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((Ah yes... such a tender age. My little sister is growing up! ~wipes a tear away~ xd ))

((XP Quiet, you! ~whacks Kami in the head with her fan and grabs him by the ear~ Let's go.))

~Nyami nodded, but eased a bit when she saw some of the color returning to her brother's skin. he was in no condition to travel on foot any farther than what he already had. one more teleport shouldn't be too much of a drain on her..she helped Kami to his feet and draped his arm around her neck and shoulders for support. the monk was much taller than Nyami in her youko form; her head only reached his shoulders. this made it a bit awkward for him to stand properly, but it was nothing they hadn't done countless times before. she hugged her arm around Kami's waist, making sure she had a good grip. fire began to swirl around her heels from the gorund then rose steadily into a pillar that surrounded them. when the flames receded, there was nothing left of the odd siblings but Akina's empty vial~
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The forest kitsune paused in consideration of the new commer's offer.
"I'm busy now, perhaps at a later time I could show you around? Anyhow, it's up to Isa if she wants you to sing for her or not. Feel free to relax here for a while, I'll get back to you when I'm done taking care of Isa."
She could see Tenshi had been following behind her, and she turned and nodded for the white vixen to continue. Akina then turned and walked into Isa's room, lying the river fox upon her bed. She took several minuets to throughly examine Isa's body and found little more than a few bruises where she had come into contact so abruptly with the floor. Her pulse and breathing remained normal, there was little the healer could do but stay by her friend's side and try to comfort her.
"Tenshi," she finally adressed the kiko, "I'm sorry to bother you, but do you know who this 'Valeth' person whom everyone keeps speaking of is? Isa seems to have had contact with him through telepathy when she was trying to reach Entei. As my telepathic abilities are almost non existant, I was hoping maybe you might be able to tell me something about what Isa saw. I'm sure it has everything to do with her present state. I could let her rest and give her remidies for fatigue and trauma, but if at all possible, I'd like to be able to help her more than that. It's not necessary that you do this, but I would greatly appriciate it."
[.Remaining silent throughout Akina's dismissal of the newcommer, Tenshi nods in acknowledgement to him as she passes nonetheless. Stopping just inside the doorway of Isa's room, the vixen looked at the river youko with concern. However, as soon as Valeth's name was mentioned, the kiko shifted her weight uneasily, and cleared her throat before speaking.]

"I... know not what has happened here to Isa-san. ...but yes, I do know Valeth. We have had quite a strange connection...the two of us.. though he mostly keeps to himself, and there are myriads of details that I am unaware of about him. Did he do this to Isa?"

[.There was no malice or blame in the voicing of her question, but merely a tone of curiosity. Truly, the spirit youko hoped deeply that the younger kitsune would be alright, for the river fox had a kind heart, and had always been generous to the other nogitsune. However, this was no time for panick, and it would be best that she concentrate on matters that needed tending to. Obviously, Isa was being taken care of in the well trusted hands of Akina.

Tenshi purposely did not mention the fact that she was just off to search for the mage Valeth, for arriving suspicions were the last thing needed now. As much as she could trust Akina with, the kiko preferred if any assumptions were not provoked in the first place. Misunderstandings seemed to be her downfall, and the reason she seeked the powerful mage was currently beyond explanation.]
Isa gave no out ward responce when she was layed to rest on her bed and then thoroughly examined by Akina. When Akina and Tenshi were talking however her body momentarily tensed with a sharper intake of air, then relaxed as if falling into a gentle, yet deep, sleep. Moments later however her eyes open and she pushes herself into a sitting possition before standing up next to the bed. Looking around blankly for a second she then proceeds past Tenshi out the door and towards the entrance to the Shrine. Had anyone actually been able to make eye contact with her they would have seen a fog similiar to when she had arrived from searching for her clan... But also a vague presence of power and madness behind the blank stare.
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Mentally the forest vixen sighed. Tenshi looked uncomfertable about speaking on this manner, and though the kiko tried to hide it, Akina could sense she wanted out.
So she won't help me after all... Ah Tenshi, whatever you're involved in, I hope you'll be alright.
"Yes, I think so. But it seems that even though you know him, you don't know him very well, or at least not well enough to know what kind of harm he's done to Isa. Well, sorry to bother you Tenshi, I'll just..."
akina's words cut off as her patient rose from her bed and walked off, her expression glazed over, almost as if she were a zombie.
"Isa! Isa come back! Sorry Tenshi, I must go now." She bowed then ran after the river vixen.
Isa continued to walk as though she didn't or couldn't hear Akina calling after her. As she walked through the entrance she paused on the lawn her head and eyes turning left and scanning the ground before her whole body turned in that direction and walked towards an old tree. It was set apart from the shrine, the tree being alone where it stood and also the oldest in the yard. She paused under it's branches, but did not look at it as if she were waiting for something.
Isa stood under the tree, then quite suddenly an aura of dark power radiates from her body as the being that is controlling her mind gives the order to destroy. The grass around her feet dies immediately, her left hand raising towards the tree, and then faultering trying to lower, her brow breaking out in sweat. She was obviously struggling now, her hand loosing ground before unleashing a massive beam of energy. But unlike the necromancer possessing her wanted, the beam does the damage a forest fire might, deeply scarring it with burns that ran thick into the bark and burning the leaves, but not eliminating it. Isa's body then sways dangerously as if it wanted nothing more than to collapse having just been a channel for more power than Isa had ever dealt with before, but was forced to stand upright by the mage's will. Inside the Shrine, anyone who had come into contact with Valeth before could feel his aura through Isa, as his power continued to radiate darkly from the River Kitsune.
Isa shook uncontrollably and then her muscles locked as a new wave of power was surged through her body, images and sounds made only so she could sence them assulting her every sence. Weakening, her hand started to raise shakily towars the tree again before haulting. Isa's eyes were still skrewed up almost in pain against the illusion in her mind... She had opened herself up to the threads around her and unlike what she was being made to believe found that there was no enraged dragon about to kill the forest vixen behind her if she did not respond accordingly. Her right hand raised, the dark aura building about her, but then as it came level to where the energy would be unleashed to completely inihilate the tree before her, her hands jerked so that her palms were against her temples... If he unleashed the power now he would kill her.
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Reappearing onto one of the western style couches lying within the shrine's recreational hall, the wind youko shifter grins as he stretches back, careful not to spill any of the ’79 vintage champagne he had enchanted to serve as proof against divination before bringing along in an elegantly gilded and etched glass. For now would be a special occasion to the kuko that would demand no less than the most suitable fineries. This would be the moment in time where he deliberately tries to spoil Valeth’s week.

