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Hello. I'm PlaceCard the founder of the Rumor Patrol.
Here you will find many answers to the rumors you may hear floating around Gaia. Please enjoy the thread and remember: we're professionals. (No, really.)

This is not a place to learn how to use Gaia. To do that please go here:
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Ladies and Gentmen,

I hear we have some torublemakers in our midsts.

Please remember that the rules within this thread are the same as those outside this thread. Anyone caught violating those rules will be reported to a mod and their posts will be edited.

Unfortunately due to the length of this particular thread post deletion is not possible. So anyone found violating any TOS or common curtousy rules will be severely beaten about the head and neck with blunt instruments.

I realize that I've not been about lately, but my real life has been overlapping my Gaia life and if that's a problem for anyone please take it up with the Wah patrol. In any case I do check into this thread at least once a day as time permits and I do enjoy having it and keeping it running and I'd rather not have to:
A) Restart it
B) Lose it entirely.

So once again, if you're going to be a d**k take it to the correct forum and the correct thread. Or just make your own, but don't ******** with mine.

Thank you.

It's funner than a FAQ and more popular than a Sticky!

Update Items:

Added another G-Pin rumor. This one is true for once. ^_^

New Items:

1: Easter Items shall NOT be re-released.
2: Gaia does not replace lost gold or items. This is the original OFFICIAL statement about such a request. Until the admins post/state otherwise please do not assume by complaining about being hacked that you will get items and gold returned to you.
3: Petitions do not get things done more quickly. They only annoy other users. Post all requests in the FST and IST respectively.
3: You do not have to sign anything on the TOS in order to continue to get gold. You have to adhere to its rules to continue to use Gaia safely, but you are under no obligation to sign it or anything else.
4: The G-Pin was a necklace (space) item that was given out during the Second Annual Gaian's Ball. (Official one) and has nothing to do with the upcoming casino. Those who wer not here for the ball did not get a pin and if they want can probably purchase one in the Gaian Exchange.
5: You can reach servers even if you type the name incorrectly. These are not new servers, but it may look like they are.
6: All accounts created before the Gaia Ball (2004) can get a G-Pin while in the Gaia Ball Forum.

Hot topic Items:

1: No Gaia employee will ever ask for your password. Never give it out.
2:The Halo along with all other donation items will NOT repeat, will NOT be released again EVER. Not with new colors, new enevelopes, new names. Nothing. Please don't say they are to get the price down on items you want in the Exchange. Thank you!
3: Using bots is a bannable offense. However, refreshing a lot will NOT mistake you for a botter. Bots click around 10,000 times a day while humans with max windows open only click around 3,000 times a day. (On average). Refreshing a lot will most likely NOT get you banned as a mistaken botter.
4: Here are the links to the three banners on the first page. This isn't a rumor, but it's helpful: Link 1 Link 2 Link 3

General Information:

1: Until the Casino opens the only "game" on Gaia is Roleplaying.
2: "The Transporter" is a dummy account created by the admins to test out a glitchglitches within the Gaia system. His profile is here:
3: Gaia is constantly being updated. Both with new items and new features. If you see something that wasn't there before (a link, a new icon, anything) check the Anouncement thread to see if Lanzer implimented anything new. OTHERWISE AVOID THESE NEW ITEMS. As they are only tests and you can cause errors in your account, other accounts, and Gaia in general.
4: Arwen is not male.
5: Lanzer is not a female. (Though he does look cute in a pink dress.)
6: There is no store discount. Rufus' statement is made as a joke.
7: Rufus is an NPC like Ian and Sasha and the others. Rufus is part of the background image of Ian's store. Rufus cannot be moved and there is no secret item behind him.
8: There are NO weapons. (They are coming.)
9: Mods are NOT overbearing fusspots who enjoy making our lives hell.
10: Not all girls cry.
11: Not all boys don't cry.
12: The NPCs Ruby and Peyo are mother and son. Note: For those confused. Peyo is a MALE child.
13: Concerning the "Angel and Devil Wings for your back" that are supposed to be prizes in the new Casino: The Casino has no release date. It's not on Lanzer's priority list. It has not been mentioned in any update comments or hints by any mods or admins. It is only "Coming". There is no word on how it will work, how many games there will be, or what prizes there may be. Until an admins says otherwise please don't believe these rumors.
14: A new installment of the "Karma System" has been implimented in the Art Arena. For further information please go to Page 450 Note: This system consumes a lot of CPU time and thus is only implimented for art contests once a month. Until the script can be "cleaned" it wont' affect normal Art Arena scores.
15: There is a spoon. Explenation

Forum/Threads/Posts/PMs Related Information:

