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((I'm having entirely too much fun with this. XD Thank you guys for lightening up my drab mood. *hugs Lia and Tenshi*))

"Is that so? Well, you should go out and find someone, then!" He laughs and shakes his head. "You are an amusing woman, but it looks to me as if your patience has finally run thin. That's my signal to end the game and leave."

He quirks a brow when Tenshi closes the distance between them. He had expected her to feign indifference and stay where she was. He stares at her for a moment, staring into her eyes through his own discolored orbs. She is a very intriguing vixen. He leans forward slightly and grins, replying to her latest question in a hushed voice. "Why do you ask?"

He knows that Tenshi dislikes him and would despise being touched by him, and that knowledge only works to fuel his next move. He brings a free hand up to cup her right cheek in the worn leather surface of his glove. His expression can be read as one of amusement and his smirk assures Tenshi that he is pleased with the sudden darkness that has eased over her own expression. Should she jump back, he would simply laugh and depart. Should she move to attack him, she would get a nasty surprise the minute she struck him. "Do you want to join me, my dear? We could make an evening of it. Hehahahaha~!"
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(( You -did see what we did in the guild forum right?? xD ))
(( You -did see what we did in the guild forum right?? xD ))
((Oh, I saw it. XD I forgot to mention how much that made me laugh, too. Especially the part about your superiorly powerful posterior. XD))
(( keke. not a problem, Kitsune. ^^ I'm probably having just as much fun as you are. whee ))

'It is too late, Lia. And he knows it. God I hate men. There is a reason kitsune stick to their own kind. ...magi scum...I've killed one too many of them as it is, and he is just begging to be on my list.'

[.The youko's peeved expression does not change as he speaks, but she is quite surprised when he moves closer. At such an uncomfortable distance from the Mage whom she'd prefer to be far, far away from, her eyes do not soften in the least. But, the second his hand is at her cheek, her own white gloved hand snatches up to grasp his own with sharp claws. Her lips move away from her pointy canines, and she hisses slightly in a feline-like fashion. The vixen holds his arm steady, not bothering to be mindful of her nails digging into the leather of his glove as she spoke sharply, giving into what she knew would please him: her enfuriating anger. She was young yet, and had much control to learn of.]

"I will not grace you with an explanation, my dear scavenger, for you have earned nothing of that sort. I merely asked you a question, and have asked you, ever so kindly, for an answer. So, if you please, sir..."

[.It was hard not to see that the kiko was restraining herself, and her eyes alone told that story. There were few reasons why she did not attack him then and there, and at least have the satisfaction of hitting him, though those few seemed just enough to keep her from attempting to kill him on the spot. For now. But fear is one thing she would never intentionally show towards this particular mage.]

(( i have to go for now-- my sister needs the computer. But I'll be back later tonight. 3nodding ))
((probably? XD))

Valeth winces visibly and draws in a short breath when Tenshi's claws embed themselves in his gloved hand. He was expecting such a reaction, but it still caught him off guard. Her reflexes are impressive. The mage is in quite a bit of pain, but thankfully the leather gloves are strong enough to protect the fragile skin beneath. He stares at the kiko with a light expression, refusing to show her any hints of discomfort. "Ooooh, you like to play rough, don't you? That comes as no surprise to me."

The hand that Tenshi is gripping suddenly becomes hot to the touch, mirroring the intense heat one would feel if they tried to touch a heatlamp that has been burning for several days previous. The glove grows increasingly hot the longer the kiko keeps her grip until it threatens to consume her hand with fire. Pretending to be oblivious to his own spell, the mage continues speaking nonchalantly. "I don't know whether or not to blame your sudden mood swing on fox nature or the account of being a woman. Testy creatures you women are..." He snorts indignantly and rolls his eyes.

"But, since you did say please, I suppose I can toss you a bone, fox. The Void has gone off alone to fight some war with a legion of gods that have it out for her...or something or other. I saw it all in a dream I had while under the effects of that induced slumber the void put me in." The mage shrugs his shoulders, showing his distaste for what happened. That void always managed to have her way regardless of what he did. He shakes his head and speaks grimly, his gaze focused on Tenshi's eyes. "Despite knowing that she will not return from this alive, she is determined to go. Sad, really. Not only that, but her retainer and that child of hers will perish as well. It will be quite a horrendous way to go, too. Bloody, prolonged, extremely painful..." His tone suddenly lightens to a half-laugh. "...it was rather lovely! Hehahahaha!"

He disperses the burning wisp and uses the free hand to wipe a stray tear from his eye. "Ah yes, where was I? Oh right... I am no born prophet, but the few visions I've had have yet to be proven wrong. It should be interesting to see how this all plays out, though, we already know of the outcome. There now. Was that enough elaboration for you, my precious?"

