read the Gaia Times the best of luck in the near future, & to this paper, I bid it adeu. {I hope I spelt that right.}

May the Gaia Times be cherished forever. *pokes arwen* Put it in the memories forum...thingee. xd heart


Name: GoldenKitsune
Date Joined: April 10, 2003
Comments: It was more than just about the website, it was about the people on the website. How they made it work and how it worked for them. With everything floating around, and voices being easily lost in the crossfire as various threads raged unchecked, the Times gave a forum for anyone with enough courage and conviction to stand up and say what needed to be said while still pointing the way towards the enlightening words of Admins and Moderator to help keep a semblance of order.

The Gaia Times was an institution for this and a vast multitude of reasons more. The people who called the office their home were fiercely loyal; the readers were dedicated to the site. By reading the paper you were doing a small part to help make the Gaian community better. It was a force, a force of good, and with the influx of random spammers, a force that will be desperately missed.

But those of us that really care won't give up our drive to make Gaia better, if for nothing more than the remembrance of a time where the Gaia Times stood proud and strong, changing Gaia Online for the better.


Name: animus
Date Joined: 29 July 2003
Comments: My Goodness I still can't believe that the Gaia Times will be leaving for ever, just thinking about it makes me so sad! This paper has educated me about all of Gaia's current events and going ons. I've read it more often than even a regular news paper! There have been many times when I would be looking forward to the new issue, waiting for the next guest article because those things were always so awsome to read, (one of the main points of saddness is that there will be no more guest articles... and I so wanted to be one of those guests too! *sigh* Alas too little too late.)

It really sucks that I wasn't able to be apart of Gaia when it first came out, and to not have been apart of the Gaian Times early on, however spending the time reading what I have read, and meeting a few of the staffers of this most excellent paper was truly a great experience! 3nodding

Well, again I am oh so very sad to see the Gaian Times go, I will miss it dearly. I shall now say goodbye to it, and Arwen, the ingenious and very wise creator, who brought myself and many others happyness and knowledge of the current events of Gaia. Adieu.^^

((Arwen, thanks for everything that you've done with this paper and for everything that you did away from the paper. Your an excellent Mod, and I'd just like to say Thank you very much for creating this awsome paper!^^))


Name: bactine
Date Joined: 11 Aug 2004
Comments: Back when I just first started gaia, I found a link to the GAIA Times. It filled my Newbie head with so much info about what was going on that I rarely ever had to ask questions. I thank you for giving me my daily information along with a few tips on occation. I loved the fact that you let other users add their own two cents in. I've never thought about one topic indepth enough to have a guest article. I will miss you terribly and I thank you for making Gaia a much easier place for me to understand.


Name: Demonic Expert(Austin Danger Powers)
Date Joined: 9th Of Febuery
Comments: Were all gonna miss it, the informativeness of it, the good grammer and spelling, and the fact the first issue is smaller then my comment xd . Well, I certainly am gonna miss sitting on a Chair in my faverate haunt and picking up the latest issuse of the Gaian Times, and sitting their reading it before some n00b comes in and destroys my paper. Ah, I belive they still has his head on a pike their with a sign saying
"N00bs enter at your own risk."


Name: Shifter
Joined date: May 26, 2003
Comment: Wow, what could I say about this announcement that would even begin to reveal the depth of its importance to Gaia? I'll admit that I tended to read the Times irregularly at best the past few months as many of the articles slowly became more unfamiliar to me, but I loved getting the chance to continue visiting such a long-standing feature in the message boards, none the less. With Arwen's excellent work coming to a close, Gaia is going to feel that much more different from the site I can vaguely still remember coming to well over a year ago. I could imagine why the paper's editor would have to give up her post as the various pressures and alternate interests of life consume ever more of her spare time, but I know that I am far from alone in hoping that she will continue to visit. You are an awesome person and have left an impressive legacy that will not be forgotten, Arwen. Oh, and before I forget I would like to declare this Christmas Eve international Glomp Arwen Day as a show of gratitude to the elven beauty for putting up with us for so long. Nyahaha!


Name: Rena-chan
Date Joined: March 07 2003
Comments: Wow. This newspaper has been made just a day older then when I first joined. I even remember last year, when my Teahouse hit it's 800th page, you even put us in your newspaper ! The good times. <3 This newspaper has been so informative all thanks you all your hard work ! Sadly, the GAIA Times is ending ! Who's newspaper will I read now ?! *sigh* I'm going to miss this newspaper so much. Thank you for your hardwork GAIA Times ! We'll miss you much ! <33


Name: Rynne
Date Joined: April 12, 2003
Comments: I just want to say how sad I am to see such a Gaian legacy go, but it has been a good run. When I was a newbie the Gaia Times helped me figure out what the heck I was doing xd

Arwen herself has always been a wonderful person, and I owe a lot to her for helping in the success of Radio Gaia. Gaia Commerce just won't be the same without the Times.

