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Last year my friend tripped in front of a teacher and her hand landed on the teacher's boob. She just stood there in shock and I was laughing my a** off.
Lol at Natasha
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scream scream scream scream I always seem to put my foot in my mouth when I say something, but I get my revenge by scream telling scream them that their lives are pointless, and that they will od on crack during the senior prom. Also I tell them that NO ONE cares about what they say.
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I lol'd hard at Gino! rofl
Syler Morningway
I've got one, when I was in high school our gym teacher was making everyone wear these dingy little shorts, and I knew there was no way I would "fit" in them (at least not all of me), so I told him I couldn't wear them. He started yelling, I tried to tell him why, but in the end I was forced to walk out in front of the whole class with them on (a little side note, the bustiest girl in class hadn't worn a bra that day and was wearing a shirt that didn't even come close to fitting, as if that wasn't bad enough she was bouncing around everywhere like a kangaroo on acid)... suffice it to say for the rest of the year everyone called me either "horse boy" or "circus freak", even the boy I secretly had a crush on crying .
*because I'm not a fan of drudging up embarrassing past incidents that probably caused significant mental trauma, I'll leave it to you to deduce the reason for the nickname*

That is srsly messed up. crying
My brother had a kind of embarrassing moment? But he played it off pretty well.

See, he bought an accordion and took it with him to school... uh, don't ask me how he lugged that thing around or why it wasn't confiscated or whatever.
Anyway, he never played before and was trying to experiment with it and figure out how the darn thing worked. So he was playing it and some other kid came up and said, "You know you're holding that upside down, neutral don't you?"
That should have been an embarrassing thing that made my brother look dumb, but instead of being flustered, he replied "I know! 8D" without missing a beat.

So sometimes, you can play off embarrassing things by acting like you meant to do it and it's just part of your humor or something.

Now, when you do things like trip up the stairs, that's not necessarily something you can play off... I just kept going as fast as I could (which was the cause of the incident in the first place gonk ) without looking back.
Just try to ignore things like that. If you make a big deal, other people will make it a big deal.
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very interesting.....:l
i remember my most embarrassing moment.

So school, yeah it was in science class and we were dealing a chemicals and my friend was walking and i walked into her and it spilled all over me and her(it spilled on my pants). Yeah, ppl kept asking me if i had wet my pants. and when i was to carls jr, where my mom picks me up, well ,so, my mom made me take off pants in carls jr. parking lot. She thought no one was there, but there was.

I thought Ian's response was adorable~

Cashmere Cactus
User Image

High school is many things to many people, but I think we can all agree on one basic fact: beneath the thin fa├žade of "education" and "socialization," it's mainly just a treacherous gauntlet of humiliation and indignity. Luckily, a little know-how will let you navigate the perils of teenage embarrassment with your soul mostly intact!

I've asked some of Gaia's most familiar faces about their most embarrassing moments and how they coped with the humiliation. As usual, we've been rewarded with some truly terrible advice...

    User ImageSasha: I got stood up on prom night and it was totally the most embarrassing thing ever, but I'm totally over it now. Now I just, like, think back on it and laugh. Hahaha... heh... *sob*.... BAAAWWWWWW!

    humiliation is no problem its just nothing to screw with who cares just say i don't care

    User ImageIan: I guess the most embarrassing thing was when I tripped over my shoelaces and fell down two flights of stairs on the first day of school. Everyone was laughing at me, but I just told myself, "hey, nobody knows me, nobody will remember this in a week." But they did, of course, and every time I walked down the hall, people would do impressions of my girlish screaming and flailing.

    User ImageMoira: For some reason I decided to try out pole vaulting in gym class, and there was kind of an incident. I'm not gonna get into the whole story, but let's just say I spent the next two years walking sideways, like a crab. But if anyone looked at me funny, I'd just slap the taste out of their mouth.

    User ImageEdmund: Ah, yes, I remember it well: in my biology class, I accidentally called my teacher "mom." If it happens to you, it's best to just cut your losses and move on. I transferred to another school and never looked back.

    User ImageSam: I was kinda absent-minded, and I was always going to school with mismatched socks and backwards shirts and both feet through the same pant-leg. I mean, not all three at once, but... well, yeah, one time it was all at once. I just played it off by pretending to be crazy, and people mostly left me alone.

    User ImageLiam: What? Nah, I've never been embarrassed, dude. Not once. Y'see, the trick to never being embarrassed is having no conscience, dignity or sense of shame. No shame, no pain, bro!

    User ImageNatasha: One time I dropped a beaker full of hydrochloric acid on a kid's foot in chemistry class and it pretty much ate right through it. That was pretty embarrassing. I guess it ruined his basketball scholarship, too, but on the plus side it started my lifelong fascination with body modification, so it all worked out. I still see that guy sometimes, driving a hearse.

    User ImageGino Gambino: I went to a private boarding school, so we all had to change into our pajamas in the dormitories. All the other boys used to make fun of my sunken chest. One time they held me down and took turns eating soup out of it. How did I deal with it? Oh, mostly by crying, I guess.

    User ImageAgatha: I mispronounced the word "gabardine" while I was reading a poem in literature class. Everyone chuckled at me, and I just wanted to hide forever. I got my revenge, though... I got my revenge on all of them.

So, yeah... let's just pretend we never read that, shall we? Anyway, if you'd like to dish out some advice of your own on coping with embarrassing situations, please do!
scream scream scream scream I always seem to put my foot in my mouth when I say something, but I get my revenge by scream telling scream them that their lives are pointless, and that they will od on crack during the senior prom. Also I tell them that NO ONE cares about what they say.

Ima try that. wink
Cuz there is this guy
that sits next to me in
He talks to himself.
Y'know how they make "jokes"
while the teach is talking.
I wanna tell him that.
Cuz its annoying me.
Iv leared to just laugh at my self when i so something embarrassing or stupid. and when i fall, i just jump up back on my feet and say "Im alright" or "Its all good" or somethings act like nothing ever happened...even if i did slice open my leg... it works well. 3nodding

lol i remember the summer before 8th grade i had a pool party, and we walked down to the park. and their was a steep paved hill, and we had a contest of who could roll down it the fastest and who far we could get. I won. I got to the bottom and was laying on my belly. When i got up, i had left wet boob prints from my bikini top still being wet from the pool. me and a guy i like still joke about it. i know that's not embarrassing but if was funny.

Oh but one time, me and a friend just got out of my pool, and i was not dry all the way, and i had a shirt on. my older bro was all like "Haha, ur lactating!" he even said it infront of my friend and my dad. it was embarrassing to me at the time...

I have also tripped up the stairs, and fallen down them. my mom even laughed at me when i tripped up the stairs...

But like i said before, just laugh and make fun of your self, or act like nothing happened is the best way to go. 3nodding
All I can say is, when you take a tumble, get up & laugh it off

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