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High school is many things to many people, but I think we can all agree on one basic fact: beneath the thin fa├žade of "education" and "socialization," it's mainly just a treacherous gauntlet of humiliation and indignity. Luckily, a little know-how will let you navigate the perils of teenage embarrassment with your soul mostly intact!

I've asked some of Gaia's most familiar faces about their most embarrassing moments and how they coped with the humiliation. As usual, we've been rewarded with some truly terrible advice...

    User ImageSasha: I got stood up on prom night and it was totally the most embarrassing thing ever, but I'm totally over it now. Now I just, like, think back on it and laugh. Hahaha... heh... *sob*.... BAAAWWWWWW!

    User ImageIan: I guess the most embarrassing thing was when I tripped over my shoelaces and fell down two flights of stairs on the first day of school. Everyone was laughing at me, but I just told myself, "hey, nobody knows me, nobody will remember this in a week." But they did, of course, and every time I walked down the hall, people would do impressions of my girlish screaming and flailing.

    User ImageMoira: For some reason I decided to try out pole vaulting in gym class, and there was kind of an incident. I'm not gonna get into the whole story, but let's just say I spent the next two years walking sideways, like a crab. But if anyone looked at me funny, I'd just slap the taste out of their mouth.

    User ImageEdmund: Ah, yes, I remember it well: in my biology class, I accidentally called my teacher "mom." If it happens to you, it's best to just cut your losses and move on. I transferred to another school and never looked back.

    User ImageSam: I was kinda absent-minded, and I was always going to school with mismatched socks and backwards shirts and both feet through the same pant-leg. I mean, not all three at once, but... well, yeah, one time it was all at once. I just played it off by pretending to be crazy, and people mostly left me alone.

    User ImageLiam: What? Nah, I've never been embarrassed, dude. Not once. Y'see, the trick to never being embarrassed is having no conscience, dignity or sense of shame. No shame, no pain, bro!

    User ImageNatasha: One time I dropped a beaker full of hydrochloric acid on a kid's foot in chemistry class and it pretty much ate right through it. That was pretty embarrassing. I guess it ruined his basketball scholarship, too, but on the plus side it started my lifelong fascination with body modification, so it all worked out. I still see that guy sometimes, driving a hearse.

    User ImageGino Gambino: I went to a private boarding school, so we all had to change into our pajamas in the dormitories. All the other boys used to make fun of my sunken chest. One time they held me down and took turns eating soup out of it. How did I deal with it? Oh, mostly by crying, I guess.

    User ImageAgatha: I mispronounced the word "gabardine" while I was reading a poem in literature class. Everyone chuckled at me, and I just wanted to hide forever. I got my revenge, though... I got my revenge on all of them.

So, yeah... let's just pretend we never read that, shall we? Anyway, if you'd like to dish out some advice of your own on coping with embarrassing situations, please do!

I was stood up on prom night and went with my brother.
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LOL Agatha's revenge... xDD
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One day I decided to walk around school in a pair of heels I'd borrowed from the High School Theatre. I was wearing pants that were slightly too long, and the back edge of the pants were all ragged and had holes in them. So I'm walking in front of the Theatre and the heel of my shoes catches in the hole in my pants, before I can fix it I do one of those classic fall right-on-your-face kinda falls. No falling to your knes first, then face, I went from perpendicular to parallel with the ground. Everyone who hung out in front of the Theatre saw, and to make it worse it was right in front of a big grassy area when the majority of the school hung out.

It hurt sooo bad, but was hilarious! I just layed flat on the ground for about a minute laughing. A few people thought I was crying and came to see if I was ok, then preceded to laugh as well.
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Harllie Quin
Harllie Quin
oh gosh i remember once i fell off the bus in front of my school. and EVERYONE turned around at that EXACT moment..oh the humiliation!! gonk .....it was horrible they didnt even laugh right away everyone just stared eek and then all i heard was OOOOOOHHHHHHH......those bastards.....but i just larned to laugh at it...een though im dying on the inside

lol yeah. That happens to me on a weekly basis. The distance from the bottom bus step to the ground is way to far for people of short stature. I don't know how the elementary kids do it. eek

At least I don't have to climb in.... anymore.

I AGREE!!! and it didnt help that it was the dead of winter and there was slush and gross-ness on the ground. life is so unfair! lmao

It doesn't snow in the much here in the south, but it does rain. Alot.

I wear galoshes to school & keep extra clothes in my locker. blaugh

lucky! i wasnt that smart xp i went straight home after that though my clothes were DONE! it looked like i wet myself crying
have i ever been humiliated? no but im still in school so its posible it could happen at any time
Hmm, mine would have to be when I had "the runs" in school one day, and I had to go to the bathroom so bad during class that I just disappeared without telling the teacher. I hate using the school's bathroom cuz they're not always clean, and someone always forgets to flush D:< Luckily no one else was in the bathroom, and I told the teacher that I really had to go pee lol xD I never had breakfast at school ever again D:
There was this other time, not REALLY embarrassing, but.... it was back then.

My friend, then-girlfriend, and I were hanging out at the bandroom, which was one of the popular places to hang out, for a band of 120+ and friends

We were talking about something, when this random girl suddenly comes up to me and shoves this tape recorder in my face and starts asking me questions, like an interview or something
She asked me stuff like what my name was, how old I was and what year I was in, if I was single, who I was dating, would I date her or her friend (who I have no Idea who she was referring to, and glad that I didn't), and so on
I felt TRAPPED, and I turn to my friend and girlfriend for help, only.... THEY ABANDONED ME!!! gonk scream

So, by then, EVERYONE is looking to see what the commotion is about, and I'm still thrown off by this sudden barrage of questions, so I start making up answers before I quickly run away, only to see my friend and girlfriend AAAAAAALLLLLL the way across the small parking lot, waiting for me with a huge smile on their faces (jerks stare )

Anyone who was in band who was there kept reinacting the whole thing with either their friends or myself.
And the girl kept trying to get with me whenever she saw me, which I made sure was rare.
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The most embarrassing thing that happened to me during school was dropping my gym shorts while running outside. I still was faster than everyone else, so it was cool. cool
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Gino's "soup" trauma sounds more weird than anything. Really really weird.

I think my worst moment probably involved a wig I liked wearing in 7th grade. After I so painstakingly went to the trouble of convincing everyone it was my real hair, it flipped off my head when I jumped up too fast.

That happened to a girl I knew in middle school.

She tried to convince us all her hair grew to waste length & turned red over summer break.
But then a boy named Darius pulled it off.
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Most embarrasing moment? have to say it would be all of 1st grade. I will say nothing more about it.
How I dealt with it, moved scared everyone away with my 5 athletic older brothers, my dad with a shot gun, my mom and her natorious mean ways, my 5 sisters who are all bad tempered, and made kissy faces at the guys while chasing them away.
Then I moved before the story could be transfered to high school. =P
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I fell on the stairs once. Not too far though. I also called a teacher 'mommy.' redface
I spilt my cooking on the floor recently too, and I was laughed at. crying
hjhjhhjhjhjhjhjhjhjhjgh heart heart heart heart jghhjjhjhjh
i fell on the ground bc this kid pulled my chair on the 1st day o skool

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