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i have no nickname. u.u
4th or 5th page!!!!!!!!!! yea!!!!!!!!!!!
mi anuts call em cat of stinky 3nodding
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my friends call me "mah boi"
Ugh. Stunt double.
They call me this cuz I'm real clumsy, and when I ride my bike, I fall half the time.
The other nickname is "Thing 2" but that's just because I'm the second out of my twin pair. ;D
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Nope. Never had one, but at some point ppl started calling me MiMi stare
No Bra-wearing Jew....some stupid kid called me that.
I have a lt of nickm]names but my favorite is macdaddy User Image
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2. Shanna
4. Lexy
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Lol well I'm glad I've never puked in school. My nickname from sixth grade is "Squeakers". Even the teachers call me that now. But I do have smaller nicknames that only one friend will call me.
my cousin calls me lissie and some of my friends call me elibug ^-^
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this one idiot calls me WAREWOLF because he is scared of me
I let my friends come up with nicknames for me. ^_^ So far I have nicknames of Bacon, Sapphire, or Sapph.

Yeah, and why I'm called Bacon by some friends is because they would always say "it's Becca!" (my actual name) and it would remind them of the beggin' strips commercials. remember the dog would say "it's bacon!" all the time? well, "it's Becca!" then turned to "it's Bacon!" XD

I want Bacon now ._.
they call me


among my closest friends im called mizu because i splash water on those who annoy me. but to others im known as june bucket. i have no idea how they get june bucket from jamie but apparently, june bucket was easier to remember
My Nickname was Em, cuz it's the first to letters in my name, and plus I would say em a lot cuz of my accent.

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