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Kitsune pauses to consider if she even has the time to speak with Shifter. Her spies were relaying constant updates about the enemy to her and each new message was bleaker than the first. The army is in the final stages of preparation. She shifts her weight slightly and turns back to politely turn down Shifter's request when a sudden razor sharp pain slices through her lower spine.

Her body goes rigid as she cries out in what can easily be identified as agony. A split second later, her entire form is engulfed in a swirl of spiritual fire that scorches the earth beneath her. The winged demon's body blackens as the fur, flesh and feathers burn away, reducing its size in a matter of seconds. When the flames dissipate a few short moments later, they leave behind the youko form of the nine-tail, unscorched, but extremely sore. Kitsune stumbles forward and falls to her hands and knees, relieved to finally be free of that demonic presence. She's also relieved that she isn't retaining heat like an oven anymore.

The youko is dressed in her usual priestess attire and the sturdy fabric is stained with blood that isn't her own. However, the stains are largely unnoticed when compared to the rest of her appearance. Instead of her hair being dark colored, it is silvery gray with white tips. Her skin, a once healthy tanned color, is now extremely pale and her fox ears are missing sizeable pieces, making it appear as if a blind man took a pair of scissors to them. Her left eye is white and pupiless, but a newer scar - a black patch of flesh - now encircles it, giving the discolored ocular a more prominent appearance. Her body is covered in scars and wounds of all types and sizes, but thankfully her long clothes covers the majority of them. Shifter has seen her this way in the past, though she has more scarring now and the obvious change in hair color. All in all, she looks unhealthy, but one should expect it considering what she puts herself through everyday.

She stares at her hands as she takes a moment to reflect on her current condition. '<i>I can possibly delay another 30 minutes, but anymore would destroy my chance to halt their attack before it starts. In the meantime, I'll feed on what is available here.</i>' She taps into the nearest body of shade and begins to drain it away as she speaks to the wind kitsune in an eerily calm voice. "A secretive matter, is it? I have a sneaking suspicion that I know what it is already...but I will hear it out."
Shifter sighs and shakes her head in mild irritation as she realizes that they no longer even have the time to speak in a private area. With 30 minutes left she would only have just enough time to prep the accursed device and sent them their present letting the multiverse know just how kitsunekind feels about butchers. Now she can only hope that no one will leak what she has no say next since the potential harm would catastrophic.

The wind kitsune looks at Kitsune with seriousness tinged with a hint of sadness as she asks her next question. "Kitsune-san, are you familiar with atomic weaponry?"
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She pulls herself up and sways on her feet slightly, her gaze fixed on Shifter. "I have studied bits and pieces..."

Speaking in private would be safer now that she thinks of it. Walking up to the kuko, she motions for her to start moving. "This best be spoken in private, as you first suggested. I trust you know of a place, ne?"
"Indeed I do. Hopefully my pocket space ((read as: PMs n.n)) will buy us enough time to talk and still bring the plan to order if you wish to implement it..." Shifter calmly reaches out with her open hand palm up and silently offers Kitsune to grasp ahold. With a kyuubi of the void's power and paranoia Shifter does not wish to chance her minunderstanding a sudden dimensional shift and reacting instinctively. Even in Kitsune's weakened state such a result could turn.. unpleasant for her.
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((eek! I'll have to do a little catching up now sweatdrop ))
Akina's eyes shut in the brightness of the aura surrounding her. The tingling sensation of the new flood of incomming energy felt fantastic, and her mouth opened a little as if she were drinking it up. All in all the whole process didn't take very long.
"Arigatou gozaimasu," Akina bowed in gratitude.
She stood up and waved the new apendage testing it out. It felt a little odd having a new tail, and her balance needed slight adjusting, but all in all it was a good feeling. Her time of celebration died soon after though as Shifter arrived with a grim look upon her face. Sensing that the conversation would be best if her presence were not lingering, the forest vixen nodded her greeting to the wind vixen and quietly took her leave.
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She looks at Shifter's hand for a moment. With her lack of energy, her overall paranoia has strenghtened in an attempt to compensate, so she actually second-guesses herself. '<i>What if...</i>'

The absurd thought ends with those two words. She reassures herself that the kitsune is not one of her enemies and boldly reaches out, taking the vixen's hand. "Lead the way."
Grasping Kitsune’s hand, Shifter smiles reassuringly at the powerful vixen a moment before they disappear into the depths of a sudden fog. She likewise trusts the kyuubi to control her instincts now that she had a moment to become fully aware of the situation.
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Tipsy Canine

Kitsune did not make a move against Shifter or the sudden fog that swept in. Instead, she kept herself focused on the matter about to be discussed.
Neither kitsune is left as the fog dissipates into the surrounding air.