((That's cool. Sorry about the long delay. My computer decided to get all crappy on me and I had to restart twice after typing out the post six times each time. x_X))
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[Liandria cringed hearing the mage say the information so bluntly. The snake slowly changed into the yellow fox form. Standing on the sidelines, was never Liandria's strongpoint. With her fellow Kiko being tormented by the maniac mage, and the truth of the matter bearing down upon them. If the void was destined to perish, her child and her servant would be joined in her destiny. It was sad but, Lia was used to sadness. However, she had no time nor interest to dwell on her past. HEr attention turned to Tenshi, who was absorbing all the information. The yellow fox sent a very subtle message, another attempt at calming the spirit kitsune.]

// There must be another way... There always is you know... \\

[But even in her mind Liandria was doubtful.]
(( ...most likely. whee ))

[.As the mage winces outwardly, Tenshi can't help but feel a satisfying leap. She hangs onto his hand for quite some time as the burning sensation takes place, ignoring his first comment. However, as it becomes unbearably hot, she gently releases his glove with a swallow, and lowers her hand. After his comment about women, the youko smirks, and laughs quietly.]

"You consider that a mood swing? Looks like I've overestimated you, my pet... You couldn't read an open book if it was titled 'The Inner Workings of a Spirit Fox.' "

[.She listens carefully to his explanation, concern within her eyes already. This news of the Void's predicted demise, as well as Tanuki and Entei troubled the kiko, only because it was comming from Valeth. She hesitates a moment, glancing from one of his eyes to the next, as if searching for some certain indication in those sinister visionaries.]

"...All the visions you've had have yet to be proven wrong for one reason, I'm sure. I, nor any of the other Nogitsune have been in your...'visions'. We will see this through though."

[.The vixen feigns a smile, and gently brushes off one of the mage's shoulders, stepping slightly back to give him a bit more space, now that she'd gotten what she wanted.]

"Ahh, that wasn't as hard as you thought, now was it?"

(( no problem about the delay. my computer dies all the time. sweatdrop ))
The burn Tenshi received from gripping the mage's hand aches as if someone were sticking thousands of needles into her flesh constantly. Any pressure put on it will cause the burn to flare up ten times worse, possibly borderlining on unbareable. The pain will even carry over when she shifts forms, making a chore as simple as walking even harder. She was smart enough to pull away before too much damage occured, so the burned flesh should heal over in a week's time as long as she cleans and dresses it daily. Due to the nature of the spell, quick healing methods will have no effect.

The mage narrows an eye at the kiko, an unreadable flat expression on his face. After staring at her in silence for some time, he places a gloved hand over his chest and feigns agony.
"Ooooh, that insult cut deep! Oh, woe is me. Woe is me!" His agonized facade becomes one of amusment. "So tell me, has your pride recovered yet? That seemed like a desperate attempt to salvage it. Hehe... Despite your display of weakness, I still see you to be a strong creature and my opinion of you remains unchanged. Just thought I'd let you know that." He brings a hand up to pat the kiko's hand as she brushes off his shoulder. "No hard feelings.

His cape flaps out behind him as he is suddenly sent careening skyward thanks to a burst of summoned wind around him. Once he reaches the height of the nearby treetops, he looks down at the youko staring up at him. "It has been fun, but I must get going now. More important matters to attend to and all. I bid thee adieu."

The mage bows in mid-air and promptly rights himself, turning away from the spirit kitsune. A ring of light forms around his mid-section and divides, pulling in the energy from the surrounding area to fuel itself. Once completely charged, the rings part ways and shatter in a brilliant flash of light that propels the necromancer away from the shrine in an unrecognizeable blur of colors. He is long gone by the time the sound of the sonic boom occurs, demonstrating just how fast he is capable of traveling now.
[.The youko gave no particular reaction to Valeth's feigned agony, for it pleased her to watch him, as it took him some hesitation before replying as so. Besides, it wasn't as if he hadn't used that sort of sarcasm with her before. Mentioning her pride, merely made her laugh, with a slight resemblance to the insane man's own. This of course, was an intentional form of mockery on her part.]

"Oh, but I know not what pride you speak of, my pet, for I have none. Hehahahaha..."

[.The vixen watches Valeth, nodding once as he makes his departure, and says his goodbyes. Her small smirk remains as he goes out with a 'bang', just as she'd expected him to. With a shake of her head, she gives him a small salute, before turning from the space where he had been, and began to walk back towards the Shrine, observing her hand.]

"Ah, yes. Important matters, I'm sure... so important, that he wouldn't even care to brag about them? How unlike him..."

[.She cursed under her breath as the pressure from touching her hand stung more than before. Snarling to herself, the vixen stops outside the building, and opens her pocket space with a swirling silver vortex, and enters, leaving the gateway open for now. There, she would dress her hand, or at least wrap simply for the moment.]
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Shifter appears just off of the path before the shrine's main entrance in one of his usual foggy entrances. Idly adjusting the sheathed gladius tied to his waist, the wind youko spends a moment to look at the nearby silver portal floating in the air before stepping onto the path and walking up the remaining steps before he passes into the shrine's common hall. So long as the magical vortex is merely a harmless creation of one of the locals and not the next source of trouble, Shifter couldn't care less about its existance at the moment; he is more interested in finding Tenshi to pose two friendly requests to her and finally split their previously ignored trove.
From his vantage point atop the roof of the shrine, Ieyasu could see Tenshi and the stranger as they walked by the shrine. Almost boredly, he watched their exchange for a few moment, before feeling the odd aura again. It felt stronger. It was coming from either Tenshi or that strange human.

