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[.Always surprised by the insane being's gentle-like manner, the fox holds back a chuckle. However, she nods in agreement as he begins to speak. For, it was true, now that he mentioned it, and she had in fact been wondering what had become of him with Kitsune.

As he proceeded to land before her, the white vixen shifted in an airy cloud of mist to her youko form. He was still taller than she, but it was a big difference from looking up at him from the ground, which was not a pleasant experience. Returning the bow with her head, her light smile remained as she spoke in turn, matching his seemingly calm demeanor.]

"Seems to have been. I wasn't expecting to see you around any time soon though.. What brings you here?"

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He looks her up and down from behind the lenses of his glasses when she shifts into her youko form, an unreadable expression on his face. For a moment, however, it looks like there's a hint of what one would call lust in his eyes. But it only lasted for a moment. His expression flattens slightly and he waves a gloved hand in the air in a nonchalant manner. "Oh, I was just passing through."

He would have mentioned his little pow-wow with the celestial at the beach, but that should go without saying since the thick plumes of smoke rising in the distance are enough of a hint. He folds his arms across his chest and stares directly into the four-tail's eyes. "Your gaze seems so much softer now without the curse affecting you. I shall sorely miss that wild look you once had."

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[.The spirit youko watches the mage with curiosity for a moment, trying to read his thoughts, but concealing emotions seemed to be relatively easy for him. This was disappointing for her, but perhaps she could squeeze some genuinity from him someday. Though, it was not that day. When he waves off her question of why he was even there, she can't help but laugh in a light manner. She had no doubt that he was lying, but the reason why he was here really didn't matter.

Her small smile broadened into a sly smirk, and Tenshi moved forward, turning to walk among the grass, skirting the edge of the Shrine, and motioned for the mage to follow as she walked.]

"Heh...you need not worry. There's no doubt that look will return in time. Perhaps even sooner than..."

[.Her smirk faded almost instantly for a moment, cutting herself off before she actually started giving the insane man useful information. Quickly recovering, she cleared her throat, and her small smile was replaced once again.]

"...You're...not around with Kitsune anymore? Free at last, I'd assume...by the smoke trail you've so descreetly left..."
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Valeth's eyes never left Tenshi's form. He knows better than to turn his back on the vixen for even a second, for that is more than enough time for her to work her magic. As the expression among the magi goes: "Give a fox an inch and they'll run a mile." His body follows her as she skirts by, seeming as if she's going on an aimless stroll. He would have gladly left it there and departed, but when she motioned for him to follow, he couldn't help but feel intrigued to do so. Perhaps she has seen fit to try and lead him into some sort of trap? It's possible considering the craftyness of the kitsune kind. If that is the case, the mage will find it most amusing all the same. Tenshi's sudden silence caused the mage to grin. She was about to say something interesting, even he could see that. Alas, she caught herself before she spoke too much. Valeth decides to leave it be. Pressing kitsune into doing or saying anything against their will hardly ever ended well. With a shrug of his shoulders, the mage brushes it off and responds flatly. "It just won't be the same, however. I can tell silver from gold and a feigned wild look is like bronze to my eyes. Nice, but ultimately worthless."

He would never admit to Tenshi that he felt a miniscule tingle of fear when he gazed into those steely orbs of hers in the past. Where people would be disturbed by it, he was quite the opposite. He craved to see such a look from her time and time again and he even went through all sorts of trouble to get her angry, including tricking that deceased dragon into attacking her with its illusionary spell.

The mage follows Tenshi as she strolls away, a few thoughts mingling in his mind. The void didn't even come to mind until Tenshi had spoken her name. Naturally, his smile faded somewhat and he coughed. After so long of dealing with her, he is indeed free. Free to do as he pleases.
"Yes, I gave her what she wanted and so she gave me what I wanted in return. It was a fair trade."