Lots of love to the elven-editor-in-chief heart


Name: Tutsumi
Date Joined: 22nd Sept. 2003
Comments: Wow, I mean just wow. I've been reading the GAIA Times since I ever found out about it, and that's been a long time. I'm sorry to see it go though, even more so since it isn't being given to anyone and thus, it dies. Sad, no? Well I hope the GAIA Times has a rebirth or that someone can try and get as good as it with their own paper. Bye Times, you'll be missed.


Name: Kaminosai
Date Joined: 05 Mar 2003 (A mere one day older than the times itself!)
Comments: Wow... Okay, so I'm a little late jumping on this. Let's blame it on a mix of lazyness and my general avoidance of the main forums. sweatdrop Also, I'm currently writing this at 4am, at my job, while coming down from the kind of horrific fever that spawns a major religion. So if most of this sounds like the inane (and likely mispelled) ramblings of a lunatic, you'll know I somehow managed to type it out properly.

Anyway, you've done an amazing thing with this thread Arwen. I'm certain every last one of us Vet's regard it as being just as much a part of Gaia as Gold and customizable Avatar's. Even members like myself, who are prone to long and random periods of absence from the site, were able to count on your hard work to keep us updated on the important events around the community. The amount of dedication and effort you put into this (largely thankless) job is staggering. And anyone who doesn't admire you for it should be locked in an isolation chamber with a foul tempered rhino.

Personally, I think Gaia's 1.2 million members should pool their money and buy you a really cool robot. But I suppose our thanks and support for any future endeavor you undertake will have to do. Thanks for everything Arwen, and good luck in the future!


Name: Chibigreen Tejinashi
Date Joined: February 19, 2003
I remember when the GAIA Times was first created. The idea impressed me, and the content interested me. I made sure to read every issue in order to keep up with the biggest events on Gaia as the site became larger and larger.

The Times has recorded many things, but it has also given fond memories to many Gaians. I, and others, are sad to see it go--but we still appreciate all of the hard work that Arwen has put into it and into modding the forums.

Goodbye, GAIA Times. We will not forget you.


Name: x_Megan_x
Date Joined: July 26 2003
Comments: I am sad to see the Gaia Times go. Ever since I first found the newspaper, I checked it once in a while. It kept me informed on things that where happening around gaia and I enjoyed reading the informative articles. It helped me find a few threads to hang out it through the advertisements. It was one of the only things I actually enjoyed reading. Even though I never posted in the gaia times office, I remember reading the floor layout and picturing what it would look like in my head. Since the gaia times is shutting down, I might find another news source. Even if I do, the gaia times will forever be in my memories.


Name: Nu Blaze
Date Joined: March 12, 2003

Comment: Hm? What can I say? Well let me start off with congratulating, Arwen. She is an amazing person who created one of the most outstanding newspapers on gaiaonline. Through thick an thin she updated the paper through the countless waves of n00bs and continued to bring forth hard hitting news reports to the masses of Gaia. I will sincerely miss the GAIA Times as a reliable source of information and as one of the founding landmarks of go-gaia which established gaiaonline. GAIA Times will forever remain in my heart and in my memories. Thank you, Arwen. For making it possible.


Name: TodesEngel
Date Joined: 06 Mar 2003
Comments: Alrighty, gosh. I've beem around for a while on Gaia (a bit too long), so I think that justifies my ability to say that this is thread is going to be missed by a mess of people. Not just the people that actually post in Office, but the people that actually utilize the Newspaper for knowledge of what is going on. Both threads are so old and so loved. I can not imagine anyone else continuing the newspaper, or doing a sort of spinoff of it. You could find everything on that newspaper; Advertisements, what was happening on Gaia, new events, updates, everything. It was all because of one hard working person.


I guess thats the whole point of this comment thing, it's about Arwen. She is an amazing person, working so hard and selflessly for Gaia. We must all respect her decesion to stop, not take a break but stop. It became apparant she was getting tired when she started taking more breaks from Gaia, more and more it would appear on her sig. No one can blame her, and no one will. When people look back at the day the Newspaper closed, it won't be "Gaarrrr Arwen is so lazy omg she sucks", it'll be "Wow, Arwen did a great job."

Rome didn't last forever, and everything has to stop at one moment. Thank you, Arwen. Thanks for the memories. The Newspaper was great, and the office was so much fun. All my oldbie friends hung out there, and yes, I will miss the thread, it doesn't mean I can't keep up with them, not at all.

Thanks Arwen, thanks for the great times. =)


Name: Underworld_the_Forgiven
Joined: Jan 06 2004
Comment: Thank for all your great information you have provide it was a real asset to this site...there have been times when i have logged on and gone straight to your forum to find out whats new about the site. You will be very missed. Thank you again


Name: siryn
Date Joined: you're making me look that up? ... 20 Feb 2003.
Comments: I ... I can't believe that the Times are ending. I remember that it used to be the only way I knew what was going on around the site. I remember the comics that showed up in the issues and wanting to submit something of my own, but being entirely too lazy or busy to come up with something relevant or amusing enough to submit. (My sketchbooks tell another story, but they're safely terribly far away from a functional scanner.)

