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**With a body flung over his shoulder, Paladine pushes the ancient, vine-infested gate out of the way. With a rusted groan....the gate swings open. Paladine begins the long trek up the hill and to Vivi's burial plot.....Silently and sorrowfully, Paladine continually whispers the Matteo family prayer.....

Oh Holy Spirits.......Watch over us on this short walk with ours bodies. Forgive us when we falter, and help us up when we do not have the strength to continue. Show us the path, and lead us to salvation

After a half hour of walking....Paladine finally reaches the top of the hill, and the final resting place of Vivi. The Catacombs was a huge building....ninety feet in the air, made up of one solid piece of marble. He walked to the Catacomb's door, and finishing the prayer, opened the door and closes it behind him. Inside was one coffin......a solid piece of obsidian.....After preparing the body with wrappings, Paladine places the body of Vivi in the coffin and closes it.......He prays one more time, then exits the Catacombs and the graveyard.....tears streaming down his face.**
**Returning, Paladine again walks the half hour to the catacomb, to sit and wait**
*a bolt of lightning hits the grass on the inside of the gate, and recedes into the sky, leaving the goddess of electricity in it's stead*

*klara follows a trail of muddy footprints up a hill, and comes to the large catacomb. She takes off her shoes and leaving them in the wet grass outside, opens the great doors and steps inside*

*she sees the coffin and runs to it's side, then falls to her knees and starts to sob*

I didn't think I was true.....I didn't believe it could be true....
It is true my lady.......He is very much dead......
**Drops his head to hide the tears in his eyes**
*Mashi enters, grimly*

So it is true... m'lady Kyuketsuki will have trouble now, having to form all the dreams of sorrow... the nightmares...

How did he die?
*weeps softly, covering her face with her hands*
**Turns to Mashi**
It is not known how he died.....When i found him......All the blood in his body was covering the floor and there was a residue of magik.....not from him
*sighs* Unknown cause of death... besides the fact that there was residual magik...

*eyes blank over slightly, then return to normal* M'lady Kyuketsuki is upset... I must return to her side. She shall most likely come here herself within a few Gaian hours. *curtsies, backs three steps, then turns, walking away*
<note in hand, runs through the mud>

Nooooooo, Vivi, noooooo you can't be dead.... NO!!!

<falls to knees>

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*dante walks up the hill silently, and reverently a Phoenix perched on his left forearm (think of a bright red & gold Eagle) he heres the comments, about possible foul play, and walks to the coffin taking out a small garnet phoenix pendant placeing it on the coffin*

I know we did not get to know each other better and for that I appologize but you have left a rather large void in these peoples lives...you will be remembered...

*steps back from the coffin and says*

"We are the Stars which Sing, We Sing with Our Light;
We are the Birds of Fire, We Fly over the Sky.
Our Light is a Voice. . ."

*he walks out and cast the Phoenix into the air its mourning squawks breaking through the silence with a depressing melody, dante uttering only one word as the bird flies away*


*then walks off leaving the pendant ontop of the coffin*
You did so much for me....
I wish I could have done something for you....

*wipes her eyes and sit silently on the floor of the catacombs, too sad to move*
:: steps through the chamber doors and walks over to Rini to comfort her ::
I'm sorry.. I just heard the dreadful news...

:: tries in vein to hold back his tears ::
He was a noble man.. I'm sure his spirit will be at a better place now...
Although I did not know him well, I hope he finds rest on the Otherside. He will forever have friends and love here, may he find the same where he has gone.
:: steps through the chamber doors and walks over to Rini to comfort her ::
I'm sorry.. I just heard the dreadful news...

:: tries in vein to hold back his tears ::
He was a noble man.. I'm sure his spirit will be at a better place now...

noo...<rubs eyes> Paladine told me something.....but Im not sure I should say........<tears stream down> Nooooo!!!!!
*received a message from Rini to meet her here and came as fast as he can, running up tot he gates he stopped and looked at the viens that covered it and swollowed*

old.... something bad... *he said and blinked a few times before looking up the hill and seeing the catacomb*

oh boy... *is a bit afraid of graveyards due to past experiences as he mummers to himself lightly then opens the gate and steps in eyes shut* >,< o,o >,> <,< *wipes forhead* phew.... *walks up towards the catacomb and after a while makes his way to the entry and looks inside seeing the large coffin and the others*

t...this ... is not good.. *he mutters to himself as he looks to rini who seems to be crying like no tomorrow as well as Klara and slowly begins to walk in flicking one of his foxears and tail outside before walking in*

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