"As for that smoke trail, as you called it..." His faint grin curls into a full sadistic smirk. "The celestial back there brought it upon herself. She and her little pet wingcats. They tried to intimidate me and you know how much I hate that. I trust I don't have to state what came next... Needless to say, it served as a good wake-up call for that forest of hers. Heehahaha! "
Sayuriko nodded at the previous golden fox, curiously watching as the transformed Liandria snake slithered, then secured herself upon a silvery foreleg. As she began deeper into the forest, she wistfully asked the striped snake an important question--or important on her matters--of her magick.

"Did not my Cure spell have effect on your wound?"
Or was I too tired and mana-drained to effectively cast the magick at all?

Flattening her silvery auricles as she wondered the aspect of her magick, she found herself navigating blindly before the 'spirit snake' interupted her thoughts with news of malicious beings; apparently invading the shrine?

Ahh! Dammit, I must of been so worried about my mana, that I completely missed that ominous aura ...

Surely enough, an unknown aura brim-full of malice was knocking repeatively on the door to her brain. She cursed thrice times, then without responding to Liandria's unoptional request with even an 'OK' or 'Alrighty' she surged full-speed forwards, direction obviously the shrine.

"Are you okay at this speed? Need me to slow down?"

She said in slightly loud tones incase the rushing winds threatened to capture her words and push them away. If it would get them back faster, she could briefly stop to the cure Liandria so she may run upon her own pace--although the forest energies gifted her with bursts of speed normally not within her ability ... Perhaps then, it was better the way it was until they reached the shrine's outskirts.
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[.Tenshi chuckles lightly, almost happy to hear what had pleased the Mage before in her state of rage. She would keep this in mind next time she really wanted to piss him off. If it came to that, her enraged gaze would merely bring him pleasure it seemed. She shrugged lightly, looking ahead of her with the same small smirk staining her lips.]

"Well then let's hope you have your glasses on next time you get a look at that. The look of rage in my eyes could have been nothing but fake, as it was controlled by the curse. If the purity of hatred and anger is what pleases you, you have yet to see that look again."

[.Wishing to change the subject, she stares at the ground as they walk, keeping the Mage in the corner of her eye. It would be an understatement to say that she was suspicious, for, after her experiences with Valeth, she could expect nothing less than for him to attack her for no apparent reason. Though, she couldn't help but find her own pleasure in the fact that he seemed to be taking precautions of his own, lest she decide to act first. It was almost a compliment to her that one so powerful and cocky as he, would be wary of her seemingly innocent movements.

As he mentioned the Celestial, her gaze moves now to the man beside her, listening more carefully than before. His talk seemed to interest her a bit, and she couldn't help but grin at his sadistic laugh.]

"Well, as much as I despise the Celestial kind, and moreso Dragon-kind, as you know, I do hope you didn't harm the kyubi too much. If it is the one called 'Nyami', then she is a good friend of the Void, and it is not wise to anger Kitsune. You of all people, should know that... "

[.The kiko almost felt bad for not feeling much remorse for the nine-tail and her dragons... She knew that Kitsune was friends with Nyami, and even her small winged friend, and yet she personally had no feelings for either of the two.]
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[Liandria nodded her head to the question. The truth had been that the spell had helped her, however, with Lia's energy gone from generating another tail and Kiyumi's drained mana, the effects had taken their time in occuring. She simply sent Kiyumi a "Yes" before concentrating on the omnipitant aura that had come over the shrine. HEr tongue flicked out and she could taste the scent of death the man had left behind. With such an obvious entrance the fact that neither of the two kitsune hadn't noticed was rather unsettling.]

// As fan as you can. I was simply conserving my energy to concentrate on the aura.... \\

[Now switching the link over to her fellow spirit kitsune, she saw them drawing up on the outskirts of the shrine. She sent a quick message to the kiko. It was clear she was slightly worried, her protective nature showing through yet again.]

// Kiko, I'm sure you can handle him once again... however... In case he tries anything lousy, we have your back. I won't step in unless you ask. \\
"I have no idea." Ieyasu's voice sounded for the most part indifferent. His next line, however, was laced with a hint of sarcasm.
"Why don't you go look for others? You seem to be making yourself at home here anyway."

