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[.As the fog slowly clears away, the spirit youko looks about herself in awe. She steps away from the wind kuko, turning in a circle, as she observes the starry surroundings, before moving her eyes to the floor beneath her. A small smile is displayed upon her slightly open mouth, as she looks over the shiny carpetry. Glancing back to Shifter, her mouth closes and she grins, motioning towards their surroundings, her words indicating the stars.]

"It's...gorgeous, Shifter-san. Is it..always like this?"
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Taking a moment to look at the ceiling and walls of his personal sanctuary, Shifter finally smiles back at his 'sister's' compliment and nods. The kuko has always considered a being's personal spaces to be the most important to maintain aesthetically and almost has trouble following why someone would want to live in a completely dreary, mundane setting. If someone can easily afford to improve the look and feel of their personal space, he feels they should put in the effort to do so since the result nearly always feels worth the trouble. "I have used the backdrop of stars for almost as long as I have this pocket space, but the floor is made from white marble."

Turning his gaze down to the carpet of material wealth lying between their feet, the silvery youko considers another detail that Tenshi would undoubtedly want to hear. "Before sending in the entirety of Anubis' remaining wealth I had enough coins and gems scattered within this place to fill a small sack, but their final fate is of no consequence in comparison. This realm has been entirely cleaned out otherwise, so we should have no problem dividing the treasure in peace."

The wind kitsune couldn't care any less about the wealth that he had left scattered on the floor when he had cleaned out his space. Though the material wealth would have been considered worth a fortune to any peasant, he considers an insignificant amount compared to what he has gained and lost during the course of his most recent century of life. Far more valuable to him are the fineries or rare goods he can afford with such a fortune.
[.The spirit youko smiles and nods in agreement, still looking at the stars around them. When he mentions the treasure dividing, she nods again, getting herself back on track. She cleared her throat, carefully choosing her words as she observes the surrounding shiny surfaces.]

"..so.. shall we talk first, or get this dividing done with?"

[.Although they had put off the separation of the hoard of valuables for much too long, the kiko could be nothing less than eager to learn what Shifter knew of Kitsune's prophesized demise. Her mind wandered to this subject, and suddenly, the vixen wondered if that dark looming shadow in the back of her mind had been just this. Perhaps this paranoia was proving to actually mean something. However, that shadow couldn't be warning her of the Void's future, for, if it was impossible to change, then what would be the point of knowing it in advance? Focusing back on the wind kuko, Tenshi watches him and awaits a response from her companion.]
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Shifter idly flicks his tails. "I was thinking we should do both..." Since dividing the wealth would be more tedious a task than one requiring an exceptional amount of concentration, he doubts conversing will have any negative effect on their search through the piled shinies.
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[.The youko nods again in agreement, her ears swiveling about. She ponders this for a moment, before reaching down to pick up a small, silver ring. Offhandedly examining the piece, she realizes how large a task lays before them. There seems to be no way they could sort the treasure out piece by piece--that alone would take ages.]

"As curious as I am to hear what you know about Kitsune's fate... how are we ever going to go about doing this?"

[.She can't help but laugh as she looks around at the mountains of valuables. It seems like an impossible task given to hundreds of unfortunate servants in a tall dark castle ruled under some dark lord. A shame Anubis himself did not sort these things at least into different categories. That would make their job a whole lot easier. There was almost nothing in particular that the vixen wished greatly to gain from this hoard but one. Remembering Valeth, and how the void had found his lost spirit contained in the Jackal's treasures, the kiko couldn't help but wonder if there were other powerful spirits contained somewhere amongst the priceless pieces. Of course, she hadn't quite decided what she would do with one, if she ever found it, but the thought of consuming an all-powerful soul did manage to strike her fancy. The extra boost of abilities would surely prove to be beneficial.]
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He simply grins at Tenshi's display of concern. Before he had transported all of the treasure to his personal realm, the kuko had intended to summon some wind spirits to efficiently fulfill much of the drudgery involved in searching through the wealth. By now the six-tail does not want to risk expending any more spiritual energy than he has to until he can replenish his strength. More than anything he willingly brought the task to this place so he could talk to his 'sister' about Kitsune in private.

"This is a pocket realm: time passes far more quickly in this space than the mortal plane we usually inhabit. However we choose to organize this wealth, little will have changed back home during our stay here."

Sighing in mild annoyance, Shifter slightly nods to his sister. "This task would definitely be easier if he had our full strength..."

[.Tenshi nods slowly, thinking this over, and how they might go about doing it. She herself only had a quarter of her spiritual energy left, and Shifter must be near drained after that transferral and realm leap. Normally, it would be easily in her powers to manipulate spirits that already existed to help them with this task, but as they were in a private pocket space, she doubted there would be any drifters. And she almost never attempted to create spirits of her own, for that was quite a difficult task and took almost all of her energy just to begin--she was not yet old enough to safely complete this task in the first place.

Moving forward, the young kiko begins to run her hands along different treasures, moving some aside in search of something that could possibly give the two of them more strength to make the job easier and faster. However, it seems that they'd be lucky to run across the right thing in this myriad of valuables. Some of the bottles were not even labelled as well, which made it much more difficult.]

