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Just laugh really hard when people make fun of something embaracing you did. They usually don't think it's funny when you laugh too. And you'll have a great time because you will see how funny it really was.
Harllie Quin
I think I called a teacher "mom" once.

So have I. lol

MachaGirl: That is true. I realize that now. So I joined drama club & I make bad jokes in class, because I'm not afraid of humiliating myself. whee

Oh my, I was so absent minded back then that it happend to me TWICE on the same day.
just be your self and u'll never have to get embarrased by any thing
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The most embarrasing moment was when my shoolmates discovered that i was wearing gym clothes that were rather too low in price. They made fun of me.
Listen here, slut...

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...I love you <3
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Unsealed Seraphim

Like it was said previously, I just never mentioned it again and it went away. However, i was continuously teased because I was a smart white kid who refused to do other's homework for money..

What's wrong with doing the right thing? I wouldn't do anyone elses homework for money! I've got my own to worry about!

Embarassing moment you say? Well I wouldn't say it's embarassing (at least for me) because it was my choice in the first place and nobody dared me to do it. But I wore a long, warm, deep purple cloak/cape with a hood, every day of my 7th and 8th grade years.

You have NO idea how many people came up to me to ask why I wore it xp and I gave them all the same answer "Because I wanted to" After that, I did get teased sometimes, but I laughed with it and it was no fun for the bullies anymore so they just shut up. cool
I made a fool of myself lots of times in highschool! But don't we all? I realized no one was actually watching me make mistakes so I didn't care after that.

Now I can walk down the street wearing my sister's floor length black cloak IN PLAIN VIEW OF THE CARS and not care(when it's not Halloween). Hooray for twisted methods of boosting self esteem!!

flirty-grrl has it right!!!
cry in the bathroom
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I think the most embarrassing thing that happened to me had to have been when I was in sixth grade...

Before school started all the students had to wait on the side of the school for the bell to ring to go in for class along a sidewalk by the kindergarten and first grades playground. I mean sure I knew most of the kids cause they lived in my neighborhood so I'd talk to them.

One day I wasn't paying attention and I was talking to one of the smaller kids and next thing I knew I'm falling to the ground and I nearly do a ss. When I finally realize what happened, I'm sitting on the ground with my skirt up and leaving everyone to see my underwear


God that was embarrassing.. but I didn't care really.. but I could have done without all the guys staring at me the rest of the day....
If you get embarrassed make fun of yourself first, that way no one else can do it, and if they do it makes it so their laughing with you.
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Hmm, posted on one of the first 10 pages. I feel proud. Now send me Inari's Beads. biggrin
Hmm, posted on one of the first 10 pages. I feel proud. Now send me Inari's Beads. biggrin
Listen here, slut...

Get them yourself


...I love you <3
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wahmbulance rofl
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yaaay! posted on the 7th page!!!!
oh well once i burped super duper duper loud in class
in front of my crush.
it was definetly embarassing, but my advice
is to not look like your being laughed at,
but that youre being laughed with

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