The thunder fox glanced away from the newcomer at that point, glancing in the direction of the main room, and the main exit. He felt uneasy; there was a general feeling of wrongness in the air.
....Nah.. He was being stupid. All that time in Kitsune's forest had gotten to his head.

He turned away from the guitar holding youko wordlessly, heading back towards the entrance room of the shrine. Passing by the statues, he flicked his tail idly from side to side, his hands shoved into his pockets.
The young thunder fox then stepped out onto the outside steps, gazing around himself with a degree of curiousity. Kitsune was gone now, he noted. The funny feeling was still around him.

Shaking it off, he glanced over at a large tree brushing against one of the shrine walls. Hmm..
Walking over to it, he scaled the tree without much difficulty. It wasn't a hard tree to climb, and balancing was so much easier when you had a tail to help. Using the branches to cross the gap, Ieyasu reached the roof of the shrine.

Because it was easier, the kitsune shifted shape into his small fox form. Loping along the edge of the roof, he settled near to a corner, the warm sun pleasant on his snowy fur. Idly, he stared out over the land. He had a far better view up here, anyway. The plume of smoke rising in the distance caught his attention for a few moments.

Humans no doubt, he thought disdainfully to himself.
"I can not be so easily fooled, my pretty. I desire to see that look you bore when the dragon coiled about my old tower placed that spell on you. Your eyes... They were a window into your very soul and what I saw there was absolutely beautiful!" His eyes widen as his expression lightens considerably. It is obvious that the mage is speaking the truth and adored that look of madness and utter confusion that lived within Tenshi's eyes for that short time.

Though Valeth is known for his warped personality and equally warped practices, he really has no desire to harm Tenshi...at the moment. He is merely enjoying the company. He stares at the kiko as she speaks again, a wirey smile on his face.
"Oh, of course I didn't hurt Nyami. I didn't lay a finger on her. It was her forest that found itself at the receiving end of my attack. It was quite amusing, to say the least. I also got a sample of her skills, but I won't go into that."

"Hmph, I am very well aware of that kyuubi's relationship with my past apprentice. That was why I went to her in the first place. To warn the celestial of Kitsune's forseen demise..."

The mage quickly cuts himself off by placing a gloved hand to his lips. After mock-scolding himself with tsking, he speaks again with added sarcasm. "Oops, I've said too much. Well, I suppose you would have found out sooner or later, you foxes being so clever and all."
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Lezard Valeth

The mage quickly cuts himself off by placing a gloved hand to his lips. After mock-scolding himself with tsking, he speaks again with added sarcasm. "Oops, I've said too much. Well, I suppose you would have found out sooner or later, you foxes being so clever and all."

(( xd How very Scar of him...))
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(( Strategically dropping information... x3 ))
[.Without a doubt, hearing the Mage speak of her soul as such was the strangest sensation the vixen had had in quite some time. His voice seemed so sincere, and yet what he was saying was complete madness. He was in love with chaos; unbridled and potentially destructive energy. However, it almost frightened her to hear him knowingly speak of that look as the inner pieces of her soul, for, that's most likely what it was. That a somewhat unfamiliar man could see into her soul and know what it was, was quite unnerving to the fox.

Upon collecting Liandria's message, she can't help but smile outwardly as it is recieved. Realizing this expression of emotion could possibly be misunderstood by the Mage, her smile fades instantly, and she answers the golden kiko in a privatly protected link--just in case.]

'Thank you kindly, kiko. Though, strangly enough, I don't think he has anything planned for me at the moment. I shall keep you in mind, but as for now, it is just talk. He...wouldn't try anything on the Shrine with me standing beside him. ..I don't think. Thank you though.'

[.When he speaks again of Kitsune's predicted fate, the youko stops walking, and turns towards Valeth, with a blank facade. If one was watching close enough, they might have seen her eyes flash for a fragment of a second, but she easily regained her composure, showing no emotion. However, her eyes bearing into his could silently state her concern in the matter with ease.]

