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[Liandria, paused hearing the message from the void directed towards her. The tails behind her flicked thrice as the Spirit fox took it in. She smiled inwardly, truely, the elder would be well missed. Before regaining her slow trek back into the forest, she thought to herself.]

// An ally that can always be called upon in times of need... \\

[Hearing no response from her companion she sighed, continueing forwards. The wound across her shoulder truely was just a regular wound, thankfully. But, Liandria would need to feed on something if she wished to heal herself. Surely Akina would have done a much nicer job, but the spirit fox had learned over the years of solitude what one must do to take care of oneself. Closing her eyes she continued to walk, however, the leaves around her curled and turned a familiar brown. The moss her paws stepped across dried up instantly and the dirt flaked away. Leaving a trail of dead foliage behind her. But she sensed an increase in energy near her. She needn't look back to know who was scampering up the path towards her.]

// Never any solitude Liandria... Should be used to it by now. \\

[Yet, the ramblings of treasure sparked Lia's interest. Not too long before, Tenshi and she had been playing illusionary games, and the other had mentioned something about treasure. With a toss of her middle tail the yellow fox slipped into an illusion. Quickly she became a small black garden snack, a solitary yellow line running down her back. The serpent slithered up Kiyumi's paw and circled around her neck. Nearly letting out a chortle, the spirit replied audiably with a slight undertone of mischief in her voice.]

"I haven't recovered enough to make the entire way. If you would not mind lending me some much needed help I believe I can manage... Especially when treasure is involved."
(( kyuu.. I sowwy Nyami. sweatdrop Tis her nature, and her past...and, as you know... Whether it is chained or free, the wolf will always be the wolf... ))

[.The pale vixen glared up at the creature still speaking, though she was obviously confused about what Kith was saying. She understood nothing, but the confusing statement merely made her more aggrivated, and she was tempted to follow the dragonette, tracing his path with her mind as she grabbed out for his thread. She was not strong enough to trace his jump, nor was she strong enough to follow his jump, now that she only sported half of her spiritual energy after the transfer with Liandria, so there was little she could do. However, she did understand one word he said: the name of his mistress. Tenshi herself didn't care much for the nine-tail, for she usually avoided contact with Celestial kitsune. Though, she did know that Kitsune cared for her.]


[.She called after the winged reptile, in hopes of him returning to explain himself, but it may be too late by this time. Sitting down, the young kiko stares up at the spot where the dragonette had been, huffily deciding she may as well wait a few moments before returning to her other businesses.]
Having had his fill of water, Aki pulled his soaked head and torso out of the fountain and shook rather like a canine would do to rid himself of the excess water. With each twist of his body a set of silver-tipped indigo fox ears and a single tail revealed themselves a little more till they were fully visible. Not really caring if anyone else was around - not that he had seen a soul there anyhow - the indigo fox reached into his pocket and pulled out a guitar. Finding a nice sunlit spot, he sat on the ampitheater's steps and began playing a gentle tune to entertain himself.
Moving at an inhuman speed, a middle-aged man clad in an elder researcher's outfit and a tattered heavy purple cape breaks through a bank of clouds as he flies through the air. The magical aura around him is fairly strong, as is the smell of death coming from the direction he just came from. Thick plumes of black smoke rise over the treeline of the forest Liandria and Sayuriko just entered, indicating that something dreadful had not long occurred. There isn't a shadow of a doubt that he was responsible for it.

Though the man is at a fairly high altitude, his presence can be felt by all below and identifiable to those that have met him once before. It is none other than that warped minded mage, Lezard Valeth, returned from his latest act of villiany.

He plows through another bank of clouds as he soars directly over the shrine grounds. The mage considers stopping by to pay the inhabitants a visit, too, but he previously made it a point to piss off one kitsune a day and he has already met that quota with Nyami. However, as he scans the landscape below him, something catches his discolored eyes. A familiar form of a four-tailed vixen. Tenshi.

