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[.The spirit youko listens intently to her 'brother' as he speaks, his words becomming very encouraging to the young vixen. Knowing that Kitsune would go into an inevitable battle with her full strength, and weapons offering a large advantage was very good news to her. Though, when the last of the weapons is mentioned, her eyes widened, and she sat back a bit, as if giving the name itself some room to settle in.

Tenshi knew little about the recent technology of modern warfare. She was not practiced in the arts of developing such weapons, and did not know much about the existances of these means of destruction, except that they existed. Magicks and stable energy oriented weapons were what she was used to, and she had never been to a large enough, nor a serious enough battle to use nukes and the such. That messy business, the vixen chose to leave to the foolishness of humans. She herself would have to be driven terribly hard before she would toy with such dangerous weapons. However, in times like these, she could only be glad that such destruction was handed to Kitsune, and not the enemy. If these kami were enemies of the Void, then naturally, they were enemies of the Nogitsune. Already, means of revenge were flitting through the youko's mind, if the gods harmed her dear friend. Naturally a vengeful creature, Tenshi had always been this way, and never seemed to learn when she got herself into trouble due to her lust for revenge.

Grinning, the kiko whistled quietly, and tried to lighten the mood before Shifter could continue on.]

"I'd hate to be an enemy of yours, Shifter-san..."
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His smile returns upon hearing Tenshi's response. Angering someone willing to go to the kind of extreme lengths for revenge the kuko has proven himself capable of in the past rarely turns out well for the ones to gain his ire. "Most beings that know me would, sis..."

"There really isn't much else I can tell you about our meeting without going into minor details." With nothing more to speak of for the moment, the youko finally decides to pose the question he had been meaning to ask of the kiko since they went to the shrine. "However, if you are interested in joining me for a while, I was planning on a little side trip to find a sensory stone for Kitsune like I had offered. We could also do something about our depleted spiritual reserves along the way."
[.The vixen nods in understanding. She understood the situation now, and his words had been encouraging. The only thing she could regret, was not being able to help the Void herself. Perhaps now, there was nothing they could do but hope and wait. And, of course, try to keep the sense of helplessness from eating away at herself.

When the second bit of information was given, a smile crosses the kiko's face, and she gets slowly to her feet. With a playful grin, she takes a small step to the right, and reaches down to a pile of coins she had been eyeing. Lifting a head piece similar to the one she sported from the pile, the youko carefully transports the silver, jewel studded circlet back to where her 'brother' sat. She gently places the crown piece upon his head in an imitation of what he had done to her just previous, and then stands back to view him with a light laugh.]

"I would be honored to join you, dear handsome Sir Shifter, on your noble quest."

[.With a jokingly serious face, she nods once and places her hands behind her back, holding her chin high as if she had just been recruited on some dangerous mission and was hiding her fear.]
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Bowing to the floor to accept Tenshi's gift in mock piety, the wind youko reluctantly looks up to the four-tailed mistress once she has crowned him and deigned to aid his 'noble' plan. "As I am honored, most beautiful Lady Tenshi, that you would assist me on this grand aim." The thankful serious expression on the kuko's face is marred by the playful sparkle in his eyes.

Just thinking of that word, noble, makes him smirk mentally. Though he wishes to get the enchanted crystal for a friend, Shifter suffers from no lack of understanding that this trip is solely intended to benefit the local nogitsune. At least he isn't seeking to destroy many of the locals in another fit of vengence. Hopefully the border city he plans on visiting first will still exist to give him an idea where to go next.

Gently leaning up to remove the crown from Tenshi's brow and the one placed upon his own, the silvery kitsune lays the head pieces on the treasure pile and smiles weakly. "No point attracting too much attention until we have what we are looking for. I'm afraid we will also need to look human since the commoners had a problem with foxes last time I visited that land."

