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I'm really sorry. I only knew him as a moderator I took problems to sometimes, but he seemed like a really good guy.
I've always had a passion for the arts, and writing I always regarded as one of the most amazing art forms I could personally never master.

Xanlius, I hope you will do better. I believe you are amongst the most hardest hit. And Lord Shishio, I hope you are in peace now and that you are your family and friend's guardian angel.

silently respects.
Oh my god....I'm so sorry to everyone who knew him. I feel bad for never knowing him as well...You know, I bet he's really happy where ever he is...He's getting his dream...to be a published wrighter.

Brian...You seem really great. An awesome friend, but a better person...I hope you are enjoying yourself up there... sad heart
i never spoke with Lord Shishio, but i've heard many wonderful things about him. i offer my condolences to his family and friends, though i know that won't help ease the pain. from all the things i've read, he will be missed dearly.

i'll be praying for him and his loved ones.
Though i never knew him i can at least say this:
sad heart

Brian, I hardly knew ye.

Condolences to friends and family sad whee heart
I am speechless.... crying I only spoke to him sometimes through pms about certain threads and he was always very kind about it. Unfortunately I didn't know him but for all of you who did know him I offer my deepest condolences... crying
They always say the best are never fully appreciated until they have passed on...

I have never seen anything of his works, But this has made me want to...

Good luck to his family, his friend, and his writings.

And Rest In Peace..
I didn't know him.. not one bit, not until today, just now.

But I'd feel incredibly wrong not saying something. Whoever wants to call me foolish for feeling so much can - I don't care.

But as it very much sounds like he wouldn't want me to cry, I'm trying not to. And I'm learning about who he was, and how much he was loved. I'm sure wherever he is, he feels that love from everyone who knew him...and hopefully from some who didn't..

Rest in peace.
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I didn't know him, but I offer my condolences to his friends and family heart
I didn't know him either.. but from what I knew, he was a great mod, and from what I seen here, he was a great person... rest in peace brian...And my support for all family and friends in this hard times...
I hope the he may rest in peace, and sorry to hear he has passed on..... Though I didnt get to know him, I'm sure he would be proud.... heart
I never knew him although I recognise his name from somewhere but I'm still sorry to hear that he's gone from this world. My condolences to his family and anyone who knew him well
I'm terribly sorry to hear this. Though I never talked to him myself, I have a deep respect for all the moderators and what they do, and his presence will surely be missed. Rest in peace, Brian.

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