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mods and admins do not get more events than other users? that's true.. why is it a killed rumor?
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There are posts that say that Mods and Admins have "rare" items and people believe that by becoming a Mod they can get more rare items.

The "rare items" may be referring to thier donation items that they're wearing, but I can never tell with newbies. So I'm covering all the bases as much as possible. Getting rares is one of the biggest topics on Gaia. Next to sex, god, and gold.

I'm posting things I saw a while ago (I have a fairly good memory) in random order as I think they may be or start to be rumors.

Also if you're referring to the way I termed the sentence I'm posting the rumors in a "Answer to your question" format.

The idea of a "killed" rumor really isn't true. Since you can't kill a rumor. But by posting it here in a Rumor forum that it is, in fact, a rumor and not true might help slow down some of the "How can I get..." and "Where do you get..." posts from people too lazy to read the normal FAQs.

Hope that helps.

P.S. It was stated earlier in this thread (first page) that Rumor killing would be better believed from a Mod. I would be happy to volunteer for the job as I have no "job" and am only an online art dealer. (I sell models made by me to those without the skill\desire to make thier own). And thus, have a lot of extra time to be on Gaia. Though I've not been here long I've tried to help out as best I can.

If it's an acceptable offer I'd like to be sent a list of job requirements and etiquite (so as not to sound like I don't know what I'm doing) and perhaps become a mod.
3: Mods and multiple posters do not get more events than other people

That would mean that we actualy do get more no? (or am I not reading this correctly .. double negations get tough on me sometimes XD)

The rumor that should be "killed" should be "mods andmultiple posters get more events than other people"

About modship, it's mostly up to the admins to choose, users who have contributed quite a bit, know the forum well are kind and mostly apreciated by a majority of people are most likely to be chosen ^w^
As for rumor killing being better believed comming from a mod I agree, however like I just pointed out, we'll mention it if the rumor you're trying to kill is/isn't correct so you can pretty much say we back you up on your words.
The first post, is what essentially should be the main grounding of what a Questions and Feedback section looks like.

All of those unaswered or constantly asked questions, to be answered in a big block format, and then the topics closed as they are answered indefinately.

That leads to a tidy forum in Q & F.

If no one in the current staff can accomplish that meager amount then sign this dude up as Moderator of the Q & F board only, he'd do a good job, better I feel if this is any indication to go by than whoever 'watches over' it at the moment.

All the rare items come from them being here a long enough time to have had them appear for them. Do people not understand the randomness of a random event...although with that said, there must be a limit in the algorithm to create the randomness, so where for does it stop becomming random and is just an extended algorithm to create the illusion of randomness?

For Gaia's sake lets just say it is as it is, and is still random eh, or else I may confuse intrepid newbies into thinking I'm saying it's not random. *sigh* ~_~
we're currently working on the FAQ page ^w^
A fine alteration that would indeed be benficial.

As a plus to the FaQ alterations; not specifically this guy, but his idea and the combination of mine where for the answered thread is closed could be more practical. Perhaps where upon an answered thread that could invoke other queries be left open until such a time that no more queries could be procured, or seemingly no more could be found, then it is closed.

Basically the way I see it is, if you're looking for updates etc, new additions and alterations, whether accepted, included, pondered or rejected, a million ideas given and 10 accepted and welcomed, is better than 10 given and one accepted, ne. So I'll just keep throwing you ideas until I run dry. ^_^
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well done PlaceCard, you've started a good thing domokun

how about this rumor: big signatures are cool
erm..I had a good rumor in my head then I woke up... ><;; awe the 7th page is serious. sad Unlike pages 2-6 xd
Kia Ryou
erm..I had a good rumor in my head then I woke up... ><;; awe the 7th page is serious. sad Unlike pages 2-6 xd

sad I want more silly!
Kia Ryou
erm..I had a good rumor in my head then I woke up... ><;; awe the 7th page is serious. sad Unlike pages 2-6 xd

sad I want more silly!

Cha that was the best time I have ever had on Gaia xd
This is Inokku, reporting for rumor-squishing duty! .. *Stares.*

Sir (PlaceCard), I am quite impressed by the amount of activity that I have witnessed, on this forum! *Grins.* .. I will continue to be on the lookout for pesky rumors. Any and all shall be reported, and promptly killed. *Salutes.*

Idle thought: ..Lanzer must look HOT, in a pink frilly dress.. whee
Sir, I had a thought -- perhaps #15, regarding referrals, should be adjusted slightly. Perhaps, we should note that you will not be rewarded any gold if the referral is from the same IP address..?

Just a thought. I'm still on the look out for nasty rumors! 3nodding
Yes lots of activity going on here xd
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ninjas??? what ninjas??? xd

ninja hides in shadows ninja

seriously this thread is gold....I cant stop laughing hahahahaah!!! Maybe we've got another entry for the 'memorable threads' forum already ^__^
ninja *sneaks into the room again* ninja
I agree, we must keep the thread alive for it is indeed memorable!

ninja These are not the ninja you are looking for. ninja
Ok, hold the train...the spam or otherwise referred to as chatterbox section is further down the board listings...not here. Do as the forum title says, Question or feedback...otherwise there should be no other input unless discussing the topic at hand, whichever thread it accounts for. Right? Surely that is correct.

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