"...Oh?...I...hadn't heard this news yet.
....Care to ellaborate, my pet? No going back now, I suppose..."

[.She tilted her head slightly to one side, watching him intently in an attempt to read the Mage. This look of innocence had worked many a time with many a fool. But Valeth was no fool. However, there was no harm she saw in strengthening her argument to get him to tell her more. And if that included putting on an innocent face, whether he contained compassion for anything or not, but a man was a man. Perhaps she would squeeze something out of him. After all, he seemed to have no problems betraying others with information as it was.]
Valeth catches the smile Tenshi wore in response to Liandria's message, but he had not known the reason behind. Being the egotistical mage he is, he labels it as a response to something he had said to her and grins all the more. When she stops and stares at him with her facade of blankness, the mage stares straight back at her with an amusing smirk. He noted that lovely little flash in her eyes and almost laughed in response to it. When she regains her composure, he tilts his head a degree to the left and adjusts his glasses, piping up in an annoying sing-song voice. "Ooooh, I know something you don't know!"

He chuckles and walks away from her, turning his back on her for the first time since their meeting began. He takes a few steps to lengthen the distance between the two and abruptly twists around on his heels, staring back at her seemingly innocent expression. Her facade may work to drag information out of a lesser man, but it holds no sway on him. The only things that ever peak the mage's interest is power, chaos, and a chance to cause pain and suffering. He raises a gloved hand and calls forth a tiny burning wisp, bouncing it idly in his palm like a ping-pong ball. "Elaborate? Oh, but my dear, I just complimented you and your kind on your intelligence. Surely you don't need me to tell you what will become of your precious nine-tailed friend. What fun would you find in that game?"

"Besides, how can the prophecy come true if I let too many people in on it? The last thing I want is for some lucky soul to interfere with her destiny....speaking of which, I should take my leave. I have a date with my own destiny."
His aura sparks up around him instantly, sending a strong gust of wind sweeping outwards across the area.
[.The vixen rolls her eyes at his childish chanting, and sighs with defeat. Was her look of innocence getting rusty? 'Oh right...it's Valeth...' One truly could not win with this mage. The only way she knew to please him was to allow herself to become furious with him, but that would not get her anywhere, since he would just do more to make her angry, and never allow her to get what she wanted. She growled lightly, but took a cautious step towards him as he moved away. His back presented an obvious target, and as soon as it was presented, although she did not have any original intent to harm him, the sight of his eyes away from her was terribly tempting, giving her the advantage. Resisting this urge to harm the taunting Mage, she replies with a small edge to her voice, feeding him her potential anger.]

"I could just as easily ask someone else, you know... I'm sure there are others that know. So, I suppose there is no need for you to elaborate, if it displeases you so."

[.Her bitter tone is followed by a low growl as he prepares to leave. This was not the time she wished him to depart. Strange, how he seemed to have the ironic effect of making her wish he was gone, but not wanting him to leave at the same time. And all at once, she hated it. Her long brunette tresses flicked across her face, but she did not care at this point. She strides closer to him, closing the distance between them with a few quick steps. Her eyes darkening into sharp slits, the youko speaks quickly, now unable to hide her annoyance for the man.]

"Where are you going?"
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[Liandria, who remained watching from the sidelines, had thought Tenshi would have known about the news with the Void. She shook her head and let out a sigh. The mage knew very well how to tug on Tenshi's chain. Though, she was surprised Tenshi had not attacked when the mage presented such an obvious target. Perhaps it was honor, or perhaps the kiko was simply after information. Whatever the reason, Liandria remained at the sidelines as Tenshi would want. The spirit fox was slowly fuming, she had never come in contact with the mage directly, however, she knew already that his personality would drive her up a wall. With Tenshi now showing her anger, Lia shook her head again, her forked tongue whipping in and out of her snake mouth.]

// Never good... Calm down Kiko... Do not let him get to you. \\

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