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This is where this thread shall go, for this is where he would want it. Moderators, please keep it here.

It is with deepest apologies that I come to you today to make this announcement.

On the afternoon of Monday, December the 13th, Brian Michael Tracey passed away, resulting from a seizure. Medical attempts to revive him were unsuccessful, as when he was found by his roommate, he wasn't breathing.

Better known on Gaia as Lord Shishio, Brian was a friend to all who knew him and made a huge impact on many lives. To some, he was a brother. There to fight and joke around all in the same breath. To others, he was a best friend. Always up for late night anime watching or long bouts of multiplayer gaming. And to those who needed him, he was a rock. There with support and encouragement, and able to listen when you felt no one else would.

Nothing will ever fill the void left by his passing. But Brian wouldn't want us to make this a spectacle. He wouldn't want us going out of our way to make this all extravagent just to honor his memory.

Remember him for who he was. For what memories you have of him. Brian was not an icon. He was not an item.

Condolences can be sent to his family & friends at:

-address removed-

Shishio was not known for off topic tirades, so please keep that in mind and keep idle chatting to a minimum. Thank you.

EDIT: Tonight, (12/17/04) I stopped by Brian's parents' home. While his parents were still away, his aunt was there to pass along to me this information, which I now share with all of you.

The school that Brian was attending down in Phoenix is building a library, and they are going to name it after him. Brian Michael Tracey, a writer at heart, is getting a library. I cannot think of anyone more deserving. The dedication will take place some time in July.

I was also told that his dean and teachers had been going on about what an amazing and gifted writer he was. And it's true, he was.

And Brian? If you can see this, I want you to know. Your friends are going to make sure that one day, that library will contain your published works. We are going to do everything we can to make your dream come true. You WILL be published, Brian. We will see to that.
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We miss you Brian. Your passions live on through our memories. Rest in peace, my good friend.
I left him a comment on his journal already, but it's good you're doing this Xan, though I did not really know him, I'm sure he would be proud. heart
Brian, we love you, always have, always will. Your warmth is in us all, will forever be wrapped around us. We learned from you, respect you, and cherish you with our thoughts, our memories, and our hearts; never will your light fade from our lives because you're inside each and every piece of our souls.

Your face is the first one I'm expecting to see on the other side. Your sister is going to hold her big brother to it. You promised to watch Kenshin with me, and there's no way that I'll let you back out of it. And for once, I won't be late.
Oh...my god....

Times like this... I really want to say something... but I'm horrible with these situations...

My deepest symphathies. I didn't know him well, but I will miss him.
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For once, I don't have anything to say.
Oh. My. God.

Shishi?! DEAD?! eek

I'm speechless.
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I miss you, Brian. I'm still trying to disbelieve. I expect you to IM me any minute now and set up plans for the holidays. I wish I could have told you what a friend you were to me. I'm sorry.

I will finish the art I owe you. I will do my best to help finish Jaridien. I will... I will always remember you.

You meant so much to so many of us, Brian. And I know that somewhere, despite my actions, you're telling me not to cry, and that it won't change anything. I know this Brian. I know it won't change anything. But just this once. Just this once, please.

We miss you.
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Also, if you're reading this from some eternal afterlife. Xan and I are speaking again. I really want you to know that. I really do. sad
Also, if you're reading this from some eternal afterlife. Xan and I are speaking again. I really want you to know that. I really do. sad
It takes a death to bring you two together...

I'm not crying. Really. I'm not. crying
I have no words.
crying I didn't know him but this just makes me want to cry crying
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You will be missed, Brian. I don't really have anything else to say. It was such a shock, it's hard to comprehend.
Oh my God... Shishio?
I don't know what to say...

I'll miss you, Shishio. sad
My god, I'm just in shock over this. I was never really close to Shishi, but I knew he was a great guy, someone you could always rely upon.

I'm not a religious man, but I really hope there's a heaven there for you Brian, you deserve one.

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