His body stops on a dime, still suspended in the air. Now in clear view, Tenshi should have no trouble detecting him if she hadn't already. Valeth grins as he stares down at the spirit fox sitting out in the open.
"Well, this is a surprise."
Ieyasu looked up as he heard somebody move about up near the fountains. He had retreated into the amphitheatre after Kitsune had let him go, hoping to find a little solitude. It looked like that wasn't going to happen.
The thunder fox jumped down from the stone step into the centre circle, in the middle of which burned the everlasting fire. Stretching his limbs briefly, the heat from the fire warming his fur, Ieyasu stared up towards the fountains with an annoyed expression. He couldn't pick up any familiar scents on the air.

The thunder kitsune turned on his tail, heading up the stone steps on the opposite side of the theatre to the fountains. His ears pricked as he head footsteps again, followed a few moments later by guitar music.
Now, he could see the creator of the noise. A kitsune he didn't recognise - one he had never seen before. Had this fox arrived while he was in Kitsune's forest?
Quietly, he padded around towards Aki, his form tensed and alert. Flicking his ears back, he shifted into his youko form, his long white hair spilling down his back. Clad in only a pair of dark trousers, the youth stared at the guitar player with narrowed eyes.

"Who the hell are you? I don't remember seeing you here before."
Aki was rather enjoying himself for the time being in this quiet place. It had been a long time since he could rest long enough to play anything without being on the run from some strange creature or another. Though his blissful moment soon ended.
Well, there goes my luck, I should prolly head on...
The strange new fox laid his instrument by his side and held his hands palm open towards the thunder fox.
"Whoa now, I didn't mean any harm. I just came for a little water and some rest, but I guess this is myobu teritory or somethin' like that, so I'll jus' take my leave now."
Aki tipped his hat towards Ieyasu, picked up his guitar, and proceeded to head out.
Myobu!? Ieyasu fumed. How dare he??

"...Myobu? Who do you think you're calling a myobu? Do I look like a goody-two-shoes human lover to you??"
Aki's ears flattened against his skull under his hat. This guy was about the same age as him, but had a temeper that rivaled that of a rabid doberman pinscher.
"I've seen a lotta myobu in my time, anymore they look to me like regular kitsune," Aki shook his head.
"Been run outta all kinds 'a places by both and some other creatures, though the myobu gave me a 'present' to keep," with this Aki removed his hat.
Standing his indigo silver-tiped ears straight up, it was clear he'd been in quite a few scuffles. Several chunks were missing from the side of his left ear. Aki replaced his hat then nodded to the silver blue-tipped furred fox.
"Feh..." Ieyasu gave a faint snort, eyeing the other kitsune over.

"Looks like you should have run faster" He gave a faint smirk, showing a glimpse of pointed fangs. Ieyasu had had his own run ins with the myobu in the past - not that he hadn't deserved them.

However, the difference was that he had 'chosen' his parting gift rather than been an unwilling recipient.
"Not much of a place to run to when yer caught inside one of their shrines..." Aki stood relaxed, eyes keeping a steady gaze at the other one tailer as he eyed him.
"Though the treasure was worth it," he returned back a fang tipped grin.
((gtg, rl calls, I'll pick this up later.))
"Key point there is that you got caught."
Ieyasu's smirk fades to be replaced with an altogether more indifferent expression.
"Although really, I couldn't care less about your fights with the 'guardians'"

He turned his eyes to the guitar, idly gazing at it. Another musical one?
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[Liandria, tightened her grip around the forest kitsune neck. However, it was not out of malice. Instead, she had sensed a series of disturbing presences and was a bit concerned. After the void had left, the dragonette Kith had gone fairly close to Tenshi, and now, another power neared her fellow Kiko. She flicked her tongue out of her serpent mouth and eyed Kiyumi. Speaking very softly in her snake-like speech.]