Calmly noting the destructive energies Isa's weakening spirit is generating outside and the malignant influence affecting her from the edge of his senses, Shifter takes a sip of his clear sparkling drink and smirks as he takes a quick guess which annoyance of the month it is most likely to be. The mental tone he projects outside is filled with disdain towards the necromancer.

‘Why good afternoon, Valeth-san - have you already tired so utterly of skulking in the dank muck of your rock and torturing helpless children that you feel the need to further goad every other living being into hunting you down like the miserably hideous oni of a half man you are? Not that I can’t vaguely appreciate the reason behind your actions: an exceptional level of patience is a quality I would never make the mistake of attributing to you...’
((lol! Wasn't expecting your post Shifter hehe... And as soon as Kitsune's back online to PM me or post herself with Valeths answer we'll be able to have that little continuation of conversation hehe ))
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Her pleads ignored by the river Youko, Akina could do little but run after her friend.
"Isa! Please, stop! ISA!"
A sickening dark aura encricled the four tailer, and grew in strength rapidly.
"S-sore wa nan da?!"
Fearing for her own safety, the three tailer took shelter behind one of the marble columns; and, using an illusion, made herself part of it. The hidden kitsune stood witness to a terrible power, swelling up within Isa and finally being released on an old and lovely tree nearby.
Isa body contorted in various muscle spasms as the energy controling her body increased for another strike. Somehow through it all, the river vixen was able to control her own body just enough to force her hands towards her temples.
Oh no... Isa... There's nothing I can do at this point!
Had Akina not been in an illusion, her body would have been soaked with sweat and twitching sporadically.
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((I was going to create a post similar to that at about this time anyway, so I don't mind interrupting your induced problem IC in the process. No sense letting the mean NPC have his way with every one of his mean tricks. n.n))
((hehe... Yeah... The beam that ended up just seriously burning the tree was actually meant to distroy it... But Isa can't bring herself to destroy anything so she mixed her own healing type power in it hence causing the tree to be burnt but still standing... Valeth thinks it's a hiding spot of Kitsune-sama's so He's trying to destroy it... Isa's already spoiling that for him hehe... Wish Kitsune would get on... It would be a lot of fun to continue and see what happens next ^^ ))
(( OMG, the music kitsune in the SHRINE!? XD I missed it. If I walk into the middle of something let me know and I'll edit my post. I have NO idea about what is going on. ))

Rynne puts a hand up to shade her eyes, smiling at the sight of the familiar red torii gates. She'd been gone a long time, and she was somewhat surprised, but comforted, at the fact that she considered this place home. As the vixen makes her way to the shrine, taking her time to reestablish her connection with everything, it is apparent that she has had a long journey. Her once immaculate white garments are covered in a layer of road dust, and her face is matte with a fine layer of grime as well. A simple but effective bandage cuts down across one shoulder and disappears beneath the neckline of her clothes. By the way she carries herself, once can see that the wound is still tender under the white cotton dressing. The songstress has her hair twisted up into a complex, somewhat exotic style, and is adorned with a finely beaded length of thin silk, which sparkled in the sun. A souvenir of her travels, by the look of it. The small-framed vixen brings one hand up to touch a bead and smiles faintly, remembering her fondness for those who had given it to her.

The most marked change is a small black tattoo beneath her left eye. It is a relatively simple design, but it must mean something to the music kitsune. She brings her fingertips to that, as well, and then drops her hand to her side. She has passed under the torii gates already, and looks for a friendly face.
Rifling through the cupboards, Ieyasu soon found a few strips of wrapped, dried meat. Pulling them out, he unwrapped them and began to chew on them. The two vixens in the room had left. Shrugging his shoulders non-commitedly, the thunder fox had no idea at all about the goings-on in the Shrine.

Wandering out of the kitchen, he finally noticed that something seemed odd. The feeling of strange new kitsune around, for a start. Finishing the food he had, he headed back outside again.

Stopping as he saw the kitsune outside, he leaned back against the wall. He wouldn't admit it, but he was faintly curious about what the hell was going on. Flicking his tail back and forth slowly, he stared with surprise as Isa burned the tree. Now, that was something he didn't expect from somebody like her. She didn't seem like the destructive sort.

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