Frowning briefly from the thought, Shifter quickly decides that maybe a little vengence will be in order if the locals still present theirselves like a pack of rude ignorant savages. Keeping the idea in mind, he lightly takes hold of Tenshi's hand and forms a plane shift to the distant realm.
[.Holding back laughter, the kiko bows to her crowned 'brother', and relaxes her position again, having had her fun with the game. She bows her head a bit as Shifter removes the bejeweled piece from her head, allowing him to remove it with ease. She nods in agreement, for two nogitsune sporting priceless pieces such as these, waltzing into a place where they probably weren't wanted would be more than foolish. However, at this news of having to look human, the spirit vixen frowned a bit. She did not particularly enjoy taking the form of a human if she could help it, but if it was for beneficial purposes, then perhaps it would be best.

With a light sigh and a wave of her hand, the youko's four tails evaporated into the air, dissapating immediately, along with her fox ears as well. Human ears formed to take the place of her snow white ones, and the now human appearing Tenshi grasped her 'brother's hand, preparing herself for the new realm they soon would enter.]
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About half an hour later a pale blue portal appears near the altar within the shrine. Stepping out from this water-like vertical pool of energy, the currently darkly garbed silver-tinged white youko most commonly known as Shifter adjusts the filled cloth sack slung over his shoulder then holds out his free hand to help the other passenger from this trip.

With the relative difference in time between the planes he had visited and the shrine's protections, the kuko knows that the guild he and Tenshi had dealt with will have long since lost interest in their unsuccessful scrying attempts to recover the lost goods and mystic knowledge by the time either nogitsune leaves the safety of this place. Because of this, he couldn't care less about how that nation felt about their visit since no one important to him will have to pay the price for the string of vigilante actions they had performed.
[.A slender hand, now no longer wrapped and bandaged, emerged from the pale portal, grasping onto the male hand offered to her. Following the arm, the body of a somewhat familiar appearing human stepped from the portal, carrying a similar sack to Shifter's, over her shoulder. The girl sported a comical grin, and seemed quite pleased with the results of her past journey. With a satisfied sigh, she lowers the sack to the ground and looks about the Shrine, as if seeing it for the first time in far too long. She turns to her companion and grins, before speaking.]

"Ah, good to be home, brother..."
[.A slender hand, now no longer wrapped and bandaged, emerged from the pale portal, grasping onto the male hand offered to her. Following the arm, the body of a somewhat familiar appearing human stepped from the portal, carrying a similar sack to Shifter's, over her shoulder. The girl sported a comical grin, and seemed quite pleased with the results of her past journey. With a satisfied sigh, she lowers the sack to the ground and looks about the Shrine, as if seeing it for the first time in far too long. She turns to her companion and grins, before speaking.]

"Ah, good to be home, brother..."
(( hehe... Man... the things I miss sticking to this guild... But I could care less I think... It's just that sometimes I wouldn't mind seeing the faces and reactions ppl would get to some of your guys stunts hehe ))

Isa stood on her legs again a slightly sad but yet triumphant smile flitting across her facebefore her observant Aquamarine eyes scanned the area out from under the bush she was hiding in. True she was very near the shrine and wouldn't have been bothered, but it was a good idea to check anyways. Stepping out she realized how much energy she had actually given to the void, noting somewhat that she was at about a third of her usual strength. Resolving that she would have to feed she makes off to the river following it back to the shrine while at the same time feeding from it till at full strength. She would check in on the Void again later. Glancing up before slipping in the doors she notes Ieyasu, very much Kitsune Male again and smiles as she hadn't quite noticed earlier in her rush. She passed her sister, noting that she wasn't dead yet as a good sign seeing as her being alive meant that Kitsune-sama would be too. Spoting Shifter and Tenshi stepping out of the portal she smiles. She could vaguely remember Shifter apearing in the clearing sometime during that brief bit of shock. He would want to know that Kitsune-sama was alright. Trotting up to him she slides back to her youko form, a hair serving to make sure she has a Kimono to hide her form, her smile staying with her. "You'll be pleased to know that Kitsune-sama is doing well at staying alive. She was still fighting when I contacted her so we didn't get to exchange much, but I was able to help heal most of her wounds during that time so she should be able to function normally without sacrificing a tail. At least for a while... " She glances over at her sister to see that Taniruya, though asleep, was still breathing normally. "I think I will only worry if Taniruya were to fall over dead... I offered her Taniruya's soul in order to keep her alive if it came to it as Taniruya was already bound to 3 yrs service to her in anycase and it would, at the very least, help keep Kitsune-sama alive and well while restoring the honor Taniruya misused." She looked at Shifter a moment, send a telepathic message so Tenshi, though a friend could not hear. I do not know what fleet of ships you gave her Shifter-san, Nor do I know if I should tell you. But you are a good friend of Kitsune-sama. She said that the fleet of ships you donated to her were distroyed in an attack due to overwhelming numbers. And that she had sacrificed 3 tails dueling with a god. But she is alive and well, and determined to win. "She says she doesn't intend to cross over until she has defeated every single one of the so-called 'Angels of Light' as well. I'm going to attmept to contact her again in a while and to send more healing energy seeing as I fed off the river earlier if either of you wish to send any messages along the way... " She smiled hoping that she has given at least a bit more hope but doesn't afford to feel their emotional strings. Noticing of course that they were in travel gear she does not inquire about their whereabouts but instead decides to play host. "Would you guys like something to eat? I could whip something up in the kitchen for you."
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"I hear that." Shifter briefly smiles at the kiko before his attention is turned to Isa’s arrival.

