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Manannan, a Thírna nan cheó
éist le ár ghuí agus osclaím nan n-geatai bíseanna
Manannan, a Loingseoir Mhór
Stiúradh sinn,
Más é do thoil é, spré do clóca-cheó
agus beir Brian a Tír na nÓg.

Sleep my friend, though thou love this place, sleep. While you walk away but do not forget as we ne're forgotten thee. Sleep my friend, though thou love this place. A sigh rises to fill thy absense; three tears to take thy place. For e're the memories, the distance, and the linger smile on this place.

Go with Grace, go with Good. Ambra make the waters smooth and the birds shall guide thee home.
You will be missed.
I haven't known Brian, quite as long as Val, but I've known him for a freakin' long time, and I'm going to miss the hell out of him. You guys already know about him, and his family already has my condolences, but I wanted to post still.

Valgav, and I, and probably Xanilus(I haven't asked him) are going to do some sort of contest/celebration of Brian here in the writers forum.

More than likely some part of it will be the Trigun fanfiction contest that Brian and I never got to run together, and another aspect of it will be Kenshin/Shishio fanfiction, for obvious reasons.

I don't know crap about the specifics of it yet, but I've been obsessed with the idea of honoring his memory, so I'm telling everyone in advance, in the hopes that we get some stuff that Brian would appreciate.
I talked to him a few times. He seemed pretty cool and liked my Kenshin stories.

Hope you're in a much better place.
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This entire week has seemed surreal to me. I've been wishing that this is some sick joke just so those of you who knew him best won't have this enormous hole in your hearts.

Brian, or Brigun as the ones who knew you best have engraved in my memory, your end came far too early. We spoke only a couple of times, but it was obvious what sort pull you had, why your friends adored you.

I'm sad we will not have the chance to meet in this life. May you be at peace.

Chauni, Val, Xan, guys? You need anything at all, you know where to find me. I'll do anything for you so long as it's in my power.
Oh my God. Shishio.....dead. It's all so unexpected. May this be a lesson to everyone about how valuable life really is, and how suddenly it can come to a close.

Shishio, being in an awkward time zone for me, you rarely were online when I was so I didn't got to speak to you often. But, as others have said you were always there. I rarely knew thee, yet still I'll miss you.
The few times I spoke with Shishio he was very kind and extremely nice. The last conversation I had with him was actually in the L-Space forum, in at the ball last Sunday.

He was an awesome RP'er, and a wonderful person, and he shall be sorely missed.

We love you, Shishi. sad
I have a PM from him dated Monday, December 13th, 12:43 pm.

And then this.

It can happen so quickly, and so suddenly, I suppose.
Wow, I guess nobody could claim I'm a writers forum regular but I remember him from when I did haunt around here about 6 months back and he always seemed such a great person. It's a shock to learn that someone you know is dead and I'm sure shock is what'd going through me right now. I don't know which diety if any he worshipped but I've prayed to mine, all we can do now is pray for his family and friends and make sure we don't forget him.
If you can see this. Then i just want to say. it's scary to think there's one less person in the world. and even worse to think it's you
*raises his glass*
Goodbye, and may wherever you are be n00b free.
Here's to you.
*drowns the martini*
I can't say that I knew him, and I'm only familar with Lord Shishio through reading his posts and comments. I do, however, know a few people on Gaia that did.

There's not really anything I can say, so I'll just offer my sympathy and say that through reading his posts, I thought he was a kind, caring, and remarkable person. I'll also probably send a card...

God, or whatever deity he believed in, Save his soul. Only really knew the guy through the discworld guild, but he did his best to keep it going even when no one participated and i salute him for that.

going postal will have a new meaning for me now, and we Miss you already.

may he live in the overhead.
It's times like this that you wish you had taken the opportunity to make a friendship with such a wonderful person. I regret I never did so. I'm glad he had many other fantastic friends in his life. He was a lucky person, and an amazing individual.
It's times like this that you wish you had taken the opportunity to make a friendship with such a wonderful person. I regret I never did so. I'm glad he had many other fantastic friends in his life. He was a lucky person, and an amazing individual.

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