During the first (and only) site wide awards give out that we organized back in '03 ... I believe it was your dedication to the Times that won you the Best Writer award.

I don't know if this means the Office is closing, too. If it is, I need to find another place to create dental floss trip wires and otherwise make obstacle courses for mess and chaos is cause. ::glomps tight::


Name: Ling
Date Joined: 18 Feb 2003
Comments:*waves good bye to GAIA Times*


You will be missed! Thank you for all your hard work in maintaining it, Arwen! Cheers! crying


Name: Ninina
Joined Date: 12 Nov 2003
Comments: Dear Arwen,

This may seem silly, the last issue of the "Gaia Times" is not there yet and I already feel nostalgic, and... well, to be honest, sad too.

I know you work really hard here in Gaia, and you should know that in spite of the hardships and the headaches, your efforts are not in vain.

I came to Gaia over a year ago, mostly to keep my brother company and also because the items were oh-so-pretty.
I had no idea what an online community was, and perhaps, most importantly I had an enourmous writer's block (more than 7 months old).

At first, I was lost in Gaia, I didn't see the point... I felt out of place and frustrated. Then one day I read your paper, and there was that article by Candy Chimes Girl about the Chatterbox, my home forum, Gaia's downtown.. or as I like to call it: my misunderstood little puppy.

I had to reply to her harsh critique, so I pm'ed you with a response article defending CB. To tell you the truth, I didn't even think it was going to be published.

But it did, and right then and there, when I saw it on "The Gaia Times", I started to understand what being in an online community meant. Why did I even care about CB so much to write about it, after seven months without being able to put two sentences together? These people, were somehow my people in a strange way that I had only begun to realize. And there it was... an online community: caring about others, feeling empathy and sympathy, trying to reach out and understand the other person, my fellow gaians.

Through the "Gaia Times" I developed a critical eye for gaian society, its virtues and vices, and learned there is so much more than cute outfits and gold count. I learned about the differences of each forum, their unique qualities and perks, what makes regulars proud and what makes them tick.

It was really eye-opening to be a reporter for your paper, to finally find a place to express myself and most importantly, after a very long time, to start writing again. I wrote for you, Arwen- being the commited Gaian that you are, I didn't want to let you down. You taught me what a community was, and I just wanted to contribute in any way I could.

So now, as the time approaches for me to write the most important piece of my life, my doctoral dissertation, I have to thank you, for playing an important role on my writing again, having confidence and inspiration to know this is what I really like to do, and wanting to be critical and contribute something with my ideas, while having so much fun in the process.

"The Gaia Times" will not be forgotten, as it has been for so many of us a reference guide and a place to learn what's new from a very reliable source: you.

I imagine moderating can be draining, and I advice you to remember that you are a Gaian first, then a Mod, regardless of what people may think. Do not let Gaia be all work. Start new projects that are fun and meaningful to you as a user, and keep the joy of being a gaian alive.

Wherever the gaian paths may take you, rest assure my pen is at your service and my respect and admiration are sincere.

Name: AME
Joined Date: Early 2003 (formerly AMYnoMURAKUMO, formerly AMEnoMURAKUMO)
Comments: Well I suppose this was long overdue, but all good things come to an end. Honestly, I felt that 90% of Gaia was pure chaos. Gaia Times was one of a few establishments on Gaia that was actually well thought out and organized. The rest was fodder. As for the reasons why you're shutting the place down, Arwen, I really have no idea why but I can kind of assume why you made this decision seeing what Gaia has turned into. Everyone who joined in 2003 knows what I'm talking about, and I need not repeat myself. It does sadden me to see the Gaia Times shut down because it brought a lot of people together, and like I said, it was one of a few establisments that "made Gaia" for me.

To Arwen, and the inhabitants of the Gaia Times, I thank you all for establishing the Times. I'm glad to have been there with the Times from the beginning, not exactly in the middle, but inevitably the end. That is all.

The Office Burning
Oh to make something clear...I'm not leaving GAIA Online. Many people was Private messaging me good bye messages...just to make things clear. The GAIA Times is closing down...I'm not leaving GAIA Online. So I bid you all farewell! Thank you for supporting The GAIA Times Newspaper and it will be moved into Memorable Forums. I shall now blow up the Newspaper Office...

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OMG! Thread is archived....lol.
As stated above I ask users to not use the name "The GAIA Times newspaper" or the content in The GAIA Times....please get your own ideas.
EDIT: The very first issue seems to have been eaten by the pruning people >.> first issue of the GAIA Times is gone... ;_; March 7th 2003

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