Welcome to Gaia! ::

*closes her eyes and continues chanting*
:: continues to murmor his words.. although the feeling of Vivi's spirit are leaving his senses baffled and overloaded ::

:: a cold vapor still flowing from his breath .. ::
Natura Ignatio Extemious
We, The Six of Life, Ask for the soul of the fallen
Natura Ignatio Extremious
((WHEN'S he gonna wake up?))
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(chants and his foxhead grow cold from the nearby magic its freezing but he cocintraits harder)
**Raises hands to the sky and he stands on the tomb**
NOW IS THE TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARISE LORD VIVI!!!!!!!!!!!!
**Lightning flashes through the room, deafening thunder rolls along with.....The room goes light.......and then.........**
I didn't do that lightning.. must be a higher authority... sweatdrop
**The spirit of Vivi dissappears....and is replaced with the physical body of Lord Vivi Matteo**
(Opens her eyes slowly, watching everything now)
(( the room is colder becuase his spirit is nearby.. one of the only ways spirits can manifest themselves is in extreme cold.. not magical cold.. that's why my char's breath is vapor.. ))
VIVI!!! YOU're ALIVE!!!! biggrin
((IRL I g2g.. seyou all later))
Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............hi guys.....damn my head hurts....
(Smiles and falls to her knees slowly, relieved)
Lord Vivi..
*opens her eyes and glances around, her eyes are flickering white off and on. She looks scared and disappears*
(( alright, bolt.. See you around.. ))
:: the room slowly returns to normal temperature, as Dar turns to Vivi's newly returned body ::
Are you alright.. Lord Vivi?

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