((And here I thought I would never have a reason to make use of that nasty thing even after meeting Anubis. *shakes head*))
I must bump this place so it gets more visiters!
As he enters the shrine, the cool air within welcomes him. Aki looked around, taking in the grand decor and scents of the new place.
"Sure's a lotta kitsune living here, so many scents left behind. Now, where's water?"
The young man sniffed the air, trusting his nose to lead him. After getting turned around a few times, he eventually made his way to the ampitheater's fountain.
"Jackpot!" the blue haired male yelled.
Waisting little time, Aki removed his hat and thrust his head into the fountain. he stayed there for a good many minuets, totally oblivious to anything and everything going on around him.
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~Kith, the dragonet companion of Nyami, burst into the air above the shrine and circled the building. he didn't care if these kitsune tried to harm him, his home and his mistress were in danger. he keened loudly and mournfully for the souls lost and screamed enough to wake the dead. he tried to locate any one Nyami might know but couldn't see without going lower. he had to keep a high altitude in case they became hostile. his cacophony would not stop. he had to find help~
(( *sigh*. why do I miss everything important? stressed sorry again. ))

[.The small spirit fox nods with a grin towards Shifter, glad to help him on his quest for a stone for the kyubi. After what Kitsune did for her, she would always and forever be willing to aid in something to please the Void. However, the wind fox quickly rushes off, and after she had sensed the tiny dragon thread with an annoyed flick of her ebon tipped ears, this aura from a dark figure made her all the more suspicious. Although the dragonette had been far away, there were a few things in her nature that Valeth had not extracted from her physical body, one of which happened to be her constant awareness and knowledge of the dragonic species she had learned about over the years. Though, Kith quickly disperses once again, leaving the dark, somewhat familiar figure behind.

Waiting a few moments, the white vixen begins to trot leisurely towards the forest in the direction Shifter went. She had assumed that the wind fox could easily take care of this unknown creature by himself, and sensing the other two Nogitsune nearby the area he had stopped, it was obvious they had it under control. Perhaps she would just show up for the 'afterparty' of the massacre that would occur. Silently, she slips through the woods, her head hung, and that same dark feeling looming inside of her that she had been unable to identify since the day she'd woken up with it months ago.

However, just after Shifter and the dark presence thread disappears completely from the plane, and Tenshi looks up from the ground in surprise. The screaming from the winged reptile above the Shrine sends her swaggering from side to side, unable to cover her ears with her frosted paws. An angered snarl erupts from her jaws, and she abandons her search for Shifter, throwing herself in the opposite direction to charge after the small dragonette. In a furious frenzy, controlled though it was, for the first time in her memory, the white fox stops below Kith with steely gray-blue eyes, daring him to come closer. With another vicious snarl, she calls up to the beast so that he might hear her.]

"What is your business here, beast? We do not welcome your kind in this Shrine. State your business and be on your way before other measures are taken to remove you from this place."
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~Kith's antics ceased and he all but slumped on the wing. he keened in a hauntingly mournful cry now for those who were gone. he looked down at Tenshi, his eyes dark purple with sadness~

*They are gone. He killed them. Nyami-sama....I go.*

~Kith, once a bright green, was now pale with loss. he returned to the beach he'd come from to his mistress. he didn't wish to agitate Tenshi further. he had come too late and felt no one would've helped him anyway...~

((Aww...You hurt his feelings Tenshi xp ))
Sayuriko had examined everyone leaving, her senses picking up bunches of kitsune aura huddled in one particular place. She could identify several of these foxes, but one was completely unknown to her. Curiousity prompted her forwards, but she had glimpsed Liandria heading the opposite way, and the forest fox decided she would definitately afterall invite her to browse the dragon's treasure ... If she was intrested in anything of the like. Dashing swiftly into the foilage, she dodged fell branches and leapt over small holes, charging to meet Liandria before she had travelled too far from the Shrine's safety. Finally, she spotted Liandria threading her way through the trees, and a fairly loud bark was emitted.

"Liandria, hold on a minute!"

She caught up alongside the golden spirit fox, and she began to prance upon silvery paws. Now she kinda hoped she'd agree to go with her to the dragon's treasure lair, it would be kinda scary all by her self... Shaking her head, she beheld it high, then piped up her invitation.

"Would you like to come to the dragon's former lair with me? Maybe he had treasure or something! I think I know where it is. Remember how he tried to flee to the mountain over yonder? Perhaps the entrance is somewhere upon that mountain-side! How exciting! I've always wanted a large ruby upon a silver chain to bear around my neck."

She realized her antics probably gave a young kit impression, but she'd never had any precious earthly goods before--with exception of the silver dagger and badge, who were plently of value--and yet, even with the close encounter they just had with the dragon, she still strived for adventure! Still, she pondered this journey would be rather safe, the dragon was dead and why would it have left a guard? And if it did, it was nothing they couldn't take care of. What kind of brutally strong creature would want a boring job like guarding treasure? Unless, it was also brutally stupid. She shrugged this off, then tried to see any hints of acceptance in Liandria's expression.

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