"Perhaps there's...something here that could help us?"
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The kuko sighs and shakes his head as he picks up a nearby empty silver vial and briefly twirls it between his fingers before flicking the precious metal container back into the pile. He is beginning to seriously doubt that hurrying to divide such a massive horde would be a wise idea when most of their energy has already been spent and no one else knows where it is hidden. "I doubt it. Kitsune had already gone through the treasure to identify any artifacts back when we had first acquired it. Maybe we should save this task for after we can replenish our strength..."

All but abandoning Anubis' fortune as a current concern, Shifter turns his full attention to Tenshi... for the moment; he is quickly becoming more interested in rooting through the giant mass of shinies for the simple fun of it. "Would you like to talk about Kitsune-san while we are still here?"
[.The youko sighed, tossing down a rather odd looking scepter, and stepped back, looking at the pile of treasures. Crossing her arms over her chest, the vixen turns to look back at Shifter in a more serious mood now.]

"Yes, you're right... I suppose there's not much we can really do with it like this. But, as we are here, I would be very greatful if you would fill me in on the details you've learned about Kitsune. I'm afraid I've only been briefed by chance, on the basic point."

[.Her last few words were rather bitterly said, and the kiko flicked her tails in annoyance. Her arms quickly unfold, and rest at her sides, the pressure from her arm on her injured hand being too great for the enchanted bandages to expell. Placing her hands instead behind her back, Tenshi clears her throat and gives her respectful attention now to the wind kuko, hoping he might update her on the happenings to come.]
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Shifter calmly nods to the spirit youko while watching her injured hand from the corner of his vision. Once he is done briefing Tenshi, he plans on inquiring of her injury's cause. "Of course, Tenshi-san; no matter what happens out there you have a right to know..."

Taking a moment to look at the wealth surrounding the two of them, Shifter's eyes settle upon the glittering from precious jewels set into a rounded golden object mostly buried within the priceless hill, and he smiles slightly from his sudden inspiration. Taking a quick guess at to what the object is, the kuko's smile weakens almost unnoticeably as he pulls the jewel studded circlet out from the heap. He was hoping the piece would have looked more ornate.

The silvery youko smiles at Tenshi in an innocently playful and slightly expectant manner as he steps before her at an arm's distance away while holding the circlet before his chest with both of his hands in a way that shows off its forehead jewels. Nodding down slightly at the head piece, he waits for an answer to his silent question. Though the kuko plans on telling his 'sister's' what he knows almost immediately, he also wants to temporarily assuage the worst of her fears with a minor distraction. Though Shifter has a feeling Kitsune will come back from this challenge, he still does not wish to give false hopes by promising too much should cruel chance decide otherwise.
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Isa stood there in shock, the information having been processed similiar to a lead mallet smashing into her skull. Kitsune... Leaving here? but... She won't die? Perhaps... If I can only offer a bit of help? Thinking of what she might offer she becomes aware of her deserted surroundings as everyone had left. Sadly she turns around and lays in the under brush, smelling smoke some distance away but not caring too much. She closes her eyes trying to sence Kitsune's thread, and hopes that what she feels isn't connected to a corpse and that she still might be offering some use, though somehow with a leadened heart thinking of what she will be offering the void she had come to respect and admire.
[.The vixen smiles greatfully and bows to her 'brother' as his somewhat comforting words were spoken. However, she watches as he moves towards a shiny object amongst the others. Identifying the crown piece, she continues to watch him with slight curiosity as to what he was doing. A small amused smile crosses her face, wondering if he would place it upon his head, as was any normal reaction to such a find. As he steps forward and nods at the piece, Tenshi tilts her head in silent question. Deciding to assume that he was asking for permission of ownership of the piece, she nods once in the affirmitive, indicating he may do what he wishes with it.

Thousands of concerns flitted across the troubled kiko's mind as she stood within the shining space. Getting her share of this boundless wealth was one of the lesser things on her mind. They were merely a pretty distraction, pleasing to the eye. With concern for Kitsune and her Soul sister back at the Shrine, and a suspicious edging next to her heart of a certain Mage's intentions, the spirit fox could hardly concentrate on the myriad of potentially useful things before her. Her lack of energy did not help either. Perhaps that was what was heightening her sense of paranoia, and giving her the feeling of total helplessness and weakness, that she was barely able to contain herself. However, she seemed to appear externally calm and patient. How long she could maintain this state was momentarily not known.]
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Deciding that his 'sister' had given him permission for his next action, even if it had been unwittingly, Shifter cheerfully places the circlet upon Tenshi's brow before sitting down before her. Since transporting the horde here he has actually had mixed thoughts about how the horde should be divided. Though he knows having a clear line of division between their shares will become necessary should they have to go their separate ways, being able to play through all of the shinies at once is a powerful incentive to keep everything together for at least the moment.

