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It seems just a few days ago people were posting in his happy birthday thread at that Halloween Bash.

...Oh, Brian. I didn't know you very well, but just look at how many people love you and remember you.

You're missed.
*wipes tears away* I know the pains of losing a loved one all too well. Forgive mjy tresspass, for I knew him not... but hearing about him from all these peoples brings tears to my eyes. I regret not ever knowing him. n_n
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I am sorry. His family and friends have my sympathy.
My condolences.
For those of Brian's friends who don't recognize me...it's Kat...or, as Brian probably introduced me, Megan...I was rather silly when I was talking with Shannon earlier...I forgot to ask for info about the funeral...I want to send flowers, though I wish I could send myself. If one of you will please email me the information, I'll be forever greatful....

It's also good for my heart to see so many people who were somehow touched by Brian...I'm so happy to know that his memory will always live on...
I left my goodbye in his journal.

I remember reading all his poetry and stories a like. In a way, I admired him for his creativity and his ability to successfully pass through the challenges of being a mod.

I never knew him all that well. A sig report here and a misplaced thread there was all...now I regret deleting those messages from my sentbox.

It's just sad, to lose someone so dearly loved like that. Shishio-san, if you're looking down on us, or browsing on Gaia on that laggy connection up there in Heaven, just remember, Memai and the rest of Gaia will miss you, and love you. Even those ignorant n00bs.

i wish i could write something worthy of him. But im not a writer, hell i cant even spell half of the time. I just wanted to say again that you were my best friend, my brother. And that this loss is so much for me to bare. You were gonna come to my birthday party and play games with me like you always have. We were gonna have fun when you came back. Get some Syn and Gauge on. Roll some dice and have some laughs. whos house am i gonna sit in while they so me some weird a** videos about the soprts Ka lol. crying
With you gone how am i gonna watch those weird a** anime videos with the music in them. whos gonna fight me when i get pumped. we all have our spot in this group and now yours is empty. whos gonna think clearly, with an objective in mind. i was gonna ask you to write something about me, a bio of me cause i knew you would be honest and fun about it.
I never paid you back for buying me food all those times or picking up the peices of my burnt car the morning after biggrin crying I cant help but laugh but im so sad at the same time. Whos gonna quote us when we come up with something funny. Whos gonna write a good story for me to be in. Whos gonna be you...
I told you man, i will always be here if you need me. I will try to be here for you while you gone. I will be strong like bull, not like kitten.
And thank you for everything youve ever done for me, every joke you ever told me, and ever voice you've ever taught me. I will be with you one day brother. crying and dude we're the quarter ton crew now you lost to much weight man lol...thank you for always having my back and being my brother.

To you brother, my wisdom guide your soul and love lay it to rest.

I have known you for 20 of my 24 years in this life. In that time, you have tought me a lot. You have brought me back from the deep end countless times. You have always been there for me when I needed someone most. You made me realize what it's like to have a Brother.

It's times like this that I turned to you first. It's times like this that you always were there for me. Now that your gone, I'm not sure what to do.

I know what you would say to me right now - "Marty, it sucks what this stuff happens, but ya gotta know everything will be all right. Things will work themselves out, you'll see." Well bro, I hope your right.

For thoes of you who never got to know Brian, let me give you some insight...

He was always there for you, if you needed someone.
He always had you covered, if it was within his power.
He rarely ever asked for anything, unless it was truly needed.
He would go out of his way to help you out, anytime.
He was an awesome RPer, and the only one who could keep me in check.
His personality was amazing, you couldn't help but like him.
His creativity unmatched, even in the most obscure circumstances.
His puns were lame! But always fitting to the situation.
His writing was awe inspiring, he knew how to capture his audience.
His friendship unmatched, you would be hard pressed to find one better.
And so much more.....

Brian, brother, you were a friend to many - and will be missed by more. But fear not my friend, you will live on in our memories forever - and there will always be an empty place in my heart, waiting to be filled by your friendship once again; when we meet in the next life.

I will miss you, my brother.


**On a different note - sorry if this doesn't make sense to anyone else**

Jaran that b***ard, he fell off his horse!
Where's my pants??!?!
Oh man... Not the spider story.... Again.......
So dude, we have 30 minutes to get to Taco Hell, and it's a 20min drive for me to get to your house, think we can make it? -- Good stuff! On my way!
Who is covering this one? Me?? Dude... Didn't I cover last time???
Uh crap, I forgot my dice.. Again...
So I met this girl.... (haha, you loved hearing that one - I know it!)
At least now you under stand why I did it ^^
I like my cave, tyvm...
You're the man now, dawg. (Sean Connery accent)

So I'll finally admit you were just plain better then me in Super Smash Bro's...
However, Dak > Jaran Knight any day of the week, sucker!

Strong like Bull, currently weak like Kitten. I miss you bro.
I didn't know him all that well. We were just acquaintances, really. I'll still miss him just as everyone else who knew him--and of him--will. Rest in peace Trace.
Hehe...I think he would have liked...does like...your post best, Marty...I know I do...

And Maru...thanks, pal...
Gonna miss the T-man...
He's given me help, a friend, and yet a teacher in ways.

Oh how heathenous ways do take us
I know that they come unfairly
Down, down, down...through horrid gusts
I know that they come bitterly
But when people you know so close
Go and die...you feel, empty and loose.
And Maru...thanks, pal...
It was my obligation to.
And Maru...thanks, pal...
It was my obligation to.
No it wasn't. You didn't have to, but you did...
And Maru...thanks, pal...
It was my obligation to.
No it wasn't. You didn't have to, but you did...
Nonsense. I'm sure anyone else would've done the same.
And Maru...thanks, pal...
It was my obligation to.
No it wasn't. You didn't have to, but you did...
Nonsense. I'm sure anyone else would've done the same.
If you say so, Maru sweetie...

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