He narrowed his eyes faintly, his manner a little more interested now as he watched. Something was odd here. Why the hell was the spirit fox talking to a human with an odd aura? He wasn't anywhere near close enough to hear anything; only to watch them from above.

Suddenly, the man disappeared. He could have sworn that the mage rocketed up, but it occurred almost too fast for him to see.
...The hell?
Tenshi then disappeared herself. Her magic, he could see. Mentally shrugging to himself, Ieyasu turned his head back around again, lazing near the edge of the roof. The very tip of his tail hung down over the eave of the roof as the thunder fox basked in the pleasantly warm sun. It probably wasn't important enough for him to worry over.
"Great, so the one person around this place knows jack crap," Aki's tail flicked back and forth in annoyance as he watched the white fox leave.
"Well, nothing much else to do but explore I guess."
The indigo fox fiddled with his hat a bit before rentering the dark building. Aki blinked momentarily as his eyes adjusted to the change in lighting. Walking down the corridor he found the kitchen, then resident's quarters. Hoping to find someone he went about knocking lightly on each door.
(( aww, poor Aki-kun's in all the wrong places at all the wrong times. crying ))

[.Finally emerging from her pocket space, the youko strides forward, flicking her tails in annoyance, as she observed her wrapping job of her hand. It was a quick, crude job, but it would serve its purpose. At least now, if she put pressure on it, it wouldn't hurt as badly, due to the protective spell on the wrap. But, in itself, her hand still burned.

The swirling mass of spirit energy closed itself behind her, as the vixen began to walk towards the doors of the Shrine, cursing all the while. While she had been whispering hundreds of profanities against the mage in every tongue imaginable, the spirit fox had settled on plans for the next time they met. Ending with a short, blunt, 'kuso...', the vixen walks up the stairs in silence, to enter the white building and the Main hall. She had not sensed Ieyasu's presence at all during her most recent encounter with Valeth, and would have immediatly approached him with explanations, if she had. Who knows what interpretations others could have of that meeting, had they not heard what was said, nor noted the clashing rivalry between the two. A misunderstanding was the last thing she needed.

Moving into the Main Hall, the vixen spots Shifter there already, and quickly lowers her hand. She now only sported one glove slightly reaching above her elbow, and must look quite different without her other. Tenshi had forgotten to change out of her regular clothes before exiting her pocket space, but still hadn't noticed quite yet. Keeping in mind the news that Valeth had spilled for her, and, not knowing that the Void herself had already informed many in the Shrine, she bows to the wind fox with a worried face.]

"Ahh, Shifter, it's you. If you are not too busy, I..wish to speak with you. On matters of Kitsune..."
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Turning around to face Tenshi as she approaches him with a look of concern, Shifter decides that the four-tailed kitsune must have something far more important to tell him than the rather minor matters he had wished to speak to her about. Upon being asked about Kitsune by his past ally and 'sister', the wind kitsune immediately amends his earlier thought with a definite yes. She might only be concerned about the void's unusual recent actions so far, but he knows that she along with the rest of the nogitsune will need to hear most of the tale sooner or later.

Calmly looking at Tenshi, Shifter attempts to fill in the remainder of the white youko's question with the opening she has given for him to reply. "That Kitsune had been planning on going into battle against an alliance of kami that she had angered a few centuries ago even when she was seriously injured?" Not giving the kiko a chance to reply, he continues speaking. "We can talk about it later, but I will not trust my secrets out in the open where they may yet do harm."

The kuko sighs lightly - he hates feeling helpless, but Kitsune was right about the dangers. "Whatever happens out there now is beyond our efforts. All we can do now is wait for word of the battle's outcome. Shall we divide the remainder of Anubis' wealth before deciding on a place where we can talk freely?"
[.The spirit youko did not bother to hide her surprise as the details of Kitsune's plans were unveiled before her. She quickly opens her mouth to speak again, but Shifter continues, and she remains silent. As he continues, her black tipped ears droop and flatten quite a bit, her eyes falling down in terrible discouragement. It was one thing to remain in denial of the inevitable, and believe in vain that she could change this fate even though it seemed near impossible, but it was quite another to hear from one considerably more powerful than she, that it could not be done. She glances quickly to her hand with a sharp glare, as if the injured hand itself had been the cause of this, and then reluctantly looks up at her kitsune 'brother'. She remains silent for a few moments, before finally speaking.]

"Y-yes...I suppose we've put this off for long enough, brother..."

[.Swallowing her next words, Tenshi moves off in the direction of the room they'd stored the riches in, expecting Shifter to follow behind her. He was right--they should not speak of such things here. Besides, it was much better the vixen kept her emotions bottled up for the time being, for releasing the mixture of reactions to this prophesized event would be disastrous, to say the least. It would only make things worse in the end.]

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