Before returning to the subject at hand, he gladly spares the spirit youko a flattering comment before thinking a rather open thought. Since he already feels secure in his relationship status, the kuko feels no problem personally with being friendly to the other nogitsune he is closely familiar with. Even if the passage of time has not been enough that no one he is concerned about will ever mistake his mostly innocent thoughts in this respect for anything more, simply stating the truth should work quickly enough by even a human's line of thought. "It looks good on you, Imoto." 'Though little wouldn't on someone like you...'

Allowing the smile to fade from his face slightly as his thoughts return to the most recent concern, Shifter calmly explains part of what he knows about Kitsune's recent action. The rest of the briefend tale can wait for the four-tail to consider the first part.

"I don't know what you had heard, but when I had last met Kitsune near by this shrine her body was badly scarred and she had lost enough of her spiritual strength that even I had more chi stored than her. There she told me that she was going to soon leave for another plane to stop the prepared crusade of an alliance of kami before they could force her into the open by setting throughout this part of existence in an attempt to wipe out the remainder of our race. Their overblown attempt at revenge was in return for the time she had managed to steal their relatively unguarded fortunes a few centuries back."

Up until the brief hint of disgust he expresses upon speaking of the kami's purpose for acting with an iron fist, Shifter's mood has been a slight melancholy from the seriousness of Kitsune's situation. As far as he has guess, the void has never had an easy life after her childhood was torn away.

"Naturally, I would never be able to live down allowing her to simply leave to her demise like that, so I did what I could to help her." Abruptly stopping his simple tale, the silvery youko calmly inquires of his white and black furred friend, "...Before I tell you about the help, do you have any questions about what I have said so far, Tenshi-san? I know that I have been short on the details, but they seem more appropriate for the future kits once we all survive past these troubled times." He smiles slightly.
[.When the piece is set upon her own brow, the vixen is quite surprised, to say the least, drawn out of her racing thoughts by this unexpected action. But her surprise only lasts a moment, before she breaks into a grin and a light laugh spills forth. She did feel rather rediculous in such a flamboyant decoration which was undoubtedly not made for one of her status. However, his flattering comment made her chuckle all the more, and she lowered herself to the ground to sit beside her 'brother'.]

"Why thank you, brother. You are too kind. It's beautiful..."

[.It was true, the treasures did come as a bit of a distraction, for as the weight of her gift was felt upon her brow, the spirit vixen grinned with the thought of picking out something for her brother. He did cheer her up considerably as well, for, as she no longer had any living blood relatives, it felt good to be priveledged with such a kind friend she could consider her brother.

Her amused grin fades as the silvery kuko begins the story with a bit more detail than she had had before from Valeth. Tenshi nodded as he spoke, encouraging him on as she could. When he stops and asks her about questions she may have, and explains, mentioning future kits, she smiles, and gently shakes her head. Future kits? It had been centuries since the vixen had thought of ever having kits of her own. Would she ever love again, that she'd commit to such a task? Though, she would look forward to seeing the outcome of her 'brother's offspring. That would be a most interesting group of lives to observe, from her perspective. Shaking these newly formed relality thoughts from her head, the kiko smiles again.]

"No, I follow... please continue."
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He simply shows his usual slight smile at Tenshi's pleased reaction to his gift.

Oh how he enjoys bringing more woes down upon the nogitsunes' blood enemies. "Of course, what I was able to do to help her was a lot more than most beings would have suspected. ...But then again, most beings continue to underestimate our kind's resourcefulness."

Still grinning, the kuko finally begins to explain his actions. "Several miles outside of town I had found a powerful spiritual font and I had hidden away two technological super weapons from potential abuse by a human-led corporation. The natural energy source was an actual lay line nexus that, while unstably located in our plane, provided more than enough energy for Kitsune to return to her full strength before it disappeared."

His grin becomes slightly wider as he considers what could have happened otherwise. Kitsune is already strong enough to be considered a demi-goddess in her own right, so the kuko suspects that she could have made far more use of the energy source were it to have lasted for a while longer. “If the nexus were stable I suspect that most beings would have no choice but to call her Kitsune-sama by the time she was through, if you catch my drift.?

The youko’s grin fades to a weak smile as he thinks of the other two advantages; the ones he is more reluctant to talk about. As his personal nature has continued to drift without Destruction’s influence, Shifter has found himself becoming far more disgusted with the fruits of advanced military technology. Should the choice present itself while sticking within his present outlook on life, he would be happy never dabbling in such matters again.

“The first former corporate weapon is a small fleet of space worthy ships created partially through technomancy – nothing as powerful as some of the toys the ASDF has been launching the past few months, but they could still give humanity ideas I would prefer they not have until after our kind has secured a plane all of our own from the ambitions of mortals and kami. Unlike the other advantages there is a chance the ships Kitsune took with her will be reusable after the fight if their damage is not too heavy.?

Shifter barely suppresses a shudder as he thinks of the final weapon; such a nasty thing would not be missed by him. “The second weapon was a.. 250 megaton thermonuclear device.? Taking a moment to sigh in disgust, the kuko looks at his ‘sister’ plainly as he openly states his feelings on the accursed bomb. “I am thankful that I shall never see the fell contraption again and that I was able to destroy the project responsible for its birth.?

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