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Ur...>////> Not even gonna say anything... sweatdrop
Goodness, I love Liam xDD I laughed so hard over his. What a tool. A wonderful, wonderful tool. rofl

I don't get embarrassed easily either which may have been why I laughed so hard over his. I can't even think of something I was humiliated over .. in my entire life. At least, nothing I couldn't simply brush off an be all 'whatever, it happens to everybody'.
you got pWNd
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"Natasha: One time I dropped a beaker full of hydrochloric acid on a kid's foot in chemistry class and it pretty much ate right through it. That was pretty embarrassing. I guess it ruined his basketball scholarship, too, but on the plus side it started my lifelong fascination with body modification, so it all worked out. I still see that guy sometimes, driving a hearse."

OK, that's the best little NPC blurb of all of these Guides. Awesome.
I don't have any shame at all. So that means me and Liam were meant to be!

The only logical response to embarrassment is vengeance heart
I kind of find what happened to gino to be really kinky asdhsgj

i don't have any exciting school embarrassment stories, though. :C
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Hmm... Humiliation you say? Well I'll contribute. In my junior year of high school me and a few of my friends were playing frisbee in gym class. One of them threw it to me. Like right at me. I saw it in slow motion as it came hurtling towards my face. My thoughts at that moment? "Catch it! Catch it! Nope, too late!" I literally saw cartoon stars for a second. My eyes were watering so bad. But we all laughed it off. Gym class was like that for everyone I knew. Of course we joked around with it afterwards, like, "Hey nice face catch!"
if you get embarised jus laugh at them
Back in elementary school, I've been called names like fatty, nerd, bookworm, and four-eyes (I used to wear glasses). I never paid them any mind.
There was also this one time in elementary when I was waiting in line to use the bathroom and I reeeeally needed to go. My problem was that I had a fixation to this one stall and when it emptied and someone else took it, I wound up peeing myself. In front of all the girls in the bathroom. In a way, it was lucky for me that I was wearing a jumper skirt since I went to a private school. In a way it wasn't lucky. My teacher hung my peed-on stuff over the radiator for all the class to see.... I look back on it and laugh now.
Now, if I find myself saying or doing something stupid, and i get laughed at, I just laugh it off with the rest of them.
Put me in the spotlight...

I've never been seriously humiliated in school, thank goodness! But if I did I would just laugh it off, that way people don't make fun of you as much. I have fallen down some stairs but no one really laughed and I laughed it off so people just moved on. But I wasn't embarrassed by it since I'm a very clumsy person and used to falling down. *laughs*

I was born for it.
In middle school I was always made fun of. I could be perfectly normal and people would still hate me. As for high school, I went to a private Christian school (which believe me sometimes didnt feel Christian at all) where I was one of the students who had been there the longest but also was considered a teacher's pet, a nerd, and just another person in school. This school was small (only 9 in my graduating class) so being known was big but by being me, nobody cared.
So all I have to say is, ignore those who make fun of you (no matter how much hurts) b/c in the end you will be the one laughing at them when they dont get their diplomas or make a fool out of themself.
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My years at school have left me dead inside so I think I failed saveing my soul, so any advice I could give, would probaly be ringed with spite, so I'll leave it unsaid, Bye now!
rofl 'I got my revenge...' niceeee >.<
Kill them

Kill them all!!!!!


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