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No need to apologize Divine. I didn't find anything offensive or inappropriate about it myself. And to me it's only an issue now that I do know someone voiced offense to it, yet it continued. You can't blame yourself for not doing something in a situation where you didn't know there was a problem.

And note of the whole 'mods are doing it' thing. I've seen a couple people actually use that as some sort of excuse to explain why things that are wrong or out of place are ok. Cops kill people, steal, cheat, lie, etc, that doens't make it legal. And no, wasn't pointing that at you, just a general remark.
Divine Nanotaku
I am terribly sorry that you two would have to deal with this sort of issue. If I contribued to it at all, I deeply apologize. crying

I really was unsure of what to do. I did feel it was getting a bit out of line, but I figured the people here would know the rules and know what to do and what not to do.. I didn't think they would do anything objectionable, so I guess that's why I didn't try to do anything about it. (Not only that, but since quite a few moderators and friends-of-moderators frequent here I figured the issue(s) would be snatched without much effort..)

I am sorry I didn't do anything more to stop it and I hope it comes to a grinding hault now..

It's alright *hugs*.

Okay, with permission from PC I'm posting this:

PlaceCard has PMed Dri requesting this thread be moved to Memorables (due to the awesome Admin stuff in the first few pages, the stuff after that goes downhill quickly I'm afraid). After that is settled, PlaceCard is going to initiate Rumor Patrol 2.0 for lack of a better title.

Here, sort of with PC's blessing, McKenzie and myself will be keeping the peace and making sure the Rumor Patrol stays fairly on topic and spamless. I WILL report constant spammers to moderators, and former RP status will not protect you. What is considered "on topic" and the new RP guidelines are going to be discussed soon. Basically, molestation, emoticon wars, and non-Gaia-related topics will be discouraged, little "wars" counted as spam and will be dealt with as such.

This will be one of the last posts here in the RUmor Patrol ver 1.0, and with that I bid adieu to the building blocks of teh Rumor Patrol in hopes that this problem won't be had again in the next installment of our prestigeous (heh...) Rumor Patrol.

If you have questions or comments please PM PlaceCard or even me or McKenzie for an explaination as to why the RP is being dismantled for the moment.

In hopes this turns out okay,

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Last post.

It's been fun. Don't worry, RP 2.0 will be the same as the old one... except you guys get to be the firsts to post. YAH! Go you.

Anyway, in the future, keep it clean, keep it sane, keep it safe, and make sure no trigger happy mods have a reason to make our lives hell.



I shall be here still. And as this thread fades, a new shall rise forth in its place.

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Hmmm... :T Well, if this is to be one of the last posts of The Rumor Patrol ver 1.0, and my last post here, then I suppose it best that I say this:

I apologize for any problems I have caused by bringing this up so vehemently. I did not mean for things to get so heated or for them to develop as they have, even though I suggested such. I want people to be accepting. To get along and not have to read through so much spam and deconstructive backlog.

I'm very steadfast in this... I don't want to see the purpose of the Rumor Patrol lost. This is PC's thread, his baby, and we're along for the ride. Though just because of this fact doesn't mean we have to be the annoying kids in the back seat crying out and making trouble. Keeping it clean, keeping the spam down... things like that are well... I dunno, I just want things to be done right.

Again, I'm sorry to those waking up to find this as it now is... sweatdrop But, uh... yeah.

I'm told I have to make this fast, so uh... well, to the new home of the Rumor Patrol we go... Good luck and farewell to the past. ^^;;

I'll miss the old RP, but hopefully things will turn out well now. 3nodding

Oh, and, for old times sake... with a sad heart I give this last bump:

<center>User Image</center>

The End. ^^;;
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How is this an issue again? Hell, even I'm bothered by the recent activity. That says something.

And what is this about a new RP? I just got this one broke in.
Edit: I want to at least put up a fight for this old place. I'm really against a new RP.

Good bye, old friend. crying
How is this an issue again? Hell, even I'm bothered by the recent activity. That says something.

And what is this about a new RP? I just got this one broke in.

Last Lilium post -

If you would like to help in teh creation for the rules of teh new Rumor Patrol, PM Xanilus or McKenzie, or invite yourself into the Rumor Patrol AIM chat. (Valgav, this means you XD)

Currently rule generation is between PC, Lilium (tho I'm going to bed), Kenzie, Xanilus and Recca.

Night, for the last time, O rumor Patrol.

heart Lilium heart
I didn't really post here too much, so I hope I didn't help contribute to the chaos. I hope the next RP doesn't get tainted like this. In my short time here, I have learned quite alot about the people of Q&F that help other people. I wish RP 2.0 the best of luck, and I will stop by from time to time.

Please stop by the new Rumor Patrol 2.0

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