"Wait for a moment... I need to tell if this.. aura is hostile... Can you feel it? "

[She lifted her head to the air and sniffed. It was then that she noticed the thick plumes of clouds rising over the treeline. Her eyes widened and she looked back the way from which they came. Her yellow orbs narrowed as she concentrated. Now, she was far too concerned to go treasure hunting. A dark feeling was pulling at her.]

// Kiyumi.. We must return to the shrine quickly... I feel something very dark about to happen.... \\
"Heh," Aki had no intention of spilling his life story out infront of his new aquantance, and cared little what others thought about him fighting the celestial beasts. He only wished he hadn't trusted that snitching scum of a flirt vixen. She'd cursed him to always have someone chasing at his heels, never a moment's peace.
"And I really don't care to tell them," The indigo furred fox shifted the weight of his guitar over to his other shoulder.
"Is there anyone else 'at home' around here now, or are they all out on some mission?" his tail flicked back and forth behind him in slight annoyance.
Ieyasu hadn't driven him out yet at least, but he wasn't the most pleasant person to talk to.
[.As the pale vixen sat glaring at the spot the dragonette had disappeared, her ears twitched, and the familiar paranoia came back to the fox. A shadowy presence was no doubt in the Shrine area, and for some unknown reason, his aura was much stronger than the other kitsune she was familiar with. However, it only took her moments to identify the creature as the Mage who had nearly killed her, and then nearly saved her. She stood quickly, only to see him approaching at a very high speed. Hoping he had not seen what she had been doing just previous, the kiko was actually quite surprised when he stopped to hover above her. A smirk crossed gradually across her face as he spoke, and she nodded to him, seeming to be almost pleasant, despite the recent darkness inside of her that had been building for months.]

"Quite. And yet I don't know whether to say it is good to see you again, or not. But you understand. Do come down from there, eh? It's been a while, Valeth..."

[.Normally, she would have shifted to her youko form out of politeness to be at the same level as the male, but with previous experiences in mind, she hardly expected the mage to be familiar with politeness. If he came down, her youko form would be taken out of her own will, rather than his. Besides, it probably didn't matter how he saw her. He would consider her a small furry beast despite her chosen form.]

(( *cackles* omg, that laugh is awesome. blaugh xd ))
Thankfully, the mage hadn't been paying much mind to the goings-on beneath him, so Tenshi's previous run-in with the fretting dragonette went unnoticed. He looks down at her as she speaks up at him and chuckles at the usual polite calmness held in her voice. It took but a split second for him to recall how she acted with him in the past, however. Actions speak louder than words. She growled at him, gave him vicious glares, plucked his tail feathers... she even threatened to eat him! He could do nothing about it, either. Forced to live in the shell of a powerless raven at the mercy of everything and everyone. It was most unpleasant, as he often described it. Despite the less than favorable memories, his smile towards her remains. He will go down and meet with her for a bit. There's always time to chew the fat with an "old acquaintance".

Learning from past experiences with Tenshi, he takes a moment to erect a nice little barrier around his soul to keep the kiko from attempting to drain his essence. Strong enough to keep her at bay and give her a good shock, but weak enough not to project too much of an aura. He sweeps a gloved hand behind him to move his cape to the side, slowly descending toward the waiting spirit kitsune below. His tone is calm and pleasant, as always, but the underlying madness is ever present in his discolored eyes.
"I believe seeing me is a good thing, my pretty. It's when you don't see me that you should start to worry."

The worn soles of his leather boots land lightly in the grass a few feet in front of Tenshi, barely making a sound, and his clothing promptly settles into place. The first thing he does is cast off the spell he had used for flight with a wave of a gloved hand, the second thing he does is straighten his metal-framed eyewear and lastly, he brings his upper half down in a polite bow to the four-tail standing before him. Always playing the part of a gentleman, though he is less than one when you consider his motives, actions and thoughts. "Greetings. It has been a while, hasn't it?"

((I know! It makes you want to laugh with him. That crazy b*****d mage. XD))

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