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Swashbuckling Shapeshifter

my name on this is my name im known as.....
or blind or chaos
my freind who i see every so often calls me Gray or walker
cause of d-gray-man
And I want a timcampy.....
will a golden snitch do?

gladius regis filia rolled 20 100-sided dice: 96, 34, 65, 98, 69, 15, 14, 56, 8, 40, 27, 17, 52, 25, 60, 51, 95, 88, 67, 44 Total: 1021 (20-2000)

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all my friends call me clutz cuz i always trip.... crying
my guy friends dubbed me "bramster" for british hamster.... it was after my wisdom teeth were taken out and my cheeks were swollen -_-
dude nicknames are pointless
My nickname's Rabbit cuz I hump like a rabbit
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i like my nick name now not 2 much at first though but my nick name with my friends that r girls is sha sha (shorten from shadow) because of the way that i can come up from behind n follow u n wont notice 4 a while
n with my guy friends 2 many 2 post it has changed over the years sometimes even months n days
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they call me cat...
i keep on wondering why my friends keep calling me a goat at school... confused
haha about like two years ago, me and a few of my friends were pretending to be these hard core rappers y'know? thats when i earned my nickname "The WhiteChocolate" and stuck with it since! hahahaha blaugh
that or "Cheeto-Man" but thats another story for another day! 3nodding

oh and remember children, nicknames should be unique...otherwise its practically no fun gonk
LOL mines Lycan, it was given 2me cause i have 9 Dogs XD
LOL mines Lycan, it was given 2me cause i have 9 Dogs XD

Mine is Lycaa, it's a raver name given to me by my friends at school after attending a rave dressed as a wolf.
I also breed dogs. biggrin
My fwens tot that XiiaoEm0 for my nickname was funny but now they call me XiiaoEm0 coz i always emo....
the nicknames i got were afroman,bonethug,rocklee,bob marley, well i actually liked those nicknames if you want to get a nickname do something in class for example i used to hum song's in my sleep everytime and for some reason people would think that's cool also i would walk really fast after class that's how i got my nicknames. cool

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