1: All references to a "Chat Room" on Gaia, either in the FAQ threads or in Anouncements are no longer valid. The Chat was removed. However, an unofficial chat room has been added here: Unofficial Chat
When the chat opens, enter '#go-gaia@irc.mynapster.com' (without the ' marks).
2: Threads set up in posts do not have any way of making your chances of getting a special event any easier, they are fakes.
3:I have found that wearing n00b clothes does in fact raise the chance of one speaking leet. It also seems to have a debilitating effect on one's intelle... spam. -Valgav
4: There is NO Beta Gaia. Until a time when Lanzer posts that beta Gaia has been announced all other announcements are fraudulent attempts to acquire user's passwords. If anyone posts a link to a Beta Gaia then please report it to a mod IMMIEDIATELY. Do not click the link, do not enter your password or username. Vo has posted on this topic: Announcement

Avatar/Profile/Clothing Related Information:

1: There is no automated way of organizing your inventory. There is a way to do it, however: Start a trade with an item you want moved to the end of your inventory list then cancel the trade. The item will then be moved to the back of inventory.
2: You can't wear more than one piece of the same type of clothing. (Hats, coats, shirts, etc)
3: There is no inventory limit. You can have all the crap you want.
4: Having more than one account will not get you banned. Only abusing the TOS with the other account thinking that you won't get caught. But please keep the accounts count down to around two or three.
5: Ling stated that YES you CAN use your Gaian avatar/graphics for use on convention name tags if you desire.
6: Changing your gender in your profile will NOT allow you to cross dress.
7: Inactive accounts do not take up bandwidth on Gaia. They take up server space which has nothing to do with the speed at which Gaia is moving. Nor should they be deleted for the sake of the fact you want the name they have. In the future inactive accounts may be deleted, but right now they stay and are causing no trouble.
8: This character: Jacko the Wacko was made because of the "original" Bannded Shirt description. Not the other way around. The shirt was released Jan 23rd. The account created Jan 24th.

Gold/Rares/Donations Related Information:

1: - As long as you're on-line, you get a random chance of getting an item - When you refer someone, you also get a random chance of getting an item. Though the chance in this case is much higher. -Lanzer
2: You get money for clicking on EVERY BANNER on Gaia every 12 hours. How much is not yet known, but it is ALWAYS under 50G total for the front page banners.
3: Gold never stops. It only slows the longer you stay on Gaia. Log out then return later and it will be normal again.
4: Rare Events (trunks, boxes, links) will NOT vanish if you wait to click on them. They will bounceglow as long as you're on the page. They only vanish if you click on them or a link to go to a new page.
5: To be SAFE when clicking on a box or trunk move your screen to a position where there are little to no links. Only click on the box or trunk when it is out in an open area with an empty backing so there are no missed clicks. Also please right click and open the event in a new window in case of errors.
6: If you miss a rare event and don't go back you WILL get a second chance at the event. If you miss the second chance you will NOT get a third. So don't complain to the mods please. Note: Second chances are recycled first chances. Hence the event reference number is the same. It's not a new chance.
7: If you have an event box next to your avatar (trade/mail) people think they can't get rare events. However, though the eek box WILL show up and be placed OVER your other bubbles until you leave the page/get the event.
8: You do not get more than 10G for posts over 5000 words. (Exact information can be found on page 15 of this thread)
9: Males can only get Male and Both items from Trunks and Boxes. Females can only get Female and Both items.
10: Yes, if you save a trunk or box you MAY get an item that came in an update after you recieved your trunk or box.
11: Items recieved from a trunk or box are selected when you open it. It's not predeteremined
12: If you resize a browser it refreshes. Refreshing loses rares and pink links. So don't resize your window. Just click the link/box as is or you'll lose it and no it won't be replaced.
13: Currently there is an error in the Flower Wristbands that allows both male and female avatars to acquire them from trunks. They are not a male item and thus cannot be worn. Though you can still sell them as usual.
14: Some items recieved from trunks and gift boxes are more rare than others. Getting a pair of bouncy antennae, for instance, is more common than getting an angelic headband.
15: Events (boxes, trunks, links) are Random. RANDOM.
16: There is NO WAY to increase your chances of getting an event.
17: Mods and multiple posters do not get more events than other people.
18: There is no Gold Cap. You can get as much gold as you like.
19: There is no "Get Tons of Gold" cheat.
20: No, you cannot find ANY of the Donation Gifts (Halo, Panda/Grizzly Hat, DJ/Portable Headphones) in Gift Boxes or Enchanted Trunks. Nor any of the EVENT items (Rose Corsage, Black Bowtie, Bunny/Chickie Slippers). If you missed the event, or didn't donate, your only option is to poke around the Exchange Forum.
21: You cannot "spam" referrels to get more gold. No referrel from the same IP (same computer) will get you gold. The referred person must come from a different computer.
22: Opening multiple windows inside Gaia will NOT increase your chances of getting a rare event. Remember: RANDOM.
23: Rare events do not occur more often if there are more people online. You have the same odds if there are 1000 people as when there is only you.
24: Mac users CAN get rare events using Safari.
25: Having more than one box/trunk in your inventory does not change the chances of you getting a Rare event.
26: Refreshing your browser WILL cause you to lose your Rare event (if the eek box is showing).
27: You do not get more rare events if you sleep with a mod.
28: Admins do not give away tons of gold to people who make suggestions on improving Gaia.
29: There is no way to magically gain or lose items. If this is happening to you someone has acquired your password. Change your password immediately if this has been happening to you.
30: Jack-O-Lantern clothing does not give you extra gold for wearing them.
31: There were NO devil horns released February of 2003. The FIRST donation items were the Halo which were released in JUNE of 2003.
32: Items such as special event items (the G pin) and donation letters do NOT come out of trunks or gift boxes.
33: The Blue Giftbox is a hoax. There are none.