Carefully listening to everything the river vixen has to say about her recent talk with the void, he frowns slightly at the telepathic part of the message. Whether he was upset more with the bad part of the news from the field or from the attempt at secrecy is left unanswered, but the wind kitsune promptly relays the silent message to his recent traveling companion. Though the kuko will not join the battle or readily help another nogitsune to attempt the same unless Kitsune requests differently, he finds messages whitewashed for someone that has done so much to prove their self annoying.

Gladly nodding in agreement to the offer for a meal, Shifter responds before looking to his ‘sister’ questioningly. “Yes, please; that would be kind of you.?
((hehe Isa thought that by saying it in private she would be helping... She doesn't like to burden ppl, and to her knowledge as she partially remembers Shifter going alone into the portal with Kitsune, it is a secret... She doesn't know that Shifter had told Tenshi, And she remembers vaguely that she had felt Tenshi's thread feel distressed earlier in the day so she only wanted to deliver the good news. If she hadn't thought that Shifter would need to know she wouldn't have told him about the ships or the tails either... But she felt it as a needs to know thing as Shifter had donated and to her knowledge somewhat close to the void. But yeah... little insider to Isa hehe ))

Isa nodded, though wondered if by the frown Shifter had worn during her message if she had said something wrong by telling him. She hadn't wanted to worry him after all, as he had helped her immenscely already, and she just wanted to try and return the favor to the older kitsune. "Is there anything specific that you would be interested in eating? Or would a Tuna fillet with rice be alright?" she again glanced at her sister, internally sighing, and not realizing that though she smiled, she was now doing it in a sort of sad melancholy way as she was half-regretting what she had offered. She closed her eyes a second scolding herself. It's no use thinking about that now. You've already offered and the offer accepted, so stop worrying over it. It's not like Grandfather would be upset with you, you did what you had to do. She looked back at Shifter and Tenshi, her eyes as gentle as ever hoping that she radiated healing and not worry, waiting to see if they preferred a different meal before heading off to the kitchen to cook it.
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The air in the corner inhabited by Taniruya grows stale as a familiar, yet completely alien presense makes itself known. The celestial may or may not know what is happening around her, but even if she does, there is nothing she can do to stop it.

Wavering into existence in the same way a pool of water ripples when struck with a stone, a battle-ragged Forager stands before Taniruya with its scythe pointed straight at her. The scent of the battlefield still clings to it and it can only be described as nauseating. The shadow beast hisses and stares at her through glowing red orbs nestled deep in the darkness beneath the hooded cloak. "Time to go."

Taniruya's shadow suddenly grows darker as a spell cast on another plane begins to take effect on this one. The celestial's body is bathed in an unearthly glow before she is rendered completely immobolized, unable to escape the fate that has befallen her. From the unseen depths of the darkness beneath her, several pairs of clawed hands reach up and grab handfuls of her hide, pulling the paralyzed vixen down into the waiting darkness. As soon as the last of Taniruya's form is pulled into the shadow, the darkness swirls around counter-clockwise before completely vanishing, leaving an empty area behind.

With its mission carried out, the Forager crosses its scythes hands in front of it, vanishing the same way it appeared.

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