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Well I hardly new him but i saw him around,for what ive heardof people he was a great guy i wish i wouls have met him before he passed away but i think its just to late sad
but, no. not him. not good. curses.

my deepest respects to all who knew him.
I never really got to know Lord Shishio, but he was kind to me when I reported people to him. I'm sorry to hear that such a thing has happened. sad
I knew neither Brian or his gaian counterpart Lord Shishio, but to loose a friend and/or loved one is a terrible event. My deepest sympathies crying
I never knew Lord Shishio, but this saddens me greatly. Rest in peace, Brian. We love you.
The loss of a friend or any loved one is never easy to bear.
I've had my share of some bad times with my friends and family
but to think one day some of them could just pass away is beyond me.

I feel for you all who knew him.
God rest his soul.

I'm remind of a story.
Once there was a man loved through out his village.
One day he passed on suddenly.
The village people wept the lose
and buried him in the only pleace left in the village
a long dead rose patch that had not given roses in many years.

The next day
a small village girl came by the place were he lay
and then in shock went to get the others.

As the all stood there looking on
they were surprised at the sight.
One single rose was standing on the grave of the man
it was the most beautiful red rose the had ever seen.
And it was standing in an odd way almost as if it was weeping for the man.
From then on the villagers would always place a red rose on the graves of there loved ones whom have passed on.

"May this rose bring you peace."

Is what they would say.

Lord Shishio.
I may not really know you
but I can still weep for the lose of a good man.
May this rose bring you peace.

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The Weeping Rose.
Maybe this is lame, but if anyone wants a mummy mask to wear in tribute... take mine. I don't feel like I'm the one to use it; I didn't know him.
crying omg...its the loss of a brother to me...i loved this kid and hes been my boy for 8yrs...ive never come to the wrighters fourms cause i cant right or spell lol...for those of you who didnt know him personaly he was the funniest person ever....if you wouldnt mind i want to tell you a story or 5.
Me, him, his brother tim, crider, botch(valgav) campbell, my girlfriend at the time whom i think was melissa were watching fight club and when it was over i asked if anyone wanted to fight biggrin and looked at campbell cause hes quite abit shorter than me and i just though it would be fun. but brian stands up and sez "ill fight'cha" so we go out back and i get down in a 3-point and go for a tackle and i hit him square in the waist....let me give you some specs real quick. im 6'4 220 hes was 6'6 6'7 325-350lbs now back to the story... i stopped dead on his waist. he grabbed me by my hips, lifted me over his head and threw me about 20ft. i get up and try again just to get floored and beaten but it was some of the funniest s**t ive ever done.
it feels like its not real. i cant say enough to make it better. i cant work. but i will be strong for those who need me and for him

To my brother I love you man and ill always remember the times we had. When i get there we gotta game again. Take care brother and be safe where ever you are crying
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I remember that night, Razy. Those were good times. Brian was always up for a bit of goofing around in a physical manner.

Like headbutting Val. Or... well... yeah, the headbutting was pretty amusing.

I'm going to miss those times.

I'm going to miss getting my a** schooled in Perfect Dark or Super Smash Bros. But that doesn't mean I'll stop practicing. When I get there, Brian, I want a rematch. My Kirby versus your Pikachu.

We were all talking the other night about how well you RPed. We're going to miss the story of the spider fight. How whenever someone who hadn't heard it was around, someone would mention it as a joke, and you would break into elaborate detail. About how as soon as you started the story, everyone who HAD heard it before would groan. Yeah... we'll all miss that.

I... don't know what else to say. There are so many memories. But... that will help. Remembering all the times. I hope you know how big an impact you were on all of us. (And Val's forehead.)

I'll be seein' ya, man. Hold me a seat.
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That headbutt knocked me sober, though I don't remember it. But I'm glad everyone else does.

...though I do remember complaining about the mysterious headache the next day. xp
we need to find his girl...if you all have i want to know and if you talk to her let me know. if she wants i will fly her out here if she wants to meet the family and the firends...all of us smile
i remember tring to carry his huge drunk a** up the stair...it was like pullin a cow out of a ditch. Brian had the worst table manners ever and when he was drunk they were unbareable if you ever seen someone shovel a nacho bell into their mouth handfulls at a time...these times will never die. Me and marty were talkin the other day and he said he almost expects him to hop on msn and say HAHA got'cha sucker. so many stories and so many things i wish i could tell you all just so you could know what a awsome guy he was like you all dont know alread....so i hear their building a library...liebrary....place with lots of books and naming it after him. you know i might have to go there and read something...hey at least hes not gomez LOL xd
Hey, Razy. I didn't know you were here. I remember the Fight Club night, out back behind Campbell's pool. God, everyone was revved, excited, pumped.

Me, I remember the day he piled-drived Val down into the front of Donatello's. God, how that must of hurt. Or the week we spent at the computer, working on a collab for a cross over fic he had craved with Final Fantasy Seven and Ranma. He wanted me to do all the descriptions, because I was strong in that, and he was going to work on the fight scenes, because that was what he was good with. To this day, I can't write a fight scene to save my behind.

I remember the days I sat in the basement watching you all roleplay (mind you, secretly wishing I could play, though I feel far too shy to interject myself since I know so little...if any of you use that against me, though, I'll kick you in the shin), and I remember the long, long, long stories that would sometimes take three hours to tell as he recited the last evening's events concerning game. I remember how he would print off pages of stories he had written and bring them up to work, and we'd sit in the back as I read, him asking me questions and look so proud. He always sat on the table, that big wooden one with his big black CD holder and a book and paper and a two liter, and me in that stupid little orange chair.

Even when we fought at Donatello's, we were happy. Sure, we threatened to quit eight million times, but we were always good within a couple hours. The next day was always new...always brand new. Shiney.

::sighs:: Everyone's been trying to get ahold of his girl, but she hasn't been on. I think we need to make a pact that we watch out for her the best we can, take her under our wing. Brian would want her looked after and cared for.

I miss my brother.
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From my journal, when I found out...

Goddammit... He was a nice kid.

Scratch that. Not a nice "kid". A nice guy, nice person, nice man. He was older than me.

But still, he wasn't old enough to die confused I mean... ********... I dunno what I mean. I wish I'd known him better. He was pretty dang cool.

I couldn't even call him my friend, I didn't know him that well. But he was always a sweet person. And I will miss him.
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Even though I didn't know him it's always sad to hear about losing someone on Gaia. My sincerest condolences to all his friends & any family members that might read this. I think the library being named after a writer such as him is a great and appropriate tribute.

May Lord Shishio rest in peace.

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