Items yet to be Squished:

1: The ability to cross dress in an upcoming update.
2: A pets system (like Neopets) is still unconfirmed.
3: Birthday presents on your birthday is unconfirmed.
4: Inventory "storage" area for big inventories.
5: Inventory limitation.
6: The full "Karma System" is still incomplete.

May Domainee
Kai Baris

Dedicated Bumpers:

Recca HinoHino Recca
SSJ Girl

If you know any other rumors or any truths to the rumors posted above please report them to me either through PM or by posting on this thread and the Rumor Patrol will take care of everything.

If you'd like to advertise the Rumor Patrol please download one of these banners and upload them to a webspace for linkage into your signiature:

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Thank you for your support and remember:
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Stay Vigilant Citizen.
Hurrah, hurrah, for PlaceCard~! Very nice. xd

Are you looking for rumor-squishing assistants? whee Mwah.

A few misconceptions:

12? -- Guilds are NOT owned/run by admins/mods. They are created and maintained by Gaia Users.
13? -- Using a Paint-like program to Edit your Avatar (or if someone else Edits your Avatar) does not mean you can upload this image of your Avatar, and use it on the site; these images are to show off, or place in your signature.
14? -- No, you cannot find ANY of the Donation Gifts (Halo, Panda/Grizzly Hat, DJ/Portable Headphones) in Gift Boxes or Enchanted Trunks. Nor any of the EVENT items (Rose Corsage, Black Bowtie, Bunny/Chickie Slippers). If you missed the event, or didn't donate, your only option is to poke aroun the Exchange.
I don't think some rumor believing newbie is going to happen by this thread and read it.

It's basically impossible to kill the "rumors". The only way would be if the admins emailed out to everyone, cause some people are only gonna believe the admins about some stuff.

That's not even gonna do it cause there will be some people that insist on thinking that something isn't true.
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Well if it's made a STICKY maybe they'll pay a little bit of attention. People are a sucker for rumors. Even killing them. heheheh

people never pay attention to stickies..
why else would you need to make this? ^_^
although the stickies dont contain much information thats on this..

but stickies kind of blend together at the top of the page, kind of hard to find which you want. especially since they arent sorted =\
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True, but that is why you must title your Sticky carefully.

Telling people that if they come here they're learning is not the right way to do it.

Also long threads tend to get ignored cuz no one wants to read all the posts.

So with a thread like this where people PM me rumors they've heard then the thread stays short and people get curious. Yah!

3nodding I wanna be a rumor-squisher. But I'm not good at such things crying I never know there's a rumor til it's squished!

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Run away before the domos eat your heart!

heart Lilium heart
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People actually think Arwen is male? sweatdrop Wow, this is funny. Next I'll hear that I'm male, and all the other administrators are female. wink
*tries to contain laughter* bahahahah.. xd
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Golden Fairy

Can I put "overbearing fusspot who enjoys making your life hell" in my sig? xd
Sometimes it seems like there's a limit to the gold you can earn, but I think it might be partially due to the fact that often my network is slow or freezes over and the monetary addition doesn't show up for a few minutes.
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Moonlight Sailor

What? Arwen isn't male? It's... it's not possible. But... she has a beard... I saw it, I did! *points at Arwen*

i've had the 'gold freeze' problem too...i've found that clearing my cookies and logging in / out (usually) works wink
Can I put "overbearing fusspot who enjoys making your life hell" in my sig? xd

Hahaha xd

I wonder if I should start wearing my beard....
but but.....dragon.... @_@ (what beard!!! bahah ^_^)

in honour of this unexpected questioning of Arwen's gender.. let me be the first to say


*runs away and hides in shadow ninja *

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