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Just wanted to let you guys know- it all gets better once you're in college. smile
I've done some embarrassing things -for SCIENCE fo reals, no less- and no one remembers it in the morning.
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~Love Me~
I don't really get embarrassed much. I'm a super clutz and find it as funny as the next person.

I guess I fell into a pond in elementary school. But even that's not embarrassing. It's funny. I had just come back from a field trip and my mum was there and insisted on searching my pockets for goldfish. (fish in pond)
~My Darling Egotist~
Mine probably was when I was in 9th grade and I wore this top the was low because of school pictures, so I actually decided to dress up for once, and during lunch, I was sitting at a table with all my guy friends and I lead to see what they were all talking about and my boob fell out of my top and bra. Of course they were all guys, so of course I got this response: eek
Once, I was wlaking behind a group of girls and not paying attention, so when they stopped I ran into them and knocked all of us down the stairs. It could have been really bad, but since no one was hurt, we all just started laughing. It turned into a big joke, and whenever someone mentioned it I would pretend to knock them down. So it didn't last long. Just try and turn the event into a joke. If you can't, just keep your head down and it'll pass sooner or later.
Pretend it never happened.
Well, I one of my greatest embarassments was when... well.... >w< I was in industrial tech and some jackass guy moved my chair and I fell, not landing on my butt, but my freaking HEAD! Oh... but they are all afraid of me now.... and they should be too.....
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My advice would be to not let them realize that you weren't planning on doing whatever thing that embarrassed you.
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*sign* stressed crying mad
In middle school I had something really embarrassing happen to me (which I'm not going to go into much detail about). sweatdrop Luckily in high school I didn't have anything happen to me. But my advice is just to laugh it off. This way it'll make you feel better and get over it quicker. Maybe you'll be considered the class clown afterward. At least they won't keep making fun of you!
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Woot, I bet no one reads these ninja
well to not get emberest just kick somones a** when they embares you it works for me
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Well embarrasment and humilliation suckz hard, but they┬┤re things that we must face someday, sooner or later, nevertheless I hate them...I wish u luck, see ya... dramallama rofl mrgreen ninja
Lool! I had loads of embarrassing moments in skool! But I dont really think bout it coz well..you win some, you lose some! I just laugh bout it at the end of the day! dramallama
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Is anyone else curious as to what Agatha means wen she says she got revenge? 0.o;;
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i don't think ive ever been humiliated there was one time me and girl i was friends with got into a tiff over nonsense that she made a big deal out of but because i didn't care it didnt really have any effect on me oh well

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