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Just be happy with who you are and accept that you will do embarrassing things, just like everyone else on the planet. It's no big deal.

Also what is with everyone being embarrassed about falling? Falling isn't embarrassing.

she was wearing a SKIRT, most likely a skimpy one
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Dude the most embarrassing thing that I ever had was when i got into a fight and both of us...Me and the Guy that I was fight rolled down 2 sets of stairs...I had my arm broken and I bloody nose he walked out in peices!!! It was somewhat funny but it was alot of pain after tht fight! I walked around the school with a limp and a broken nose and arm!!!!!! he never showed up at school again!!! but I do see him around town...My friends still dont let me live that one down!!!!! tht was embarrassed to the point cuz I couldnt go 2 school or walk properly but I got over it soon! I'm one of those girls tht dont care what is said but then I did!
The most embarassing thing that happened to me....
I farted in class... out loud....
I cried crying .
I mean it was so humiliating. That day I learned that I should never care what people think about me, and laugh at my own mistakes.... and never eat school burrito's

Its alright..
That what I did.. crying crying
Whatever is wrong with just laughing it off? biggrin And then pretend it NEVER HAPPENED!!! cool
nothing to embarassing has happend to me
just trip up stairs and run into things >__>
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zomg o.o
Liam is sooo hawt 3nodding
M A K I x3
the chase centaur
one time first grade I had to fart really bad I tuned every one else out and let a rip which is hard when your sitting on a carpet with cement under neath it so there was a loud noise every one went running I was laughing so hard I couldn't breath and I swear either I blew a hole in the floor or I lifted a foot or 2 in the air and the room housed 5 first grade classes I heard it stunk for about a week or 2

That happened to me in 3rd grade..
I'm so embarassed to even TYPE it..
Except mine's didn't stink >.>"
It was bcz we were laughing SO hard!!! and I couldnt hold it..
So when it came out.. Everyone started laughing at me.. crying
I think including the guy I liked..

well having I think something with tuna in it the night before or was it beans
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_____The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me as when i took quilting in the second grade.

i had used my gramma's scissors and i got sooo nervous that i cut the skin right off my thumb [not ALL of it]

i hadn't even noticed it until someone pointed out``

heeeeey~ I love OWL CITY!!!
You made me like another song now~~~

_____ibrought MP3 to music class and had the teacher play it. Later that night my friends bought it off iTunes``
Once, I spit a spitball at my teacher because the kid I was aiming for ducked down. Damn, that teacher still hates me..
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Most embarressing thing that happend to me was slipping on a old kiwi that they used for some kind of kiwi clock.Alll the people in my science class laughed until the semester was over horrible horrible horrible
I just made fun of it myself too
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Oh wow....There's so much to tell.....I'm a clutz naturally, but since my clothes never seemed to fit well I was always pulling and tugging on my pants (even with belts on) and my care takers would buy me shoes that were too big...yanno i'd grow into them and junk. Well one day my foot slipped right out of my shoe I ended up stepping on the bottom of my pant leg and my pants fell down. Lucky for me I was a foster child and moved around a lot. gonk
Actually, another time, me and my friend were running towards our next class in seventh grade.

I'm not as fast as she is, because I was sick that day, so I grabbed her backpack. She's like, pulling me through the halls to math and stuff.

All of a sudden, this girl who always wants to punch me for some reason comes out of the crowd, grabs my backpack, and sends me and my friend flying backwards. I land on my stomach, she lands on my head. she get's up and starts laughing, I sit up and laugh as well.

People are staring and stuff. It was weird and creepy because everyone was just staring... o__o;;
I leaned over to pick my pencil off the floor, and I farted.. I handled it by pointing across the table and blaming a girl I didn't know! gonk
PM me because you like my avatar. d:
Humiliation is stupid. Get over it. I went through so much s**t in school but I'm peachy-keen.
Or maybe that's 'cause I've had a ******** life, so being embarrassed was absolutely -nothing- compared to it.
I just hated school. :p

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