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I feel bad for Ian.
Embarassing? Ha that's my life right there! But no worries, I'm a fail-master. You just got to roll with the punches and not let it bother you. I was a ditz with a ton of friends. However make sure you aren't a push over, if someone crosses the line make sure you put em' in a choke hold!
Listen here, slut...

Punch em in the gonads.

...I love you <3
Hmmm well for the most part if you don't make a big deal about it and don't really react to it then you'll be fine. In other words if people around you see it didn't bother you then they are less likely to keep bringing the incident up. If you can laugh at it yourself all the better.
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I don't get embarassed. I'm with Liam, just don't be ashamed by it. I mean, I'm friendly, I'm smart, I'm athletic, I'm musical, decent looking, and I'm a little crazy, what have they got on that?
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Really FUNNY!!! hahaha!!! blaugh
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Yes, when my worst enemies found out who is my girlfirend, and they all shouted in the halroom, wrote on the boards, and made a chant sweatdrop gonk sweatdrop gonk crying crying
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xp i wasnt listening at school so my class laugh at me now everyone calls me dumdum and brainlesskid and i got a wedige everyday that is the most humilating day of my life
Listen here, slut...


...I love you <3
Wooow, I've never been this close to the first page whee
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I feel for you Edmund!
I called a teacher 'Dad' once. It made him cry for some reason. > //// <

I kinda just shrugged it off as did everyone else.
Humiliating things in school.... laugh about it then realize in so many years it will only be a mentioned memory if even that.
ha i remember we were supposed to be going off into groups so we had to count to 8 or something, and i miscounted and got laughed at. i was already stressed from a bunch of other stuff going on so i broke down. stupid really. another time in marching band during practice when we were learning a new routine, my friend and i were talking so we didn't hear where we were supposed to go. so we just stood there when everyone started to move, and got told off by the director. everyone laughed then too, and we just laughed with them.
haha...Ian amuses me. Hes kind of like the 'depressive, introvert' out of the group.XD

As for myself, I finished high school recently but my god...I had some very awkward moments x.x
Never was embarrassed 4laugh

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