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wow. i never knew chiharu, but from what i have read, she was a kind person that was dearly loved...on gaia, you spend so much time rping and laughing, that when the laughter is silenced, you really dont know what to do...you really get to know people in this community...she may have not been someone that i was familiar with, but i am still saddened by this tragedy...this is a huge loss for the gaia family... my condolences go out to her family, friends, loved ones and everyone who got to know her...i hope shes playing in the sky with my little brother...
This is very sad..I never got to talk to her very often. We never really ever were in the same guild, but we spoke a little, she always seemed sweet. I'm gonna miss not being able to talk to her, and hope she rests in peace. Best of Luck to her family and friends and my condolences.(sp?), and pray for a speedy recovery for Jonnie.
RIP, Amanda...

I am wearing black for you.
Rest in Peace, Chiharu. And best wishes to Jonnie. My condolences to her family and friends and from the way she's talked about here, I wish I'd gotten the chance to speak to her.
I never came across Chiharu during my short time here on Gaia, but I find it truly saddening to hear this news. I have been away for a while, and I kept seeing pictures in people's signatures about her, but I didn't know what it was all about. Rest in Peace.

P.S. "Tears in Heaven" always makes me cry.

P.P.S. Goddamn you, FritoLAY.
I was never, ever going to post on here again. I'd even forgotten the last password I had put up to give somebody access to they could give all my stuff away. But I've been following this topic ever since I found out what happened to her, and ... permit me to rant a little bit before I leave again, m'kay?

Heinrich Felini
Why does every one care so much? Just another person died...

Most people who have posted in this thread didn't know her at all, or maybe they'd just seen her around Gaia.

But she's been around for a long time. Her join number was 9134, and Shiraishi's was 8462, so those of us who were here when Gaia first started out have been acquainted with them since almos the very beginning. They had the enviable status of being Gaia's first openly lesbian couple. Everybody knew about Shiraishi and Chiharu - EVERYBODY.

Then when ED split off from GD, they were there. They were in #ED and in the topics frequented by ED regulars. Go into the "Ex. D. Patrons: Introduce Yourself Here" thread (I can't believe that's still going...) and somewhere in the first hundred pages you'll find a picture of Shiraishi and Chiharu. They were instrumental in the coven of teh herbil wicthes, followers of Jenna and Pele teh vulcano adn socer godesss. Chiharu was here before most of the current moderators even joined.

She may have just been "just another person" for a lot of people, but she wasn't for me, and I didn't even know her as well as Truewind or Noraboo or JoVo (or many others) did, let alone Shiraishi.

She wasn't "just another person" for a significant percentage of this board.

Heinrich Felini
Did you know more people die in car crashes, being maimed terribly, then they do from isolated gun incidents?

You people with your gusy wet and soft emotions make me sick.

I realize that you're trying to be "realistic" and "objective" about this, but here's a hint, kid: actual maturity also involves empathy. Ridiculing people who are upset, saddened by, or grieving due to something like this - even those who didn't know the person - doesn't make you look tough, or hardened, or realistic, or any of the other potentially "good" adjectives people use to describe a hard case.

It simply makes you look like a child who wants to prop his ego up at the expense of other's bereavement.

So next time you think how badass it would look to quote statistics at someone who lost somebody, think a second thought about zipping the lip first.

Heinrich Felini
And, how do you people know this isnt an attention whoring scheeme? I want a freaking news link!

You're new here, so I'm not going to beat your a** in for implying that Shiraishi is a liar. Especially about this.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled thread.

Well said, Kes. You haven't lost your touch.
Locked and ready to be moved to memorable threads.

Goodbye, Amanda.

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