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just laugh things off. if you don't care, no one else will.. most of the time.
embarrasment? neutral
I'm imune
act like you did it on purpose, then everyone thinks your a card XD. and you can laugh it off. it always worked for me!
I wore four inch heels to school last week, tripped and skinned my knee. Wasn't embarrassing at all, just hurt a little.
redface embarrasing moments?... tsk! too many to mention... Just bear in mind that everything happens for a reason.. hehehehe....
Lol, Agatha... I wonder what you did. XDDD
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I say get revenge on people who embarrass you. It's pretty easy. You just need a gang, a knife and a dark alley way. wink
Whenever I do smethin' embarressing thn I laugh it off lolololol but smetimes to great so I run to the washroom and burst into an agony of tears lol
ignore all those laughing at you and they'll look like the idiots. hah. xD
humillation, sweet humillation.
ummm idk, i wasnt really that embarrased that often...i guess i threw up at school 3 times in one day would be embarrasing.....LOL I SHOULD HAVE POSTED THIS IN THE LAST SURVIVAL POSTE!!!
i think my most embarassing moment happened today at school. this boy i like, Dakota is in my pe class so i saw him after school and decided to talk to hi. turns out we went to the same elementary school and i remembered him as one of two dakotas. he remembers me as the girl who galloped like a horse in 4th and fith grade. lol that was funny as hell

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